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Elmore Insurance Brokers Welcome to our approach to business insurance, we have simplified the process of identification, mitigation and transferral of risk, through to claims management and post claim change. Specialised and tailored to your businesses risk management and insurance needs. Risk impacts every aspect of business. Discover a smart, cost effective and a more strategic approach to insuring a business's risks.

We operate on the simple principle that managing risk enables a business to venture further and grow. Too often risk management and insurance are mis-aligned. Our approach combines the identification of best in class processes to manage risk so that optimum insurance acquisition and claim experience can be achieved. We offer a transparent service, providing independent advice and in-depth knowledge our clients need in today's challenging environment and increasing regulatory complexity.

The advice and services we provide are based on our teams experience at the forefront of the risk management and insurance industry.

read more › Exceptional knowledge of specialist insurance products, we will provide a high level of service when arranging any form of insurance for your business. We will be on hand to provide professional advice and support throughout the complete cycle of the insurance transaction. Our aim is to simplify buying processes, and make insuring new risk accessible to businesses of all sizes. We have formed an association with Bannerman Rendell Limited which gives us (and by proxy you) access to some of the world's leading insurers and reinsurers, as well as compliance, regulatory and other support services.

read more › A large part of the risk management and insurance process, be it reviewing risk, transferring it, claiming or improving after an incident is defined by the people involved and their ability to deliver. Our team is made up of carefully selected experienced individuals with a track record in delivering results in specialist risk management and insurance solutions. Elmore Insurance Brokers is an Appointed Representative (FRN 705576) of Bannerman Rendell Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority - FRN 308692.

read more › Following five successful years' operating in the bustling insurance centre of London, Elmore established its European HQ in Lisbon, servicing its growing European client base. Elmore, Lda is a specialty insurance intermediary with a focus on high growth industries that need innovative insurance products to address emerging risks. Our goal is to combine risk consulting, broking, and underwriting, utilising the latest technologies to create powerful end-to-end insurance and risk management experience.

read more › We exist first and foremost to provide the best possible services and solutions to our clients. We don't give up easily, we go the extra distance to deliver outstanding results. We are an employer that cares to support its employees' development and help them excel at what they do. We utilise our International network to combine a global perspective with local expertise. We adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards, while always protecting client confidentiality. Elmore Insurance Brokers is an Appointed Representative (FRN 705576) of Bannerman Rendell Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority - FRN 308692.

read more › Elmore is delighted to have received The Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade, the much sought-after British business award celebrating the highest achievements of a company trading internationally. The award is in recognition of the company's accelerated international growth of 375% over a three-year period (2017 to 2020). We have a highly committed and talented team in the UK and mainland Europe, and this award is a tribute to their hard work and focus in promoting international trade through insurance.

read more › As an organisation committed to expanding its presence into territories and insurance classes where it can add value, we have a focused growth plan, which needs to be fuelled by the very best individuals. We will only consider individuals who demonstrate the highest level of integrity, one of our core values. Strong client relationships and a demonstrable history of solid revenue generation are other pre-requisites. We also believe in nurturing new talent and therefore actively support internships, apprenticeships and graduates looking to join the insurance industry.

read more › We believe the difference between good and excellent is the extra effort one makes in delivering a greater than expected experience. Thought leadership and intellectual stimulation are needed for both continual professional development and producing the very best results. We hope you enjoy the content created, if you would like to request specific content to your business or industry we would be delighted to get in touch. Elmore Insurance Brokers is an Appointed Representative (FRN 705576) of Bannerman Rendell Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority - FRN 308692.

read more › Elmore cyber insurance provides your business with comprehensive support following data breaches and cyber attacks. Elmore's cyber insurance comes with 24/7 access to an Incident Manager who will assist you and put you in contact with IT security, regulatory and other experts as needed to minimise harm to your customers and your business and to manage any regulatory notifications. Elmore's cyber insurance provides worldwide cover for a broad range of risks. Our easy-to-implement insurance terms enable you to make an informed decision, whilst offering affordable premiums, no hidden charges and free cancellation.

read more › Elmore Reviews are open to new and existing policyholders, along with firms who do not have a policy with Elmore but would like to discover how their firm stands against best practice. Elmore provides a range of consulting services either directly or through a carefully vetted consultant network to support business in risk management, while offering these services on a stand-alone basis or combined along with insurance services. Risk management as with insurance is a people driven business, Elmore carefully align consultants for each project to ensure both business and individual considerations are taken into account to ensure the best outcome.

read more › The Elmore Reviews act as a health check, giving peace of mind that the right insurance is in place. Elmore offer this service so that you can discover our added value before you buy from us, now or in the future. Review is suitable for any Buy side investor or Sell side party prior to a transaction. Full insurance due diligence audit report relating to the target entity's protection programme. This Review is applicable to any company or entity not already an Elmore client. Either a Snap-shot or full insurance due diligence-style audit report of coverage for all lines of business.

read more › A Silent Review can ensure an insurance program remains competitively priced and relevant to a business as it and the landscape around it (such as changing regulation) changes over time. It will ensure a programme with multiple policies and renewal dates are streamlined in coverage and provided with one common renewal date. Similarly, changes to claims trends may warrant a review. If the insurances have just been renewed, a Silent Review can provide a good peace of mind, and in some cases identify important coverage issues that were not addressed at the last renewal.

read more › Optimise the potential for success of M&A investments by commissioning an M&A Insurance Due Diligence Review by Elmore to ensure adequate and appropriate protection against liabilities that might accrue post completion. If the past, present and future insurance protection for a transaction target is not adequate or appropriate, the investment will be exposed to unnecessary levels of risk. Our team is made up of experts in insurance risk transfer and risk management, providing a full range of advisory services that will result in improved understanding of the risks inherent in the business, together with guidance on how to demonstrate those risks have been minimised through pro-active management and, finally, how to achieve class-leading insurance protection at the most economic level of premium.

read more › Insurers can sometimes make the wrong decision regarding the validity of a claim. They may reject a genuine insurance claim or offer a lower settlement than the claim merits. Claims are often the forgotten part of the insurance journey, however it is only when claims are settled effectively that the true value of an insurance product becomes evident. The Elmore Claim Review service will help any business that has experienced difficulty in achieving progress or traction with an existing claim. We undertake a review of the claim and give our opinon whether we feel there are new argumets to assist in the settlement of the claim.

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