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Industrial & General Insurance We have taken the provision of customized value-added insurance services to new heights while remaining a leader not only in Life and General Insurance business but also in the specialized areas of Oil, Energy, Aviation, Engineering and Industrial Risk Management. IGI has gained the confidence of discerning individual and corporate clients who value premium risk and benefit-related services.

Our cutting edge processes and exceptional response time help us to meet the growing needs of clients in diverse sectors, including banking, oil and energy, manufacturing, engineering, marine and aviation as well as government establishments.

read more › Backed by a strong capital base, first-class professionals and deployment of modern technology, the company quickly established a reputation for exceptional competence and became the preferred insurer for individual and corporate clients seeking premium insurance and related financial services. Within few years of its existence, the company recorded landmark achievements which underscored its high potentials as a market leader and frontline player in the nation's insurance industry. IGI made history in 1996 as the first private insurance company in Nigeria to post N1 billion premium income, that is four years after it began operations.

read more › Industrial And General Insurance Plc. has remained the preferred choice of discerning clients seeking first-rate insurance services and risk management solutions. We shall continue to maintain our competitive advantage, derived from the company's solid capital base, computerised processes and quick turnaround time, to retain our blue-chip client base.

read more › Prior to this time, NIC was 100% owned by the government of the Republic of Uganda. Gamstar commenced business in 1991 as a composite insurer to transact the business of Life and General Insurance. The company has two subsidiaries, namely: Gamstar Savings & Credit Company Limited and Gamstar Life & Health Assurance Company Limited. GTSL is licensed to carry on the business of Mortgage Banking under the Banks and Other Financial Institutions Act CAP B3, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004. With an authorized and paid-up share capital of N100million, the bank caters to the banking and mortgage needs of individual and corporate clients.

read more › IGI PLC aligns its development and growth with what it perceives as its obligations to the society. It has therefore adopted a corporate social responsibility culture that supports organisations, activities and causes which promote the values of good citizenship, youth development and healthy living, particularly through sport sponsorship and endorsements. IGI also supports the three tiers of government in Nigeria in the provision of social and welfare services by contributing to disaster relief efforts and providing infrastructures and facilities.

read more › IGI has taken the provision of customised value-added insurance services to new heights while remaining a leader not only in Life and General Insurance business but especially in the specialised areas of Oil, Energy, Aviation, Engineering and Industrial Risk Management. The Company focuses on understanding each individual client's peculiar needs to assess the risks which the client is exposed to, in order to proffer tailor made insurance solutions.

read more › Industrial And General Insurance Plc is the foremost private insurance company in Nigeria licensed by the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) to underwrite agricultural investments. The idea is that should loss occur, regardless of the source of finance, the farmer will be reimbursed as soon as possible to the value of the loss to enable him/her return to business. In our strategic disposition to meet the challenges in the agricultural industry and contribute our quota to national development, IGI has crafted five (5) innovative products to ensure sustainable growth.

read more › Aviation insurance is insurance coverage geared specifically to the operation of aircraft and the risks involved in aviation. This insurance is required by Aircraft owner or operator to cover Aircraft and its spares/equipment against accidental loss or damage which the aircraft may suffer whilst in flight, taxiing and on the ground. This covers aircraft and its spares against some of the excluded War risks under the main hull and liability coverage like confiscation, strikes, riots, civil commotion, terrorism, labour disturbances, malicious act or act of sabotage, hijacking, any unlawful seizure, wrongful exercise of control of aircraft or crew in flight on payment of additional premium.

read more › A life policy qualifies for a surrender value after at least three years premiums have been paid on it. The surrender value is also known as the cash value or terminal benefit. It does not refer to the total premiums paid by the client. It is arrived at by the application of certain variable factors to the data presented by the particular client. This is a benefit available only to DPP policy holders whereby a policy holder may apply to obtain up to 25% of the surrender value i.e. Investment account balance.

