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Square Circle Brokers We do however, have a dedicated team who will ensure your call is answered promptly, and dealt with accordingly, (you can even have our mobile numbers). We have access to a huge range of insurance providers and always shop around to get our clients lower premiums. That's why they stay with us year after year. Some people love speaking in jargon, using fancy words and turning everything into acronyms.

TLA: three letter abbreviation, POS: point of sale, JPS: jargon per second, RTM: read the manual. Insurance is one of those things that you know you need, but it can be tedious and complicated. That's why we're here - to put together the best package for your business, leaving you to get on with actually running that business. We don't have a big call centre that will leave you lost in a maze, endlessly 'pressing 1' or 'pressing 2'.

We offer a face to face service, and your personal broker will know you and your business on an intimate level. You're not just a number in the system. But it can be a minefield of jargon and small print.

With over 70 years combined experience under our belts, we know the insurance industry inside out and can help you find the right products for your business. With over 70 years in Commercial Broking in the North East, our Directors have seen just about every kind of query that the region's diverse business community can come up with, from one man bands

Our staff are tremendously hard-working individuals, dedicated to ensure that the service you receive is of the highest quality. His youthful (airbrushed) looks belie the fact that Phil has over 30 years' experience under his belt in the local broking market. With such a wealth of knowledge to call on there aren't many scenarios that haven't been across

That's why we do it for you. We'll carry out a review of your business then work out what you need in place to ensure you're fully covered, for a price that works with your budgets. A Business Combined policy can be tailored to meet all the risks associated with the running of your business - from the processes you use and the premises where you work

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