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GAPinsurance When buying GAP insurance from us instead of from a motor dealer, our customers have saved an average of 242 each. In some cases they've saved up to 1,663. GAP insurance is an entirely optional form of insurance and some people will have a greater need for it than others. Without GAP insurance in force, if your car is written off, you'd only have your motor insurance pay-out coming your way.

If you have finance outstanding on your written-off vehicle, your motor insurance pay-out may not be sufficient to clear the outstanding balance, in which case, you'd have to use your own funds to both clear the remaining finance on the written off vehicle and fund a replacement vehicle.

Of course if you had no finance outstanding at the time of write-off, then in theory you could use your motor insurance pay-out to buy a vehicle of a similar age, condition and mileage as your vehicle at the time it was written off but, if you wanted anything newer or better etc, you'd have to use some of your own funds to cover the difference.

In late 2003, whilst working for a popular online Car Dealer, David (founder of was tasked with creating a website from which they could sell GAP insurance to the customers who they sold cars to. Spotting a gap in the market (no pun intended) he soon set about forming his own company that would become the UK's first dedicated online

Claims on our GAP insurance policies are handled by third-party claim administrators. However when you make a claim, we strive to remain in contact with you to ensure the claim progresses as smoothly as we intend - stepping in if needed, to head off any issues that may arise. Below is the most recent feedback we've received from people who have claimed

If your car is written off, this type of cover aims to pay the difference between your motor insurance payout and the settlement figure of your contract hire agreement. It will also reimburse you up to 250 of excess deducted by your motor insurer along with up to 3,000 of any initial rental you paid at the beginning of your agreement. When buying Contract

Whether you're comparing the cover features of our Contract Hire GAP insurance policy with a policy available from elsewhere, or simply wanting a better understanding of our policy, the table below will help. NO Pre-Approval clause with penalty? Some policies from some GAP insurance providers strictly enforce that you must seek the claim administrator

Our GAP insurance policies are underwritten by a Consortium of Lloyd's syndicates managed by Arch Managing Agency Limited. With FIVE unrated, offshore underwriters of GAP insurance having gone bust in the last few years, it's now more important than ever to ensure you choose a policy backed by financial resources sufficient enough to ensure that the

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