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Heath Crawford The success of your business is crucial, so make sure you are protected against every eventuality with the right level of SME insurance cover. Personal insurance will protect you, your finances and your family, providing a safety net against the pitfalls of everyday life. It's vital to make sure your hard-earned pensions, savings and investments will provide a sufficient return when you retire.

At Heath Crawford we make finding the perfect insurance policy easy, with tailored insurance cover for both businesses and individuals. We can also provide expert advice on financial services from mortgages to pensions. Our guiding principle is 'protect what you value' and our expert team can create the bespoke policy you need, whether it's corporate or startup business insurance, individual private health insurance or cyber liability insurance.

Whether it is protecting your business assets, your personal valuables or the health of your family, we believe that with the right financial protection in place you can go forward with confidence.

The success of your business is crucial so make sure you are covered for every eventuality with the right insurance cover. From employers' liability insurance which is required by law to professional indemnity insurance and product liability insurance, protect your business against costly claims. Ensure key members of staff are covered with specialist

Your employees' health and wellbeing is likely already on your mind. Providing the correct level of support for your employees not only leaves them feeling valued but also helps them stay healthy and happy for longer. Corporate health insurance is a great place to start helping your employees feel their wellbeing is prioritised. Issues with your employee

Commercial landlord insurance provides protection for a landlord who rents out their commercial property to a business. Commercial building insurance differs from a standard insurance policy as the buildings are constructed differently with different risks attached. For example shops often have large glass windows or shopfronts and they may consist

Professional indemnity insurance - or PI insurance - covers compensation claims if a business is sued by a client for making a mistake. If your business is accused of providing inadequate services, advice or designs to a client, PI insurance provides cover for the legal costs of defending the claim, plus any compensation which may be awarded to the

Most businesses now use computer-based systems for essential business processes such as customer data storage, email and payroll. Automated systems are quick, efficient and require less manpower than traditional manual techniques. The bad news is that data breaches in online systems are now as much of a certainty as death and taxes. The good news is

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