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B&M Insurance You have consistently guided us in a professional way through the complex and seemingly ever changing world of insurance. We trust you to ensure that you find us the most appropriate policy for our needs, with an insurer who is well established and efficient and at a price which is competitive. Insurance should be hassle free and simple, with no compromises on quality of cover, service, advice or cost.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide thousands of businesses the extra mile, saving on their premiums and providing valuable business advice and resources. Whether you are a tradesman, solicitor, shop owner or need to cover a fleet, our team has your interests and business at heart. We are able to provide quick and easy quotes and you will always be connected to an advisor with extensive knowledge in your industry.

Why not take the price challenge today and see how much we can save on your premiums. Our business insurance advisors have over 35 years experience between them, specialising in a variety of industries, we can guarantee to provide you with a tailored professional quote that could potentially save you a lot on your premiums.

read more › Public liability insurance is essential for any sole trader, partnership or company that has potential exposure to cause property damage or personal injury to any person who is not under your employment. Having a public liability policy in place can help to keep your mind at rest in the event that a client or member of the public suffers damages or injury because of your business. We have been providing insurance to local businesses within Greater Manchester for over 30 years. Our expertise gives our clients complete confidence that they will be supplied with a tailored policy to suit their unique business needs.

read more › If you employ one or more people to work for your business, you will need a suitable employers' liability insurance policy to meet the minimum legal requirement. This protects you in case a member of staff suffers an injury or illness whilst working for you and decides to make a claim against your business for compensation. We have been helping local businesses with their employers liability cover for over 30 years. Our team can search the market for you to find adequate cover of 10 million, for the best price we can and from insurers you can trust.

read more › We appreciate that claims involving professional indemnity can often be complex matters. Our team will be here to discuss any questions you may have regarding your policy and we can guarantee that we will have your back if you need professional advice when defending a claim. The level of cover you require for professional indemnity insurance will be trade dependent with the majority of businesses taking cover up to 5 million. If required, we can build additional layers of cover in to your policy to achieve a higher amount of cover.

read more › Public liability insurance, also known as PL insurance, protects your business from compensation claims as a result of injury to members of the public or their property following an accident caused by your business. Public liability insurance is not a legal requirement but it is vital to have adequate protection in place if you work with clients or suppliers who could sue you for damages following injury or damage to their assets. Employers liability insurance, also known as EL insurance, protects your business against financial claims from employees who may seek damages against your business for illness or personal injury while working for you.

read more › Building insurance covers your property in the event of a disaster such as a fire, flood or criminal damage which may damage the structural integrity of the property. With the correct level of cover in place for your building, your insurance policy will protect you financially and minimise the disruption to your workflow. Recovering from an insured event which causes damage to a building you own can cost a fortune without adequate protection. Thankfully with buildings insurance, you can shield the structure of the property against unforeseen accidents including: the roof, doors, windows and flooring.

read more › If you are a landlord or property owner, we can help protect you financially against risks such as damage to your let property or contents, loss of rent, tenant liability claims and legal expenses. We understand the risks when renting out a property and as a result, provide high levels of cover as standard. Our team has over 138 years combined insurance expertise giving you confidence that you will be supplied with a tailored policy for your unique requirements. We are also backed by leading UK insurers who provide robust cover at very competitive premiums and strive to handle claims efficiently.

read more › Protecting your shop is vital to the longevity of your business and it's future success. You need comprehensive cover to eliminate the challenges your shop has to face and to help maintain your hard earned reputation. With suitable cover in place, your shop will not suffer after property damage, theft, personal injury or loss of license. Our leading UK insurance partners have policies available which are designed specifically for shop owners. We have helped insure businesses across Greater Manchester for over 30 years, providing high levels of cover for an affordable price.

read more › Whether you are a contractor or own a company that provides contracting services, we acknowledge you will be providing a specialist solution to your clients to maintain strong relationships and bolster your reputation. However meticulous your business may be at trying to prevent mishaps, an accident can be financially damaging to anyone. Fortunately, our team can help identify the unique risks you face on a daily basis and build a robust policy to protect your source of income. Taking away the hassle and giving you tranquillity.

