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Clover Insurance Services Our range of policies for landlords include cover for residential buy to let properties, commercial property insurance and cover for unoccupied property, you can rest assured your investment will be properly protected. Public liability insurance is designed to protect you and your business against the financial costs that may occur in the event that you are sued by a third party for negligence.

With court cases and awards running into hundreds and even thousands of pounds, it may be worth considering. If your business runs more than three or more cars or commercial vehicles, then Fleet insurance may be ideal for you. With only one policy to manage and the benefit of discounted premiums for multi-vehicle cover, insuring your fleet of vehicles under one policy may make financial sense.

Protect your home with one of our competitively priced North London home insurance policies. Buildings or contents cover can be bought separately, though buying a combined household insurance policy could save you money.

read more › They an independent, respected, high street broker who have been trading with a professional, knowledgeable, customer focused, motivated team for over 25 years. Clover Insurance Services is a trading style of Cheshunt Central Consultants Ltd of 42 High Street, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire EN8 0AQ who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under number 651377. This may be checked on the FCA website For help, please call the Consumer helpline on 0800 111 6768 (Freephone number).

read more › This TOBA sets out our terms and conditions and is effective once it is received by you; and will remain in force until we issue a revised version. When arranging personal and commercial insurance quotes, we will ask you a series of questions to establish your demands and needs and it is important that you answer each and every question and provide us with full information. Please ask the advisor to explain what is needed to you. Your answers will form the basis of the personal or commercial insurance contract we arrange for you, which will satisfy your demands and needs.

read more › If you are looking to buy car insurance in Hertfordshire that gives you and your vehicle all the protection you need, then you have come to the right place. Get a free quote now for a wide choice of affordable policies. If you are looking for comprehensive, affordable travel insurance that gives you all the protection you need, then you have come to the right place. If you have a van, you may worry about the cost of insurance. At Clover we pride ourselves on offering affordable, comprehensive protection for you and your van.

read more › Have you often thought about buying car breakdown insurance in St Albans but have kept putting it off because of the cost? Have you ever wondered how you might cope without breakdown services if your vehicle was to break down and you were stranded miles from home? Well there is no need to put it off any longer because at Clover Insurance Services, we have negotiated a special car breakdown insurance policy deal to provide annual vehicle breakdown cover including Home Start and Roadside Assistance for the rock bottom price of 65.00 including Insurance Premium Tax.

read more › Comprehensive car insurance is one of the most commonly purchased forms of insurance, with over 20 million cars on the road in the UK. There are many different factors which affect the final price when an insurance company assesses to potential risk involved. Consequently, no two motor insurance clients are likely to be rated the same way. For example, even two people driving similar vehicles and living in the same road may be asked to pay different premiums simply because they are not the same age.

read more › Your home is likely to be the biggest asset you will ever have, so protecting it against disaster with Home Insurance is essential. At Clover we offer free, competitively priced home insurance quotes. Indeed, if you have a mortgage you won't even have a choice - your lender will typically require you to have buildings insurance to cover the cost of rebuilding your home in the event of a fire or other critical damage. Even so, in most cases you are not obliged to arrange your insurance through them.

read more › At Clover Insurance Services we have what we believe are excellent buy to let insurance policies for landlords who wish to insure their rented properties. Our landlords insurance policies are a combination of covers packaged together by specialist insurers to provide busy landlords with the essential components to ensure that their investment is properly protected. Enquire now to get free landlord insurance quotes. Bear in mind that you cannot use your standard household insurance. Such policies are designed solely for owner occupied properties and thereby will provide no protection against any losses which might occur.

read more › Our motor fleet insurance policies are available for businesses that run four or more cars and/or commercial vehicles. This way of insuring multiple vehicles can often work out far cheaper than insuring them on an individual basis. Apart from savings in premium, another major advantage of our motor fleet insurance in Hertfordshire is ease of administration. As it is only a single policy, there is only one renewal date to remember. Kindly note that we are unable to quote for: Taxis, private hire, couriers, haulage or vehicles which are not used for commercial or business purposes.

read more › Clover Insurance Services office insurance policies have been specially selected to meet the needs of many types of office-based businesses, from accountants and solicitors to estate agents and surgeries. Our office insurance cover is designed to protect your business against risks which you can be exposed to on a day-by-day basis. Your St Albans business insurance can cover perils such as a fire, flood or burglary as well as business interruption and public and employers' liability. A standard small office insurance policy will typically cover you for against many different risks and most insurance providers allow you to determine which parts of cover you wish to include in your policy.

