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RS Insurance Brokers We are fully independent insurance brokers and specialise in both commercial and personal lines products. We take great pride in our approach and have always been committed to providing clients with our personal, face to face, quality service. After having had a crash (which was not my fault) I was so grateful and impressed by RS Insurance and the way that they handled everything so efficiently.

My car was taken away as it was not road worthy within 2 hours of the incident and I was given another vehicle to keep me on the road. Unfortunately, my car was written off but RS helped to help get me a better valuation and the insurance company paid me 420 more than they offered initially. Not only that but they let me keep the hire car for a couple of extra weeks to allow me some time to buy a replacement.

Truly, truly grateful RS, thank you dearly. RS have acted for us for very many years. They have always been attentive to our needs and their service levels have been outstandingly good. For over a decade RS have consistently 'gone that extra mile' to ensure that my family and I have enjoyed peace of mind, sure in the knowledge that we are covered both at home and on the move.

read more › We are fully independent insurance brokers and specialise in both commercial and personal lines products. We take great pride in our approach and have always been committed to providing clients with our personal, face to face, quality service. RS Insurance Brokers Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of RSIB Holdings Ltd. and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our authorisation number is 307546 and our permitted business is arranging general insurance contracts. Protect your pipes and your property Cold weather isn't just an inconvenience.

read more › At RS Insurance we understand the diverse and ever-changing needs of the business insurance sector. That's why we work with the UK's largest insurers to offer you policies with a wide range of covers, that are just right for your business. We recognise that no two businesses are alike and so spend time finding out about your business and the environment in which you operate. This enables us to secure the right level of cover, at the right price, ensuring your business is totally protected, today and into the future.

read more › Looking for something different for your Fleet Insurance Policy and a pro-active broker who can work with you to reduce your premium? If so, then you are at the right place. At RS Insurance, we offer fleet policies from 2 to 500+ vehicles. Our expertise and experience help us to work with you to save you money. We think outside of the box when it comes to Fleet Cover and can also offer 'Telematics' solutions to help reduce your premiums such as GPS Tracking with Geo-fence technology and single or multi-camera vehicle CCTV systems.

read more › As an employer, the health of your employees is of significant importance. No employer wants a workforce constantly taking sick days, and similarly, no employer wants unhealthy staff as this reduces productivity and therefore costs money. A surprisingly low number of employers, however, seem to take the problem of their employees' health seriously. One way in which you can address the problems associated with the health of your workforce is to take out group health insurance. On average, across all major business sectors, employees are absent for 7 working days per year, at a cost of 539 for each employee.

read more › Even large companies can find commercial combined insurance complicated, according to research commissioned by British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA). To add to the confusion, advertising is enticing SMEs to online or direct insurance options, with what appears to be the promise of cut-price policies and an easier buying process. Add to this mix the fact that fire- fighting in a poor economy means owner-managers don't have sufficient time to read the small print of their insurance documents.

read more › Marine Cargo Insurance - If you are responsible for the movement of goods, then you are likely to need one of these policies. If you import or export goods, whether by sea or air, cover is available that could save you money over the prices charged by freight forwarders or shipping companies. If you arrange your own insurance and buy or sell under the conditions you want, then this can add to your profitability. If you need to know the difference between CIF, FOB, FAS and other conditions speak to one of our friendly and experienced team for advice.

read more › Whatever your trade, plumbing, electrical, general building, gardener - you can feel confident that our friendly and experienced team at RS Insurance can help to create the package that's right for you. We are fully independent Insurance Brokers and not tied to a network which means that we can offer you a whole of market choice and complete unbiased advice. We have schemes in place to ensure that you get the right cover at the right price. With in-house claims handlers, easy payment options and exceptional service, you will be glad you called us.

read more › Whether you own a single buy-to-let property or a whole portfolio of properties across the country, we know that your assets are important to you, and you need to make sure that you are covered for the unexpected. Remember that home insurance isn't designed for rental properties - you need specialist Landlord insurance and that's where we come in. With in-house schemes, we can tailor your package to your requirements and offer you the best price with the best cover. With access to the UKs largest insurers, your investment will be in safe hands.

read more › At RS Insurance we understand the personal financial risks faced by directors and officers and the importance of directors and officers liability insurance. Your liability is unlimited, and even unfounded allegations against you need to be investigated and defended - costing you money. That's why we work with the UKs largest insurers to bring you flexible covers and protection. We give you the best of both worlds - our personal touch and market expertise, combined with great products from the market leading insurers.