read more › It's important to have adequate protection in place when working at heights in case an accident happens. Due to the nature of scaffolding work, premiums can be high for your liability insurance. However, due to our knowledge of the industry, we have access to several specialist schemes that provide great value. Our scaffolding insurance policies are designed to provide cover for public and employers liability insurance, as well as further options to include protection for hired in plant, own plant and tools equipment.

read more › Your tools are crucial to your business, enabling you to perform professional levels of service for your customers. If they were stolen or wrecked, would you be able to operate with the same intensity and reliability? Would you have the funds available to front the cost of replacing them quickly? With suitable cover for your tools and materials, suffering an insured event needn't be something to worry about. The costs of like for like replacements will be taken care of for you, enabling you to carry on earning a living.

read more › Place your construction insurance with leading UK insurers who understand the risks facing those who are working on complex projects. Protect employees, contractors, plant, works, materials, tools and members of the public with a tailored package built around your business. Our experienced team can help shield your livelihood with reliable cover against unforeseen dangers inherited with specialist construction work. We will identify the core elements you need in your policy and find the best price from across the market.

read more › As an engineering company, you will manufacture specialist products for your business partners and often, members of the public. It's imperative that all threats are covered properly with appropriate measures to make sure everyone is protected. We have been helping local engineering firms with their insurance for over 30 years. Our team gets to know each of our client's unique business requirements, we compare cover from leading insurers and provide a policy tailored to our client's needs. We take the stress away, ensure you only pay for what you need and support your business as it grows.

read more › Businesses that operate in the commercial and industrial sector require a comprehensive policy which is built around the unique challenges they face - to protect against unforeseen perils. We have been helping businesses all over Greater Manchester get the most competitive policies for over 30 years. This includes factory units, manufacturers, engineers, warehouses and wholesalers. Irrespective of your trade, our policies are backed by leading UK insurers giving you confidence that you will be supplied with a suitable policy just for your unique business needs.

read more › The cost of a disaster in your factory or manufacturing plant could be unrecoverable without sufficient financial defences in place. The ongoing protection to your clients, employees, buildings, machinery, stock and contents is paramount to the continued success of your company. You need stress-free insurance which you can truly rely on if the unthinkable happens (such as a fire or flood). We have many years of experience providing local business insurance to manufacturers in Greater Manchester.

read more › Insuring the daily challenges that face an owner of a wholesaler is vital to the longevity of your business. Not only do you need to shield your building, contents and stock but also any personnel who could be exposed to accidents. Without the right cover in place, you could find it difficult to recover financially after a disaster. Our team has been helping local wholesalers with their business insurance for the last 30 years. We make sure that we identify all the potential dangers, build a tailored policy based on your needs and find a suitable premium after comparing prices from leading insurers.

read more › Accidents in a warehouse are common and costly to resolve. Employees have to stack stock at height, customers may visit your premises and goods are distributed between sites which are just a few of the risks warehouse owners face on a daily basis. You need a comprehensive insurance policy from leading insurers to eliminate the dangers your warehouse may face, at a premium you can afford. Our team can help and have been providing insurance for warehouses in Greater Manchester spanning 30 years. Our expertise makes insuring your business simple and stress-free.

read more › Not only is your business unique but your commercial vehicles are often moulded to best suit the service you provide to your customers. It's likely that you need a bespoke policy to cover your commercially modified vehicles that do not comply with standard requirements. Whether your modified motors are non-road registered, for transportation, marketing or catering, we are confident that we can achieve suitable cover for you without breaking the bank. Our team are on hand to discuss the options available to safeguard your vehicles.

read more › Eliminate the risks against your restaurant with our robust cover which encapsulates protection against food poisoning, personal injury, sickness and property damage. Whether you're a small cafe or large restaurant, we will help tailor a policy to your specific requirements. We are a local independent insurance broker with over 30 years of experience providing a plethora of cover to companies across Greater Manchester. Let us assess the risks you face at your premises and provide solid quotations directly from leading UK insurers.

read more › Business interruption cover supports your business income following temporary closure after an unexpected accident. Without it, your profit could dry up and force you to close down permanently. For example, an explosion could occur in your premises and cause damage to the roof or destroy vital machinery. With the backing of this product alongside your buildings and contents insurance, your business would be replenished with any lost income to make sure you are operating again quickly. This product covers your income if you are unable to trade, subsequently making it impossible to fulfill orders, manufacture products or provide your reputable service for profit.

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