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L D T Insurance Whether you need liability or indemnity insurance, tradesmen or professional cover, LDT Insurance ltd can help. LDT Insurance is a leading independent insurance broker, providing a broad portfolio of specialist insurance to the commercial and personal sector. The company has a nationwide reputation for quality and reliability. Our philosophy is based on the belief that an insurance broker is a personal contact, offering reliable professional advice - and being there to help in times of difficulty.

We are also able to arrange specialist schemes tailored to our clients' individual requirements.

read more › At LDT Insurance Ltd, our aim is to give you the insurance you need at a price you can afford, backed by an approach to service that takes the time and hassle out of arranging cover. But we also provide cover in many other areas, which means that we can help you with all your insurance needs, now and in the future. And because we know you, you won't have to give out your details again every time. We train our staff to the highest levels of product knowledge, then get them to talk to you in English, not 'insurance speak', so you'll know if a policy is right for you or not.

read more › For landlords who lease property. Professional, student, D.S.S., second homes and holiday home lets, as well as asylum seekers or migrant workers, blocks of flats, bedsits and more - LDT Insurance ltd flexible policies allow for tenancy changes to occur under one policy, with no need to cancel a policy when properties become unoccupied to be re-let or sold. Your clients may own a number of properties and tire of operating several insurance policies at once. LDT Insurance ltd range of solutions is ideal for customers looking for a single easy-to-manage policy, offering best value at the same time.

read more › Buying business insurance can be complex, but we make it quick and simple as possible so you can get on with what you really need to do. Our account managers are highly experienced at providing insurance for every type of business and will tailor policies so you get exactly what you need. If you are in business for yourself or working for others it is likely that you need some form of commercial insurance. Whether you are a hauler, transporter, contractor, commercial property owner or any other type of business that requires insurance, our agents can help you find the best coverage for your money.

read more › Whether you're a professional working on your own or you run a team of drivers, you know the importance of having insurance that does the job, but you don't want arranging it to become your job. Whether you're a professional working on your own or you run a team of drivers, you know the importance of having insurance that does the job, but you don't want to arrange it to become your job. That's why, we'll make the whole process of arranging your Mini-Cab insurance as quick and simple as possible, so you can get back on the road.

read more › Whatever size or type of business you run, we can make insuring your fleet of vehicles quick, simple and cost-effective. Even if you have a small number of vehicles, perhaps only three or more, fleet insurance can be more cost effective than insuring on an individual basis. What's more, you'll only have to remember one renewal date, not several. We can cover all the vehicles within your fleet - cars, vans or a combination of the two - and tailor a quote based on the number of vehicles, the age of your drivers and how the vehicles will be used.

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