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CMR Insurance Services CMR is a credit insurance specialist offering tailored solutions and extensive support to start-up and major enterprises across Britain. We provide a safeguard for your business to minimise risks and ensure that you remain profitable even during financial uncertainty. We are a team of dedicated and professional individuals who strive to give high-standard service when it comes to credit risk management.

When it comes to bad debt, CMR can discuss its risks and help your business stay on the safe side. The UK Government has formally launched the Trade Credit Insurance Support Scheme (the Scheme) that the industry has been pressing for and working to.

read more › For more than 30 years we've been providing credit insurance to prudent, successful businesses across Britain. Our clients range from start-ups to major corporations in almost every key sector of business and industry. CMR clients enjoy levels of turnover between 100,000 to 20 million per annum. Our unique position as holders of a delegated authority with Atradius, one of the world's leading credit insurers, benefits clients in several ways. The strength of financial backing ensures claims are paid fully and promptly.

read more › When our clients deal with CMR, they're dealing with our PEOPLE, not some faceless organisation, and that's what makes us different. So we think you should find out more about the people who make CMR a successful business - and can help your business too. I've been with CMR since 1991 and I'm well-versed in credit insurance and policy administration. I joined CMR in 1991 and worked here for over 5 years when I left to take up a role at Atradius, our underwriters. I joined CMR in 2003, and now my role as Admin Manager incorporates debt recovery, claims and managing the admin team.

read more › All CMR clients can rely on our efficient online and telephone-based service and support, and benefit from regular personal visits by your CMR Account Manager. Getting to know the fundamentals of your business allows our Account Managers to tailor services and policies to meet your precise needs. Comprehensive credit control training; invaluable free training provided during your first site visit; repeated whenever a new contact joins your business. Additionally we undertake claims negotiation and handling on your behalf, review and if necessary appeal credit limit decisions, and provide daily notification of credit limit amendments or new conditions that may be required to maintain an existing credit limit.

read more › Sunrise Medical are a leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of innovative, high-quality mobility products and services, but they cannot always avoid the problems of collecting debts. Blueprint Collections Ltd is a market leading designer and distributor of licensed stationery and bag collections, with customers comprising a wide range of discerning retailers and consumers. Blueprint's unrivalled strength in the marketplace is based on the best licenses, innovative products, great designs and the highest standards of quality and customer service.

read more › It's an unpleasant fact of business life - but you can protect against the risk with credit insurance from CMR. Our cover can pay out up to 90% of commercial risks and 95% of political risks in the event of non-payment. Credit insurance works together with the safeguards of your own credit control system to mitigate risk and keep you trading profitably at all times. Greater peace of mind as bad debts no longer have the potential to seriously de-stabilise your business. Greater control over your cash-flow - with the value of your accounts receivable protected by credit insurance in the UK.

read more › Being able to trade with confidence is vital to your business, so we always process Credit Limit applications as soon as we receive them. You may submit Credit Limit applications by email or through this website's secure area. The credit limit applied for should always cover the maximum exposure (account balance) at any one time. If you only need short-term exposure, please specify the risk period along with the credit terms. If payment is expected from a separate business entity, or from another country, please make this clear.

read more › Nobody likes bad debts so the first step we take is to try and stop things ever getting that far. Once an outstanding invoice remains unpaid for 45 days or more, clients contact us with the news that this represents a potential bad debt that could result in an insurance claim. All decisions and actions relating to debt collection are always taken in consultation with our clients and this may result in debt recovery action being taken by CMR. We'll take prompt and decisive action as a third party debt collector, making sure our clients are first in line for payment.

read more › Nobody appreciates bad debts especially when, with a little care, they are preventable. Recognising and preventing fraud is the start for every business that needs to consider credit risk management. The following suggestions can help you prevent difficulties occurring in the first place - and mitigate problems if they do. 1. Identify the high risk groups among your potential buyers. Tighten payment terms to this group to reflect the higher risk, resorting to "cash only" in extreme cases. 2. Stay alert for unusual patterns of payment behaviour.

read more › As you build your business, your customer base expands but with new customers - both in the UK and overseas - comes added risk. For most companies, debtors represent about 40% of their business assets and typically, 20% of a company's customers account for 80% of their sales. A serious bad debt from a key customer could leave your business financially crippled, or even unable to continue trading. This is why businesses must have bad debt insurance. Despite the risk of not having bad debt protection (especially in times of economic downturn) only some 20% of UK companies carry effective credit risk insurance yet the likelihood and the consequences of bad debt are as damaging as more routinely insured yet relatively rare risks such as fire.

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