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Box Legal Box legal are one of the foremost After The Event Insurance providers in the country. We have over 15 years of experience in the ATE Insurance industry and have arranged over 600,000 After The Event Insurance policies for over 250 firms in this time. We specialise in providing solicitors with After The Event Insurance products that are tailored to their needs.

All of our After The Event Insurance policies can be cancelled at any time and reporting requirements are minimal. If you're looking for reliable, cost effective After The Event Insurance, backed up with outstanding service, you've come to the right place. The Housing Disrepair policy can be used for small, fast or multi-track claims, and covers claims for disrepair, dilapidation or neglect of any residential a dwelling and any related claim for personal injury.

We can provide After the Event Insurance cover for all types of Financial Mis-Selling claims including wrongly sold interest-only mortgages, undisclosed commission 'Plevin' cases, payday loan claims, car finance and solar panel financing to name just a few.

read more › Box Legal's After The Event Insurance business was created in 2004 by the partnership of Kingsford Stacey Blackwell, the well known Lincoln's Inn law firm (later KSB Law - now DAC Beachcroft LLP). You may have heard of the firm due to its agency department. In 1999 two of its partners, Daniel Morris and Simon Pinner had set up the specialist Personal Injury Department for Kingsford Stacey Blackwell, described by The Times newspaper as "The Law Office of the Future". Using the latest technology and new ideas for client care, the department grew from 3 to 80 staff within 24 months.

read more › After 15 years in business, we have become one of the largest After The Event Insurance (ATE Insurance) suppliers in the country, supplying over 15% of all ATE Insurance policies. Let solicitors decide if a case has prospects of success or not - they are best placed to do so. We learnt most of these from our time running the Personal Injury Department at Kingsford Stacey Blackwell and they still hold good today. When we first started out, we were initially taken a little by surprise at the great response we received and the high demand for ATE Insurance.

read more › Box Legal has an on-going Corporate Social Responsibility programme which is supported by the Founders and Directors, Simon Pinner and Daniel Morris. Through this programme Box Legal offer financial support to various clients and contacts for their chosen local charities. All members of staff are encouraged to be environmentally friendly and with a strong case management system, we are a virtually paperless office. The Orphan Trust is a charity founded by Daniel Morris (one of the directors of Box Legal) and his wife Mina.

read more › After The Event Insurance began life as a specialised tool available for unusual risks. It developed into an integrated component of litigation management and has evolved to become an indispensable part of the personal injury and other claims processes. Much of this is due to the expanded use of No Win, No Fee agreements, as claimants increasingly expect to be able to pursue their claims without financial risk. Box Legal's ClaimSafe ATE Insurance policy has an enviable pedigree and track record in this sector.

read more › After The Event Insurance (ATE Insurance) is insurance which covers the legal costs and expenses involved in litigation. It can be used in any type of litigation and by either a claimant or a defendant, although in practice ATE Insurance is mainly used by claimants. The ATE Insurance cover is normally purchased by solicitors on behalf of their clients. The After the Event Insurance policies we arrange are available only to claimants and apart from some specialised ATE products our policies are normally only available for personal injury claims, but we do also offer After the Event Insurance for Conveyancing matters.

read more › Since then the Government has announced a number of other ad hoc changes. The proceedings were an abuse of process or the conduct of the proceedings was likely to obstruct a just outcome. The claimant fails to recover more than the defendant has previously offered (fails to "beat a Part 36 offer"). The claimant makes an unsuccessful interlocutory application and, in the same way as now, costs are awarded against the claimant. Costs are awarded against the claimant as a result of a pre-action disclosure application.

read more › If you are not strongly advising your clients to consider taking out suitable ATE insurance policies, you may find yourself being sued by your client and in breach of the SRA code. Call us now to speak to one of our After the Event Insurance experts, who will be able to provide advice and guidance regarding purchase of the required ATE Insurance policies. The SRA Requirement for After The Event Insurance (ATE Insurance) can be found in the Code of Conduct. They include: discussing the risk of the client having to pay someone else's legal fees and warning about payments which the client may be responsible for, as well as explaining the implications of a CFA and discussing the possibility of insurance.

read more › The changes were brought about by the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO). The LASPO Act changed the way that most ATE Insurers opperated. Prior to the enactment, the After the Event Insurance premiums were recoverable from the defendant with the amount allowed determined by the courts. Since the changes, Defendant insurers are no longer responsible for the ATE insurance premium, instead a client must pay for their own After the Event Insurance cover. This has led to fierce competition between ATE Insurance providers in order to tempt solicitors to offer their products.

