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Park Commercial Choose from a suite of business insurance services and get a personalised schedule, specific to your business and sector. Access a bespoke high-value lifestyle service for peace of mind that your most precious possessions are covered. From the moment you notify us of a claim, we will support you with professional, impartial claims advice. When you work with Park, you work with a highly qualified team of experts who will be by your side from quote to claim.

With our help your energy can be focused on the work of your charity, while we work to protect it with the right insurance. Take the worry out of insuring your commercial vehicles by coming to us for the right cover. The experienced insurance brokers at Park can give you confidence in the protection of your commercial property.

read more › David Park is responsible for leading the business and ensuring that their core values run throughout the organisation. In his spare time, he is a mentor to other business owners and is also an active team member and trustee for Langdale Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team. Chris provides full oversight of all things financial and compliance within the organisation. In his spare time, you'll find him swinging golf clubs and riding bikes. Paula works closely with Donna in our new client acquisition team making sure that the transfer process is as seamless as possible.

read more › When you speak to us, you will receive truly independent advice. It doesn't matter to us where you're based, our clients come to us from all around the country. Every conversation you have with us will be through a directly appointed adviser, who's looking to ensure that the cover we recommend is right for you. From the moment you notify us of a claim, we will support you with professional, impartial claims advice. Paula has taken the time to understand our business and our insurance needs. As a fast growing business operating in a high risk sector, to have someone who you feel is always acting in the best interests of your business is worth its weight in gold.

read more › At Park, we have a set of collective values that the whole team champions and firmly adheres to. Our clients will always come first, which is why it's important to us to highlight and reinforce the key values we've chosen to do business by, in order to give our clients the best possible service at any given time. Park is rock solid for staff and clients. Our time in the industry has helped us gain extensive expertise and we're committed to continuing that, through learning, development and innovation.

read more › The third sector doesn't automatically bring to mind big risks, but by the very nature of their structure and the range of issues they engage with, charities and not-for-profit organisations can be just as vulnerable as a commercial business, or even more so. Volunteers need to be covered with employers' liability, and trustees can benefit from directors and officers insurance. Local charities may have use of a minibus which needs insuring, while Non-governmental organisations need to consider the safety of any employees or volunteers they send abroad.

read more › When assessing a construction business, we do so from an expert perspective at Park, examining the exposures those working in the sector face. Construction insurance is crucial to supporting your business through a loss, as even a site which strictly adheres to health and safety regulation can get into trouble. We're always willing for one of our experienced brokers to visit your premises, and take a look at any prospective contracts, where they can consider the risks that are pertinent to your business and the work you do in particular.

read more › Engineering insurance is an expansive cover option that works across many different industries. It serves construction projects, with useful features such as contractors all risks, vital machinery which can be protected against breakdown and subsequent business loss, and electronics in the event of loss or damage to specialist equipment. Good relations with key and niche insurers means that we're in a strong position at Park to offer engineering insurance which is flexible to your industry and work.

read more › Hotels, cafs and pubs rely on consistent custom and a good reputation for the success of their business, and a good hotel and licensed trade insurance should support them in these endeavours. The difference between an insurance policy that's arranged for the sake of legalities, and one which genuinely meets its purpose, is the independent expertise behind it. When one of our account executives from Park comes to visit you at your premises, they're looking precisely at what risks can be associated with your line of work, and your business in particular - an assessment which can make all the difference in the event of a claim.

read more › Manufacturing companies make time-consuming and complex tasks more straightforward, but ensuring the right protection is in place for these processes can be anything but without the right experience. Whether your manufacturing business is small or large, our advisers at Park have the specialist knowledge to help provide you with insurance protection that takes care of the risks your manufacturing business faces. Cover around recall expenses and composite panel construction can sit with less-industry specific business liability for a manufacturing insurance package designed to safeguard your business in the event of a claim.

read more › Wholesale and distribution insurance is a safe and efficient way to protect your response-driven duties, your staff and your company assets all at once. Providing you get it right. Our experienced brokers at Park are here to ensure that whatever your wholesale and distribution insurance package looks like, it's one that fits your company, giving you confidence in managing large teams across multiple site locations. Having access to specialist insurers with whom we've built strong working relationships, we can help with marine stock through-put, freight forwarding, warehouse logistics and brand reputation among other areas.

