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Real Insurance Group Real Insurance is a specialist business insurance broker. Well established and independent, we have long standing SME business clients spanning a range of sectors including construction, motor trades, security, property and manufacturing. Working with a number of leading UK insurers, we focus on finding the the best protection that our clients need, at a fair price.

Independently 5 star rated by our customers, Real Insurance is based in Mansfield. We have business clients across the UK who trust us as their insurance advisors. Our team of advisors all have significant experience in the industry and most have been working for the business for at least 10 years. We only deal with business insurance which means we are experts at looking after the insurance requirements of businesses such as yours.

We offer all covers required by a diverse business sector, whether you require Manufacturers Insurance, Contractors Insurance and if you repair cars, Motor Trade Insurance. Commercial insurance covers are vast and varied, no two businesses are the same, we offer such covers as Public Liability Insurance.

read more › A little bit about us, Real Insurance is a part of Global Risk Partners Limited (GRP), one of the UK's largest independent insurance intermediary groups. As part of GRP we can combine our local, professional service with the resources and negotiating power of a national organisation, to the benefit of our clients. But really it should be about you, our clients and our prospective clients. We're sure that you don't want to hear all about our company's life history, whilst some of it has been exciting for us over the years such as our 45-year milestone, or our staff who have decades of knowledge and experience.

read more › Business Insurance or Commercial Insurance as its commonly referred to can protect your business against the many types of losses that may occur at your premises due to events such as fire, storm damage, flood or theft, ideal where your business relies on its premises to operate. For businesses that spend most, or all of their time on-site or at different locations, liability insurance cover is an essential part of any business's defense. Insurance is available for almost any eventuality, whatever your business.

read more › Starting your business can not only be a daunting time but one of excitement to, your dreams of starting the business have finally become reality, the business plan in place, financing sorted, business machinery ordered. Start-up business insurance could be one of those last things that you have thought about, however, it should be one of the first, once you start your new business insurance is there to protect you and the exposures that your new business might have. At Real we are used to dealing with new start-up businesses, we are not an insurer and neither are we a call centre either, we don't leave you to figure out what insurance your new business might need either, we can help you along the way explaining things as you progress.

read more › Franchisors and franchisees face a great many responsibilities in their business and there are a range of considerations to be made for the individual business as well as any interdependencies you have with other businesses associated with the franchise. Getting the right insurance for most franchises means accessing a range of separate covers in order to ensure that all risks are adequately protected against. That can be time consuming and complex, but working with an experienced broker like Real Insurance means you can be confident of the correct advice and adequate protection with out the hassle.

read more › As a franchisee, you're running your own business, which means you have your own liabilities to consider, as well as how best to protect business stock, assets and premises. If your newly set up in the business, finding the right covers can be time consuming and a little daunting - what if you miss something? If you're an experienced hand in the business, you'll know that getting all of the right covers in place can mean time spent shopping around that might be better spent on actually running the business.

read more › Franchisors face a great many responsibilities in their business. As a business in its own right, a franchise brand will need to ensure that all potential liabilities, property, vehicles, stock, contents and other assets are covered through adequate insurance. But by the nature of franchising, you're effectively allowing other businesses access to your brand, products and / or services. In doing so, a franchise company could face significant repetitional risk, too. There simply isn't an 'off the shelf' franchisor insurance policy out there.

read more › Wide insurance protection is required for Dealers and Dealerships whether an independent car dealer or part of a franchise main dealer network. Vehicle dealer insurance provides cover for property and liability as well as many extensions that bring together a bespoke range of insurance protection. Providing a full range of vehicles services needs a wide range of insurance protections, whilst many policies are similar, what makes the difference is the broker you are dealing with and the manner in which the covers and protections are delivered.

read more › If you own or manage a car body shop and repair business, it's likely that you will need to be able to drive customers vehicles to and from the premises - which naturally you need insurance in place for. In addition, you'll have a range of specialist tools and possibly dedicated premises to protect. In a nutshell, you need an insurance policy that reflects your particular business requirements and bodyshop insurance typically covers vehicles in your possession, your business assets and its liabilities.

read more › If you are changing the design, providing commercial vehicle conversions, adding truck bodies to commercial vehicles, or completely modifying a vehicle into something specialist such as a refrigerated or specialist catering vehicle foe example, then you need specialist insurance covers. Trying to shoehorn the covers onto an insurance policy that is designed for the garage trade might not provide all the covers you need, this is where you need to be dealing with specialists insurance brokers and insurers that have the knowledge required for Commercial Bodybuilders and Coach Builders Insurance.