read more › In 1999, the Access to Justice Act was bought into force. The Act bought about huge change in the legal landscape, and was intended to offer an alterative to the traditional way of funding litigation, which up to that point, had been Legal Aid. It introduced the use of 'Conditional Fee Agreements', or 'no win no fee' agreements in most civil court cases. It replaced the Legal Aid Board with 2 new schemes. The Criminal Defence Service for criminal cases, and Community Legal Service to fund civil and family cases.

read more › We use and recommend Proclaim, the leading Case Management System (CMS) created by Eclipse Legal Systems Ltd. If your firm also uses Proclaim for dealing with Personal Injury work, we are able to assist you to remove all routine administration in dealing with the ClaimSafe After the Event Insurance scheme. We can create links to your standard letters which allow the system to automatically send ATE Insurance policy requests to our website. In addition, we can set up a screen on your system which deals with ATE Insurance and allows your fee earners to request policy cancellations, report the issuing of proceedings, notify that payment has been received and even produce policy payment letters automatically.

read more › Box Legal, founded in 2004 by former partners of Kingsford Stacey Blackwell, arranges After The Event Insurance policies to law firms. The ATE Insurance products we arrange are designed for solicitors by solicitors. We understand the needs and concerns of PI lawyers, with our key staff each having been in practice for over 10 years, and we have tailored our ATE insurance products with these needs in mind. We now have over 250 firms on our panel taking advantage of the After The Event Insurance products we offer.

read more › Our ATE Insurance Policies cover your disbursements and all sums awarded against your client. A standard indemnity of 25,000, with enhanced ATE Insurance policies of 125,000 indemnity and bespoke top-up requests offered. Premiums reviewed with you at the outset allowing you to choose between staged, percentage, monetary or single premiums. They can be re-assessed as you choose. No additional interest or administration fee of any kind. Request any ATE Insurance policy from our website using a single page ATE Insurance policy request screen.

read more › The ClaimSafe policy now offers Top-Up After The Event Insurance policies for our panel members. Sometimes a case is taken on and 25,000 of After the Event Insurance Cover seems plenty but then things get complicated and costs stack up. The insurer can now assess these cases on an individual basis and provide quotes to extend your client's ATE Insurance indemnity cover. This facility is available for existing ClaimSafe ATE Insurance policies but also non-ClaimSafe After the Event insurance policies that have run out.

read more › Occasionally, a claim may have slipped through the net and have gone without After the Event Insurance until proceedings are issued. It may be only then that your client turns their mind to the adverse costs and disbursements risk. Sometimes a case may be complex or clearly a multi-track matter from day one. We are now able to arrange for the insurer to assess these for our Panel Firms and provide a Bespoke ATE Insurance Quote for covering your client's risk. Using a simple on-line form, we are able to have the insurer provide you with a Bespoke ATE Insurance quotation within 24 hours.

read more › We arrange After the Event Insurance for thousands of Road Traffic Accident claims each year. We estimate that we arrange insurance for 10% of all RTA claims in the UK. The reason is that the policy provides full cover for disbursements, Part 36 risk, appeals, Part 8 costs assessments and even interim application costs. The insurer pays out claims within 7 days of receipt and offers a streamlined electronic system which removes all administration for solicitors. All this and rock bottom insurance premiums.

read more › For all whiplash injuries lasting less than 2 years there will also be a fixed table of compensation, linked to how long the whiplash injury lasts. This fixed whiplash compensation will apply to children as well as vulnerable users. RTA claims will be dealt with via a new online portal with a new accompanying protocol and there will be a ban on offering to settle whiplash claims before a medical report is obtained. We have taken the opportunity to work with our existing panel firms to develop a new policy which takes account of all of the changes outlined above.

read more › The After the Event Insurance policy for Non-Motor claims can be used for Accidents at Work, Slips & Trips, Occupiers Liability Claims, Product Liability and even claims involving Animals. The ATE Insurance policies have been designed to be flexible, competitively priced yet comprehensive to deal with a wide range of accident circumstances. We are of the view that a solicitor is best placed to determine whether or not a claim has sufficient prospects of success to proceed. We therefore arrange ATE Insurance on the assumption that the solicitor would only be taking on a claims and risk working for nothing under a CFA if they considered that the claim was worth pursuing.

read more › ClaimSafe ATE Insurance policies for Industrial Disease are straightforward and are still similar to delegated authority for the Solicitor, with minimal administration. The ClaimSafe Industrial Disease ATE policies fall into two categories. First, a Low level premium charged by the insurer if damages of 10,000 or below are recovered. This could be suitable for straightforward hearing-loss claims involving only a modest loss of hearing. Second, a high-level premium, if damages above 10,000 are recovered.

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