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Prospero Insurance Brokers We get to the crux of our clients' individual circumstances and requirements, so we can arrange cover that supports your narrative. Every individual and business we work with has their own story to tell; their own reason for needing tailored financial protection. We work closely with people from all walks of life to ensure that no matter what journey you are on, or what stage you're at, you can move forward with confidence in your cover.

We keep insurance simple while keeping our customers at the forefront of everything that we do. Unlike many larger insurance brokers who put profit before their customers, we aim to provide a first-class service for our clients and develop trusted long-term relationships. Whether you need to cover a holiday of a lifetime, build protection for your budding start-up business, protect your home or review your cover for a long-established company, we can help.

Our friendly advisors have experience in sourcing custom protection for a wide range of individuals and businesses.

read more › David is a Chartered Insurance Broker and qualified mortgage advisor with over 20 years experience in the financial services industry. He set up Prospero in 2017 to give clients an alternative choice to multinational organisations and companies where the spreadsheet is king. He firmly believes in an ethical, community based approach to business. When not in the office, David enjoys all sports but particularly football, being a season ticket holder for the maroon team in Edinburgh. He also enjoys spending time with his family and taking Spero for long walks in the countryside.

read more › Every charity is born as a means to solve or raise awareness of an important issue. At Prospero, we want to know the story behind your charity, so we can arrange tailored cover to strengthen your defences. What would happen if one of your trustees was accused of negligence and had to defend their case in a costly court battle? Or if your business was targeted by and sensitive data of your partners, employees and the people you help was made public? While we want to believe that cybercriminals won't target charities, this makes them a soft target for cyberattacks, as their defences are usually lowered.

read more › So, you have built your cleaning business from the ground up. You've got some clients on the books, a great team and now it's time to sort your Cleaner Insurance. Where do you go from here? Every cleaning business is vulnerable to certain risks, and these will all differ based on the clients you work for and the type of jobs you undertake. What if you misplaced keys to a business premises which then fell into the wrong hands? Or if a member of the public slipped on a wet floor which hadn't been correctly signposted and held your business liable?

read more › As a contractor, you will often be required to have certain level of cover in order to work on a particular contract. Even putting this aside, should your work detriment a third-party physically, financially or both - you may be held liable and subject to costly legal action. Whether you are a self-employed contractor, or your business hire contractors to supplement project work, it is essential you have specialist cover based on the type of work carried out. At Prospero, we will work with you to assess exactly what risks you're exposed to, in order to shape a policy around your unique requirements.

read more › Often, different businesses across the motor trade industry requires vastly different insurance protection; getting this cover wrong can put a halt to all you've worked towards. What would you do if you happened to crash a customer's car when taking it for a test drive? How would you cover the costs if a customer slips and falls in your garage and holds you liable? Or if an employee fails to spot a fault during an MOT exam which results in an unsafe vehicle being declared fit for the road? There's plenty that can go wrong in the motor trade industry, which is why it's important to have a policy which accounts for and mitigates the risks your business is exposed to.

read more › When you rely on multiple vehicles for the day-to-day running of your business, it can be difficult to manage them all under separate insurance policies. Not only do you need to keep track of multiple renewal dates and different terms and conditions, but you could also potentially be paying more than you should. At Prospero, whether your fleet consists of cars, motorbikes, buses, HGVs, minivans or a combination of these, we can arrange to cover them under a sole policy. That means one renewal date, one payment and one set of policy documents.

read more › For landlords and property owners, managing both the commercial and property side of your business often consumes most of your time. This makes it difficult to shop around for insurance. If your tenant loses their job and is no longer able to meet rent payments, without cover in place you will be down by this amount in your monthly income. Or if one of your properties is damaged in severe weather, you would be required to fund the repairs as well as account for lost rental payments in the meanwhile.

read more › Do you run or manage a shop or office building? Getting your cover right can be tricky, especially if you are situated in a flood-risk area, trade from a listed building or experience heavy public footfall. If your building burnt down and required a full rebuild, would you be confident that your insurance would fully cover the cost of labour, materials and the time that you are unable to trade? What if a member of the public slipped and fell in your premises and took legal action against your business?

read more › Developing a skilled trade is no easy feat, taking years of dedication, practice and patience. As your career journey unfolds, you'll notice that alongside the benefits, your path is full of unforeseen risk. Working as an electrician, you could be held liable for faulty wiring causing a fire in a client's property. Or as a builder working onsite, if a flood destroys the work you have already completed, you could end up having to fund the rework yourself. Our friendly team at Prospero specialise in arranging cover for skilled workers in a wide range of trades, from carpentry to plumbing and bricklaying.

read more › Every great story has conflict and just like in our personal lives, every business has to deal with its own opposition. From lengthy drawn-out liability battles to dealing with the aftermath of a cyberattack, there are a great deal of risks that could affect the day-to-day running of your company. While not every risk can be written out of your story, we can help you resolve any setbacks. At Prospero, we want to become a part of your narrative. As it's impossible to wrap your business in bubble wrap, we will look to provide you with a solution that will protect your business following an unexpected incident.

read more › Every homeowner deserves a policy that gives you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your home through the good times and the bad. At Prospero, our goal is to find the right cover for you. From properties situated in high flood risk areas to listed buildings, it can often be difficult to arrange the level of protection you need without paying vastly over the odds. Even for standard properties, many homeowners find themselves unintentionally underinsured due to undervaluing how much their property would cost to rebuild from the ground up.

read more › Countless drivers have been caught out with the wrong Motor Insurance when it comes to making a claim. Often, online comparison sites masquerade policies as a 'great deal' when, actually, they simply don't offer the level of cover you require or come with an excessively high voluntary excess fee. At Prospero, we don't believe in one size fits all cover. We understand that all drivers are different, from the type of vehicle you drive to how often you drive it and your level of experience. We work with young, senior, student and seasoned drivers to help shape protection which runs parallel with you.

read more › Travelling offers a welcome interlude from our day-to-day routine, introducing different sights, smells, climates and characters. Wherever you go next, ensure you have sufficient cover in place. What would you do if you have an accident while you're abroad and you build up significant medical costs during your treatment? Or if something happens before you are set to depart which means you are no longer able to go on the holiday you've booked in advance? Even if you do have some form of Travel Insurance in place, this may not cover you to the extent you expect.

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