read more › Currently we are not quoting for Motor Home or Camper Van Conversions unless the business has been trading for a minimum of three years. As a vehicle conversion specialist you are involved in multi-disciplined trade activities, whilst dealing with vehicles of all sizes and orientations you have to be engineers, fabricators, potentially carpenters, and fibre glass specialists. Whether your business specialises in box vans, horseboxes, concrete mixers, motor homes or campervan conversions or even ice cream vans or you are a broad spectrum vehicle conversion specialist insurance is the main contributor to your business protections.

read more › You are required by law to carry a certain minimum level of insurance for every one of your organisation's commercial vehicles. Even where you or your workers are using personal cars, personal vehicle insurance may not cover you for business use - you need a specialist commercial vehicle insurance policy when you use them for business purposes beyond simply driving to and from work. Beyond needing a commercial vehicle policy, where you have more than two vehicles being used by your business, you may find that taking out a 'mini fleet' insurance policy to be cost effective as well as reducing administration.

read more › Real Insurance are specialist Motor Trade Insurance brokers based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, specialising in "established" Service & Repair Garages, MOT Test Centre's, Body Shops and Car Sales. We look after hundreds of established businesses not only in and around the Nottingham area, but further a field to South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and throughout Leicestershire. If your business is the repair or sales of vehicles, a motor trade insurance policy is an essential part of what you do on a daily basis.

read more › Depending on what your motorcycle trade business does, there are a number of considerations that need to be made in choosing the right insurance cover. What those covers are depends on whether you are a trader, buying and selling motorbikes from business premises, or if you offer service, repair and bodyshop work. Whether you work from an independent store with retail frontage, run a large, multi site business offering bikes from a range of manufacturers, we can help get the right cover for you.

read more › SMART repairers are in a unique business position. Similar to PDR Technicians, they need appropriate SMART Repair insurance cover. However, they simply don't do business in the same way as traditional body shops. As a result, common types of 'small business cover' or 'motor trade insurance' are poorly suited, inefficient and frankly too expensive for most SMART repairers. That is why so many insurers now offer specialised SMART repair insurance. Typically, SMART repair insurance costs less than insuring an entire body shop, because it offers only those protections you are likely to need.

read more › Paintless Dent Removal Technicians have specific insurance needs. Very similar to SMART repairers that mainly work at customers premises they need to have appropriate insurance cover in place. Unlike their industry colleagues who work in bodyshops where a full motor trade policy is required, PDR Technicians insurance doesn't need to provide quite the level of cover so there is no need to have cover that would never be used, having an insurance that is specially for them is better suited. Not every insurer will offer cover for mobile PDR Technicians, but dealing with a specialist insurance broker in this area will provide the understanding and knowledge needed to obtain the right covers at competitive premiums.

read more › One of our recent news articles was about underinsurance in general, however we decided to take this a little further as there appears to be a huge issue about Motor Traders Portable Hand Tools Insurance. As motor trade insurance specialists, you would expect we know a few things about the types of machinery and tools used in a workshop whether that be a Service and Repair garage or a Bodyshop. Motor Traders Portable Hand Tools are sockets, spanners, air tools, electric tools, diagnostic equipment but also the toolbox's themselves for which the tools are kept, something that can confuse, clearly, it's not a tool!

read more › Commercial vehicle insurance (also known as business vehicle insurance) is designed specifically to protect against damage to or theft of your work vehicle as well as cover for third-party damage sustained during an accident. A tailor-made policy from Real Insurance allows you to build the exact policy you need to match your vehicle use and business type, offering total peace of mind. Whether you operate vans, cars, HGV or other heavy plant machinery, we can find the perfect commercial vehicle insurance for you.

read more › If your organisation operates a fleet of vehicles, you doubtless know how complicated using separate insurance policies or even different insurers for each vehicle can be. You can often save yourself quite a few headaches (and quite possibly a fair amount of money) by insuring all or part of your fleet at once with specialised fleet insurance. To find out more or get a fleet insurance quote today, contact Real Insurance Brokers today! Simply put, fleet insurance is commercial or business insurance which covers all or part of your fleet of vehicles under a single policy.

read more › It is illegal for anyone to drive a vehicle on the road without adequate insurance. Van insurance is specially designed to protect you against legal costs if you're in an accident and injure either yourself or someone else. It also covers you for any damage to another person's vehicle or property, and if you have fully comprehensive insurance it covers your own van too. Driving without proper van insurance means likely receiving a hefty fine, prosecution or even a ban. In the event of an accident, it would also mean you'd need to pay for damage, legal fees and compensation yourself which is likely to run into thousands.

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