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Pluginsure Having insured electric cars and electric vans since 2006 here at pluginsure we pride ourselves on being the original electric vehicle insurance specialists. Now, as more and more direct insurers and brokers begin to join us, we continue to innovate. In what way, you may ask? Well, our focus is on value for money rather than price alone. This means that you won't always receive a premium better than that at the top (or bottom) of the myriad of price comparison sites.

You will, however, be dealing with a family business which prides itself on high standards of customer service. If your electric vehicle is not brand new, making sure you have cover for your vehicle's battery whether owned or leased. Knowing that the insurer covering your vehicle is financially stable and that we wouldn't place your cover with an insurer we wouldn't use ourselves.

You're under the age of 30 (the good news is that you're classed as "young" in driving terms, the bad news is that our insurer panel tends to reflect this in its premiums).

Established in 2006, we've been in the insurance business for quite a while longer but more of that later. As well as being specialists in electric car insurance, we also aim, where possible, to assist with finding you insurance for electric vans, electric trucks and electric mopeds / scooters. If you've had a look around our site we hope you have enjoyed

Are you looking for a quote for electric car insurance? Perhaps your existing policy is due for renewal? Whether your electric car is new, used, purchased for business use or simply social, domestic, pleasure and commuting purposes, pluginsure aims to offer electric car insurance cover for that car at a cost you can afford. Our knowledge of electric

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