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JD Mortgage Services JD Mortgage Services based in Bedfordshire offer Mortgage and Insurance Services in Bedford, Huntingdon and St Neots as well as all other UK locations. We aim for our service to be completely FREE but in some instances, mainly on smaller loans, we have to charge a fee to make it viable to arrange your mortgage. Some mortgage brokers charge a fee and get a commission from the lender in all instances.

We are normally happy with just the commission and look for a long term relationship with our clients. The commission we get doesn't affect your mortgage product as the commissions are fixed arrangements with lenders. This is because we effectively do the workload for them from our offices so they do not have to pay staff, train them, provide an office or give any advice.

There are many mortgage products to choose from and regrettably not all will suit your personal circumstances and not all lenders will lend to you. This is where we come in, we search the market for you and quickly work out who will lend to you and tell you what your mortgage payments will be.

read more › Our permitted business is advising on and arranging mortgages and Non Investment Insurance Contracts. Consumers can be confident that they are dealing with firms where the fair treatment of customers is central to the corporate culture. Products and services marketed and sold in the retail market are designed to meet the needs of identified consumer groups and are targeted accordingly. Consumers are provided with clear information and are kept appropriately informed, before during and after the point of sale.

read more › As a first time buyer, mortgages can be daunting and confusing to say the least. Lenders will require a minimum of 10% of the purchase price as deposit. With JD Mortgage Services you can talk to our mortgage expert who understands the mortgage market inside out. Mark will explain how much your can borrow, what options are available to you and the monthly mortgage payments. We can get a mortgage agreed in principle for you so you know when you find your dream home that the finance has been agreed in principle.

read more › As an existing mortgage borrower you may want to re-mortgage your property to get a better interest rate or to raise money for something such as home improvements. With JD Mortgage Services you can talk to our expert who can find the most suitable mortgage for you at the lowest cost. You may be stuck in a high fixed rate and we can work out if it is worth switching to a better mortgage, the early repayment charges on your current mortgage may seem high but in many scenario's this can be saved if your current rate is high.

read more › If you are planning on moving home JD Mortgage Services can help you transfer your existing mortgage to your new home or start a new mortgage if this is not possible. We will liaise with your solicitors and estate agents to help the process run smoothly for you. We do not charge you a fee for our service, a commission is paid to us by the lender if we arrange a mortgage for you.

read more › In today's climate, the buy to let market is thriving. With the cost of estate agents fees and solicitors and the low demand for property but high demand for renting some people are releasing the equity in their current home to fund a new house purchase thus allowing them to let out their current home and move on. We can help you find the most suitable mortgage and give you some advice on the tax implications. We also arrange mortgages for people looking to buy a property to let out. We do not charge you a fee for our service, a commission is paid to us by the lender if we arrange a mortgage for you.

read more › To enable us to find the most suitable mortgage on offer from the whole of market, we will need to know a few details about you and your mortgage requirements so with your help we will fill out a short fact find. From the information you provide, we will then use our sourcing technology to get a list of the most suitable mortgage deals available. At this stage we will have a list a lenders that will lend you the finance and the ones that will not will be excluded. These deals will then be analysed to work out the best mortgage for you.

read more › The mortgage calculator below will give you a rough idea of interest and payments for your required mortgage amount. Enter the amount you want to borrow below, just use numbers, you do not need to enter the sign. Then enter the deposit you would like to pay and select the interest rate guide from the table below.

read more › We offer insurance from a range of insurers and life cover starts from as little as 6 per month. Think about the impact on your family if you were to die? Your income would be lost, mortgage / rent payments would still need to be made, no-one likes to think about this but for a small amount per month, your family would be protected.

read more › We offer cover from a range of insurers and this policy can either be combined with life insurance or purchases as a stand alone policy. This type of insurance is designed to pay out a lump sum on DIAGNOSIS of a qualifying critical illness. This means that you receive the benefit of this policy prior to your death. People that suffer Critical illnesses are normally not able to return to work and with this type of insurance, you don't have to! Children's critical illnesses are normally also covered and there are some smaller payouts for less severe illnesses.

read more › We offer cover from a range of insurers to help get you value for money from reputable insurers. Cover can include, Buildings insurance, contents insurance or both, accidental damage cover, Legal cover, personal possessions cover, garden cover, trace and access. We also source landlords buy to let property insurance which can include, accidental damage cover, malicious damage by tenant, property owners liability cover, rent guarantee cover if your tenants don't pay the rent, loss of rent cover as a result of your property being un-inhabitable resulting from a claim, terrorism cover, trace and access.

read more › Mark has been absolutely amazing! Buying our first home Mark not only helped with the mortgage side of things but also gave us advise on what we need to do and how the process works. Couldn't thank him enough for his help and support. We couldn't of asked for more, Thank You! Mark always had our best interests in mind in terms of seeking the most suitable deal for us with regular updates though the whole process. He made us feel confident in decisions that were made, we felt we could phone him at any time.

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