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5 Star rated, backed by the FSCS with Trading Standards Approved policies and claims procedures. Why buy anywhere else? EasyGap is a trading style of specialist Insurance Broker Aequitas Automotive Ltd. Operating from the Grade 1 listed Aequitas House in the traditional financial district of Hamilton Square, Birkenhead on the banks of the River Mersey.

EasyGap provides GAP Insurance for cars, motorbikes, motorhomes, taxi's and vans, plus additional products such as Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance, SMARTCARE Cosmetic Insurance, and Motor Excess Insurance. We know that only by listening to you, our many policy holders and visitors, that we can continually maintain and exceed customer expectations and welcome constructive criticism; good and bad.

Let us say you have paid 20,000 for your brand new car, 3 years later your car is stolen and declared a total loss by your motor insurer. Return to Invoice GAP can provide the answer by topping up your 8,000 motor insurers settlement with the 12,000 you have lost.

read more › The system will then run through a number of qualifying questions to ensure that you are eligible for the policy before showing you the appropriate quotation. As we know you will already know, at EasyGap we pride ourselves in being forward-thinking and are constantly looking for ways to improve not only our levels of service but also the way in which we can offer to protect our customers. We have tried where ever possible to make these policies as easy to understand and as simple to use as possible.

read more › Easy Gap Motor Excess Insurance is a policy which protects you against the cost of your own motor insurance companies excess. When you are shopping for motor insurance it is easy to forget that what can appear to be small difference in the amount that your insurance company ask you to agree to in the form of an excess can make a massive difference when you need to make a claim. Compulsory - This is an amount that your own insurance insists you pay towards the cost of any repair / write off or claim.

read more › What is Easy Gap Tyre Insurance, and why should you consider protecting yourself with a policy? A tyre insurance policy is a simple and cost-efficient way of protecting yourself against the cost of having to replace your tyres if they need replacing because of a puncture or blow out. Simply put if you had for example a puncture. You would simply contact the claims team. They would direct you to your nearest Halfords Auto Centre (where possible). They would access the wheel and decide if it can be repaired or if in fact, it needed to be replaced.

read more › A tyre and alloy wheel policy can protect you against unforeseen costs of both damage to your alloy wheels and tyre punctures and blow outs. That could be made up from insurance, fuel and basic maintenance. A run flat tyre can cost anything from 150 to over 350 in some cases even a standard tyre can cost hundreds depending on the size. An alloy wheel repair can cost anything from 80 to almost 150 for perhaps a laser or diamond cut wheel. Please remember that no one ever plans to have a puncture or blow out so this can happen at any time to anyone.

read more › SMARTCARE Cosmetic Insurance from EasyGap provides three separate areas of protection against the costs of cosmetic repair to your car. Interior Repair Insurance - to cover the cost of interior repairs such as tears in seat upholstery, scuffing of leather upholstery and scuffs to dashboard trim. Ownership of a car can inevitably include suffering damage to your vehicle. These can include kerb scuffs to your alloys, a graze to your bumper or a tear in your seat fabric. This can be both unsightly and annoying.

read more › Gap Insurance is a policy that runs alongside your own motor insurance fully comprehensive insurance and protects you in the event that your vehicle is written off. Your own motor insurance will give you the market value of your vehicle on the day of loss with your gap insurance paying the difference between that figure and either the amount outstanding on finance or the invoice price, whichever is the higher. This means that between your two insurance companies you have the purchase price back.

read more › Combined Return to Invoice GAP insurance is a nice easy level of cover to understand, the reason for this, is that you already have an invoice for your vehicle, so you know in advance, exactly how much you are protecting. You must either own the vehicle outright (cash purchase, personal loan) or have the option to own the vehicle (HP or PCP). The vehicle must be less than 8 years old and have traveled less than 80,000 miles on the day you buy the GAP policy. You must have a car, LCV (less than 3500kg), motorhome (less than 5000kg), motorbike, scooter, private hire taxi, chauffeur vehicle or driving school vehicle.