read more › Public liability insurance is an essential form of cover to protect businesses in the event of being sued by third parties who feel that they have suffered a loss as a result of the negligence of the business. In the absence of public liability insurance such litigation could result in a significant cost burden, successfully brought or not. These costs can be so high as to even force an individual or company into bankruptcy or liquidation. Whilst not presently a legal requirement (though there are some exceptions), public liability insurance is certainly a crucial part of all sensible business planning.

read more › Theft, vandalism and water damage cover is now available for your residential empty building through unoccupied property insurance. Unoccupied properties have traditionally been difficult to insure due to insurance companies taking a very risk adverse view to empty properties. Likewise, a burst pipe going undiscovered for a significant time causing serious damage is a real possibility. The good news is that property owners are now able to compare empty house insurance quotes for from panel of insurers offering very competitive rates.

read more › If you are a landlord, you can't rely on standard owner-occupied household for your rented property. You need specialist cover which protects your tenant as well as your property - which is where we come in. At Clover Insurance, we offer a range of competitively-priced let property insurance policies which will be tailored to fit your individual circumstances, however many properties you have in your portfolio. Our landlord insurance policies are available on flats, houses, bedsits and multi-tenanted properties in England, Wales and Scotland.

read more › It's essential that any owners of unoccupied properties make sure that they are properly insured. Empty homes and businesses are more vulnerable to break-ins, thefts and vandalism, while there is also a greater risk of damage, whether it's deliberate or accidental. Some insurers may be reluctant to offer a competitively-priced policy because of these risks - and particularly if the property is left unoccupied for 30 days or more. If you come to Clover Insurance, you will get a free, no-obligation quote which is tailored to your individual needs, so we can add more - or less - protection as required.

read more › At Clover Insurance Services we understand that selecting the most suitable van insurance policy is more than just finding you the cheapest premium. We take into account your individual circumstances before offering a van insurance quote - you'll appreciate the care we take when selecting your quotes should you ever need to make a claim. Whatever your commercial vehicle insurance requirements, we have access to a wide range of facilities and can choose from over 20 different insurer schemes giving you a better chance to get a really competitively-priced premium.

read more › If so, did you know you could be held personally responsible for any accidents - even if it's just a client tripping over your toolbox, one of your hammers falling onto their feet, or paint being spilt onto their carpet or furniture? A public liability insurance policy will protect you, your staff and your customers in the event of any problems. And this type of policy isn't just for tradesman and contractors, but all offices or workplace which are likely to have any visitors, or deal with customers or suppliers on a regular basis.

read more › Even the most careful of carpenters and joiners face a number of hazards in their day-to-day work, ranging from working at height or in a confined space to the potential of being struck by a falling object. One single accident could end up costing many thousands of pounds if it damages another part of your construction project or strikes you, one of your employees or contractors, or a member of the public. Remember, if you are working off-site, these problems can crop up in workshops as well - even if it's just with a hammer or nail.

read more › Like other professional trades, carpet fitters face potential risks when they are out on a job. Failure to buy the right kind of specialist insurance could land you with a bill for thousands of pounds. For instance, if a member of the public trips over one of your tools then you could be facing a claim relating to their injuries. You could also be held liable if you accidentally damage a skirting board or another part of the room's fixtures and fittings. So, your carpet fitters' insurance policy should include public liability cover to ensure you are protected against these sorts of mishaps.

read more › Although electricians are covered by a whole host of regulations, accidents can and do still happen. As recently as 2018-19, the Health and Safety Executive estimated that there were more than 250 serious injuries caused by safety-related electrical incidents. Risks include the possibility of electric shocks due to contact with live parts and wires, fires caused by faulty equipment and many electricians have to work 'at height' so there is always a chance of slips and falls which could injure other people or damage property.

read more › General builders have a whole host of hazards which they face on a daily basis. It's not just hammering in a nail or sawing a plank of wood; as the name implies, as a general builder you could be carrying out a range of tasks, including plastering, painting and decorating, plus bricklaying and insulation work - each of which carries its own particular risks. So taking out general builders' insurance is an essential requirement, however large or small your business is. You or your employees could be working underground or 'at height' up a ladder, on scaffolding or on a roof, which automatically increases the risks, no matter how much care is taken.

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