read more › At RS Insurance we understand that your business's most valuable asset is your people. That's why we work to offer your Group Personal Accident, Sickness and Business Travel cover in one flexible and customisable product to help keep your people protected. With a choice of covers, together we can create a tailored solution that will give you peace of mind knowing your people are protected, inside and outside the office. We give you the best of both worlds - our personal touch and market expertise, combined with great products from the UK's largest insurers.

read more › At RS Insurance, we recognise that what you want from your healthcare cover could be very different to what somebody else wants. That's why we spend time tailoring a package to suityour individual needs. With a wide range of options to choose from, it's easy for you to increase or decrease cover levels to create the PMI cover that meets yours and your family's budget and needs. Cancer Research UK is the UK's leading cancer charity. They reported that there were over 157,000 deaths from cancer in the UK in 2010 - with someone being diagnosed with a type of cancer once every two minutes.

read more › Coupled with the fact that approx 52% are reliant on a single income to make ends meet for their family, in the event of death by either party, families could be risking their livelihood by failing to protect themselves financially. Life Insurance and/or Critical Illness should be at the top of your list of priorities of financial planning, providing security for your loved ones after you die, or suffer a serious illness or heart attack. How would they cope? It is ideally suited to ensure that known debts such as a mortgage or loan payments are repaid in full in the event of the policyholder's death.

read more › Did you know that. According to the Association of British Insurers as many as 1 in 5 UK homes could be underinsured? YOUR HOME is the single most valuable asset you are likely to own? It is critical to obtain the correct levels of cover, and should be at the top of your list of priorities. it is the safety net between you and catastrophe! Your worst nightmare would be to experience a claim for which you would either be uninsured or underinsured. It's tempting to try to keep premiums to a minimum by compromising cover, but you risk becoming a statistic.

read more › We want you to feel confident that your motor insurance is in the best possible hands. As a broker, we pride ourselves on offering a personal service to all our customers, whilst maintaining a professional approach in all aspects of your insurance needs and with the ability to tailor a policy to your requirements. RS Insurance will endeavour to produce a tailor made product for you, providing optimum cover for your peace of mind. We offer all levels of cover and also specialise in high-net-worth portfolios and prestige/sports vehicles.

read more › Breakdown insurance takes the worry out of travel and gives you the peace of mind that help is on hand at your time of crisis. There's nothing more inconvenient than breaking down, whether you're on your travels or making a local trip. It's worrying and it's time consuming. Our breakdown cover is provided by the RAC, one of the country's leading breakdown providers. Should you break down, whether on the motorway, at the shops, or at home, RAC patrols are ready to rescue you and will always attempt to fix your vehicle at the roadside.

read more › Did you know that over half a million vehicles are written off and around 100,000 are stolen each year? In the event of your vehicle being stolen or written off and declared a total-loss (write-off) your insurer will settle with you based on the current market value of your vehicle which is usually much less than the price you paid. Fortunately, a GAP insurance policy can help to return you to the full original invoice price for the car from when you purchased it and give you the financial flexibility that you otherwise would not have enjoyed.

read more › Insurance is there for protection in the event of an incident or accident, but what about the excess you have to find in the event of a claim? Having to suddenly find this money can be very difficult. Whether the damage to your property or vehicle is your fault, or the fault of a third party who cannot be traced, Excess Protection is designed to cover those losses. Excess Protection works in conjunction with your normal insurance and covers the cost of your excess up to a pre-agreed limit, which includes both the compulsory and voluntary excesses of either a single policy, or, as the name suggests, Lifestyle Excess covers multiple policies such as home, fleet, motor and annual travel.

read more › This section of cover is usually incorporated, and is designed to complement your household policy. It provides benefits and services which are not normally available under such contracts. However, it is not to be confused with a maintenance contract. For instance, if you suffer a home emergency at your property such as leaking pipes, blocked drains, leaking radiators gas or electricity failure within the property, central heating or boiler failure, hot water failure, policies typically cover up to 500 for emergency repairs to be carried out.

read more › If you're planning a well-deserved break in the sun or looking forward to carving up the ski slopes, remember to take out travel insurance before you go. We know from experience that although travelling is exciting, it can be very daunting and distressing when things go wrong. We've all heard of cases where uninsured travellers have ended up stranded in foreign countries or unable to pay for medical treatment! We can provide cover for persons up to and over the age of 65 and can also obtain cover for people with pre-existing health problems; all we would need are details of your medical history so that a medical screening can be performed.

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