read more › The IT infrastructure of your company is responsible for allowing your company to keep pace and progress, but could also be accountable for the downfall of your business altogether. Cyber risks surround anyone who uses a computer or device which either has access to the internet, or stores important data. We want to take you one step ahead of these risks, by helping you to understand how business interruption, income loss, and damage to your reputation, can all be linked back to IT activity. The cyber insurance market has grown to meet demand, and there's a wealth of cyber liability policies available.

read more › Confidence in your employees' protection comes with the right internal policies and the right employers' liability cover. At Park we can offer you reassurance that your employers' liability cover is adequate and relevant, with policy wordings which include what you need, at the right limits, and nothing you don't. Having paid a visit to your business, one of our experienced brokers will be able to make recommendations based on their well-founded insurance knowledge, along with newly acquired information of your business, who you employ and in what capacity.

read more › You can never be sure that the decisions you take won't lead you towards financial struggles in business, but in the case of claims against you, these risks can be managed. The experienced brokers at Park are here to help you protect your personal assets if a shareholder, customer, employee, creditor, or another director makes a claim against you personally in your capacity as a director, senior manager, officer or trustee. Before recommending a selection of directors and officers insurance packages, we'll gain a thorough understanding of you within your role by visiting you in person, so that with our help, you can be well prepared for claims made against you in the future.

read more › There is nothing to say that those who are compelled to make a claim against your company won't also think about directing this claim at the individual responsible. Management liability combined insurance is designed to manage the unpredictable outcomes by including management and directors and officers liability into one policy. Not only can we help you secure management liability protection which is compatible with your business, but we can offer clear guidance on how it works and the risks it protects against.

read more › Products liability is a staple insurance cover for many of our wholesale, manufacturing and distribution clients - which is why we've dedicated so much time and energy to ensuring we have access to a choice range of products. For goods or products which cause loss, damage or injury, the right product liability policy can ensure that any financial loss due to business interruption, legal expenses or compensation is covered, and that your reputation as a business safeguarded with crisis management.

read more › We've worked with professionals of all backgrounds and areas of expertise at Park - and this collaboration begins with a simple conversation. If you are a sole trader, freelancer or business offering a professional service or advice that, if delivered poorly or not delivered at all, is going to have a detrimental effect on your customers or clients, we can offer guidance and professional indemnity insurance with a view to protect you against future claims. We want to make sure that you're not held back in the delivery of your service by fear of a claim, which is why we aim to reassure you with a professional indemnity policy that covers what it needs to according to your profession, your clients, and the risks that both present.

read more › Public liability comes in many forms. At Park, we not only have the knowledge to recognise this type of cover and its many uses, but the expectation on how it will adapt to meet future risks. Whether you are a business or sole trader, we can closely examine your needs to make sure that any public liability insurance we provide matches your unique needs. If you do find you're being held responsible for an injury, loss, or damage, and a claim has emerged unexpectedly, you can be confident that our responsive team of brokers will assist you with your settlement negotiations to cover the associated costs, supported by the right public liability insurance policy.

read more › Price comparison sites are not short of one-size-fits-all tradesman insurance packages, but if you change the way you operate, your working hours, and the number of people you employ to match these policies, they can be of little use. The way we work at Park, is by making recommendations for you based on your work, using our connections in the insurance market to your benefit. We've worked with traders of all sizes and specialities in the past and recognise that it's the variety of tradesman insurance policies which best serves the wide ranging demands of our clients, whether they're in need of cover for heavily used hired in plant, or protection for a temporary employee.

read more › Behind your property owners package is the clear understanding and the strong negotiation skills of our team of experienced brokers at Park, making it more comfortable for you to accept your responsibilities as a commercial or residential landlord. Liability and legal protection can be a great assurance when you take the safety of your tenants into your own hands, while cover designed to protect the building itself can offer a defence against other financial losses. Occupied or unoccupied, privately owned or company managed, the team at Park are ready to make suggestions on the protection of your properties, whether they're used for residential, commercial, industrial or mixed purposes.

read more › For those who have multiple assets to protect, we are here to offer a simple solution with effective property owners portfolio insurance at Park. It's difficult to keep track of the shifts in the property market, and trying to understand the impact on insurance as well can make the position of your own property protection doubtful. Our knowledge at Park of property legislation is strong and current, and through a full risk management service we'll identify any cause for concern, and make suggestions around reducing these risks, for each of your properties.

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