read more › Industrial & General Insurance Company, IGI provides a comprehensive and integrated range of insurance products and services. Are you a graduate looking to make that crucial first step into an organisation that values your initiative and drive, provides fantastic training and development opportunities and gives you a chance to get a great overview of the business? Are you an experienced candidate who's seeking the right environment to grow and develop new skills? Or are you a high-performing, career-motivated senior professional seeking to become part of an exciting organisation that continues to grow and provide extensive opportunities for its people?

read more › IGI Group Life Assurance is a life policy which provides death-in service benefits to the employees in common employment or a group of people under appreciable similar exposure. It is designed to provide for the payment of a lump sum of money to the beneficiary(ies) of a deceased member of the scheme. IGI Group Life Assurance policy is open to employers of labour, clubs, associations, unions, religious groups, cooperatives and other friendship and social organizations e.t.c who exist as a group.

read more › Availability of gratuity benefit at the end of an employee's service period helps to boost the morale of workers and retain the best pool of talents. Gratuity is payable to employees on leaving the service of an employer. However, sound system of accounting practice envisages providing for liability every year and claiming tax benefit. The scheme is managed through the IGI Deposit Administration Programme, and payment is made as and when liability occurs.

read more › The purpose of retirement Benefit Schemes is to make funds available to employees who have served an organization and retired. It is to ensure that they maintain a reasonable standard of living comparable to what they enjoyed while in active service. Contribution into the scheme is defined from the onset and it is usually shared between the employer and the employees (contributory). A guaranteed rate of interest on the fund is usually given at the beginning of every year. Benefit to be provided is the accumulated value of the employer's and the employee's contribution (i.e. total contribution plus interest) and it is subject to the rules of the scheme.

read more › IGI Annuity Plan is a policy through which prospective policyholders or retirees can convert a lump sum of money into an immediate or deferred regular streams of income payable for life. You can buy the IGI Annuity Plan with the proceeds of your Retirement Savings Account (RSA) from your Pension Fund Administrator or any lump sum of money at your disposal. You can choose a plan that will pay a constant/flat amount or the one that increases by 5% or 10% per annum for the rest of your life. The policy incorporates a guaranteed period of 10 years; If the annuitant dies within the first 10 years, annuity will continue to be paid to the named beneficiary until the expiry of the 10 year period or a discounted lump sum will be payable.

read more › IGI Credit Life Plan is designed to secure Financial Institutions and other organizations granting consumer loans/credit against the risk of death/total permanent disability of their Loan Holders/Borrowers while the loan is still being repaid. This policy is for Financial Institutions and other organizations or individuals who grant credit facilities to their Clients/Public or Employees and it also serves the purpose of protecting Guarantors from the financial consequences of the inability of the Borrower to repay the outstanding loan.

read more › This is an Investment-Linked Life Assurance Policy designed to produce maximum returns to policyholders and at the same time give financial protection to one's dependants (in case of death) through low cost life assurance cover which is provided up to age 65. IGI Dividend Plus Plan guarantees very high rate return which ensures accelerated growth of your fund. The IGI Dividend Plus Plan (DPP) is designed as an investment-linked assurance policy for people desirous of providing financial protection for their dependants (in case of death).

read more › This is a financial plan in which the sum assured becomes payable on the death of the life assured either within the term of the policy (term chosen by the assured) or at the end of the term if insured is still alive. It is a package which provides protection for dependants in case of death and provides money for desirable things in life on survival to the end of the policy term. In "With Profit" endowment assurance policy, the holder is entitled to yearly bonus in addition to the sum assured. The total bonus on the policy is payable at the same time the sum assured is payable.

read more › This is equally a Term assurance cover, devoid of investment element. Mortgage protection is usually issued to protect an Organization from losing money loaned out to its customers or employees, which is not repaid before the demise of the borrower. The policy is issued on the life of the borrower i.e. mortgagor while the organization/mortgagees the beneficiary. Premium is calculated using the Age of the Borrower and the Rate of interest at which the loan is given. If and when death occurs, before the expiry of the Policy, the outstanding the balance of the loan becomes payable under the life policy.

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