read more › So you have a bright shiny new car and like the many thousands of consumers these days, you have decided to buy it via a form of contract hire. After all if the car is not yours and can never be yours why do you need to think about protecting yourself with contract hire gap insurance? In the event of your contract hire vehicle being written off, your own motor insurance will pay out to the current market value at the time it was declared a total loss. What happens if there is a difference in the market value between what your insurance company think that the car is worth and what your lease company thought that it would be worth?

read more › Buying a motorhome can be extremely expensive and is usually a vehicle that is used during high days and holidays. Protecting such an investment with GAP Insurance is a serious consideration for a great many owners of this type of vehicle. If your motor home is declared a total loss by your motor insurance then GAP Insurance could prove invaluable. What would happen if your motor home was stolen? What if there was flood damage, fire damage or even worse if involved in an accident? Please remember that while most vehicles can depreciate up to 50 % and in some cases considerably more in just three years your motorhome, or campervan, will not normally lose this amount.

read more › Taxi return to invoice GAP insurance is available to customers who use their car for taxi and chauffeur use only. The car must have been purchased with cash, personal loan, Hire Purchase or PCP (personal contract plan). The car must be fully comprehensively insured and all drivers named on the insurance policy. If your car is ever written off (providing your motor insurer validate and are prepared to pay out the claim) your motor insurer will offer you the current market value, for your car. Our claims team department will then liaise with your motor insurance company and agree a settlement.

read more › Like nearly every form of transport, motorbikes and scooters need a significant investment to buy. Over time, and again like most modes of transport, they will lose value. The consideration for GAP Insurance is at least as important for motorbikes as it is for cars. Given that it may be even easier to steal a motorbike (have you ever tried lifting a car onto a trailer?) it could be even more important. According to the Police Association, the number of motorcyclists involved in road accidents is around 20,000 per year.

read more › Your policy is fully FCA regulated and backed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. They also underwrite other GAP Insurance providers online, as well as a well-known, prestige motor manufacturer-branded GAP Insurance in the UK. Yes they are regulated by the FCA. Their official Title is Acasta European Insurance Company Limited and their FCA number is 456936. Spectrum are a specialized claims team who are nominated by Acasta to make sure that any claim you make is dealt with in accordance with your policy terms and conditions.

read more › The Financial Services Compensation Scheme is an independent organisation which was set up by the UK government and is solely funded by financial services member companies. So every company who offers financial services, for example; banks, insurance companies, insurance brokers etc. pays into the scheme, either directly or indirectly. The FSCS describe themselves FSCS exists to protect customers of financial services firms that have failed. If the company you've been dealing with has failed and can't pay claims against it, we can step in to pay compensation.

read more › We want each and every one of our many customers to be 100% satisfied with the type and level of Easy Gap Insurance cover that they have purchased. However, from time to time we all change our minds. We are human beings after all. To protect you and as part of Aequitas Automotive Ltd's commitment to continued customer care and in accordance with current FCA and government regulations regarding the sale of insurance products, you have the right to cancel any policy you have purchased providing you have not attempted to make a claim.

read more › It is important that any organisation you deal with has the correct accreditations and registrations. This is to make sure that where ever possible the company that you are dealing with will be monitored and controlled so that they are best placed to protect you. For example, in order for us to be able to process your payments we must be PCI compliant. This means that our systems are checked, monitored and scanned to make sure that no-one is attempting to intercept your payment details. We add that yes we are compliant and this is monitored by an external company called Trustwave.

read more › The system will then run through a number of qualifying questions to ensure that you are eligible for the policy before showing you the appropriate quotation. If you require any further assistance, whether that be a question or if you require assistance working your way through the process, please don't hesitate to contact our award winning customer service team on the dedicated contact telephone numbers 0800 195 4926/0151 647 7556 and any member of the team will be more than happy to assist. Your policy is fully FCA regulated and backed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

read more › is an online trading name of Aequitas Automotive Ltd. Aequitas Automotive Ltd was formed in 2010 by a group of colleagues and senior managers who had many years of experience in the retail motor industry in the UK. The company was formed with one idea in mind. To provide a better deal to UK consumers buying motor vehicles in dealers. Our founders recognised that the 'add-on' products at motor dealers did not always represent the best value to the car-buying public. As internet usage exploded, it was clear there was a position in the market to take the sale of GAP Insurance online.

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