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Blythin & Brown Insurance Brokers have been providing expert impartial advice and bespoke risk management solutions locally and throughout the UK since 1970. Our people are our strength enthusiastic about our business and committed to our clients. The advice you will receive is based upon technical expertise and business knowledge underpinned by expert understanding of your industry.

Our team understand the changing demands of business today. We have the skills and expertise to explore new ways of managing and reducing your risk exposure developing creative solutions to complex problems. We have extensive experience across a range of industry sectors and work in partnership with established insurers with proven financial strength to provide long term stability for our customers.

We are not the largest broker and that is not our aim. Our size gives us the ability to respond quickly and adapt as the market and the needs of our customers change. Blythin & Brown have a track record and have access to a wide range of insurers.

read more › Blythin & Brown have over 40 years' experience providing business insurance solutions to our customers, using a wide range of competitive products sourced from secure insurers. Our experienced staff care about delivering our customers insurance at the right price and with the right benefits to suit your requirements. A fast and bespoke solution from our broad range of commercial products please call 01509 622 220 or contact us online.

read more › Blythin & Brown have supplied Marquee Insurance & Event Equipment Insurance for over 20 years, during which time we have developed one of the market leading Policy Covers delivering "all risks" cover at an affordable price to all our clients. Our clients include Hirers and Manufacturers, Event orgainisers and Hospitality providers, in fact we can cater for a wide range of trades in the Leisure Industry. Marquee Insurance quotations are available on all our products for either Annual or Temporary periods of Insurance.

read more › Blythin & Brown are pleased to announce we have an "All Risks" package to provide specialist insurance cover for the Glamping industry. Wide All Risks Policy Wording providing accidental loss or damage cover for all your equipment. Covers not only your Glamping site and your structures, but also ALL associated equipment such as Lighting, Heating, Bedding, Tables & Chairs etc. We can also cover Fire Pits/Wood Burners whilst inside tipi's or yurts. Property or Liability sections of our cover can be purchased in isolation or as a package, giving you complete flexibility and control over your Insurance requirements.

read more › Blythin & Brown have an "All Risks" scheme to provide specialist cover for the hire and rental of portable mobile toilets on either an annual or temporary period of insurance for the event or construction industries. Policy cover is included whilst in store, in transit, during erection and dismantling, and whilst out on hire at the customer's premises. Property or liability sections of our cover can be purchased in isolation or as a package, giving you complete flexibility and control over your insurance requirements.

read more › Insurance for the Cast Metals and Metal Forming industry are two key areas of expertise for Blythin & Brown Insurance Brokers. We have in house specialists who have spent over 10 years working alongside the UK's leading trade bodies for your industry in providing competitive insurance and risk management solutions for their members. I am sure you have seen that over the past few years insurance premiums have reduced significantly; some by over 60%, but whilst the premiums may have reduced the policy cover by insurers may have too.

read more › Blythin & Brown has a wealth of experience in developing insurance programmes for a range of trade associations and affinity groups, providing added value to the membership. We work with affinity groups to tailor an offering of appropriate products and services specific to the industry. If you do not have a scheme in place, you should speak to us, as you may be missing out on creating a valuable membership benefit. If you have a scheme already, we believe that we can offer you more. Adding value to your member benefits package - helping you to recruit new and retain existing members.

read more › Motor Fleet forms one of the core Insurance policies of the majority of businesses and Blythin and Brown have access to some great Motor Fleet solutions for our customers. Motor Fleet solutions are available for customers with as few as three vehicles and there is no upper limit. To obtain more information or to obtain a quotation please contact a member of staff on 01509 622 220, contact us online or request a quote.

read more › As a fellow Professional Service provider, Blythin & Brown have empathy with our colleagues from across the wide range of Professional disciplines which exist in the UK today. Our knowledgable staff can deliver competitive premiums and broad cover. Our carefully selected panel of Insurers are approved by UK Governing Bodies for Professional Firms and provide compliant policy cover where required. For a quotation or further information please contact one of our Commercial Insurance Executives on 01509 622 220, contact us online or request a quote.

read more › Credit insurance is designed to protect your business when you trade on credit terms with other businesses. A credit insurance policy will cover you and your business against losses arising from non-payment by a customer. In doing so, it insures what is often your largest asset - your debtors, and will therefore protect the lifeblood of your business - your cash flow. To obtain more information or to obtain a quotation please contact us on 01509 622 220, contact us online or request a quote.

read more › This insurance is designed to protect you if your event has to be cancelled, curtailed or abandoned for any reason beyond your control. Cover will include adverse weather conditions and can be extended to include the threat of terrorism and acts of terrorism. Optional cover is also available for the non-appearance of any person or group due to appear at the event. Additional covers, property damage, employers liability, public & products liability covers are also available on request. For more information or to obtain a quotation please contact our team on 01509 622 220 or contact us online.

read more › Private medical insurance remains one of the highest rated staff benefits and, as your staff are one of the most important and most expensive assets, it is important that your choice is the right one. Providing private medical insurance isn't an easy process, and if you do not keep abreast of market changes and the running of your scheme, it can become very costly. We have extensive, practical experience of assisting Human Resources specialists to find you the best deal in the market, and with a team of specialist healthcare consultants we can provide the knowledge and experience needed for a successfully run healthcare scheme.

read more › The pitfalls of poor HR Procedures are well documented; the latest Ministry of Justice figures state that redundancy and unfair dismissal compensation claims have risen by 17% since 2009 and 62% since 2008 and the total number of Employment Tribunals claims has increased by 56% since 2009. Business is more complex than ever, especially when it comes to the employment of people, with the legislation pendulum swinging ever more in the direction of employees. Blythin & Brown through our partnership arrangement can help can help protect your reputation with our no-nonsense approach and an insurance backed indemnity of 100,000 should a legal claim made against you be successful (1,000,000 in the aggregate).

read more › Every business that employs staff has a statutory obligation to manage the risks of the workplace, those who have five or more employees are obligated to record those Health & Safety Management plans in writing. Even businesses with no employees still require Health & Safety advice as their obligation will include the protection of the Health & Safety of any person that may be at risk from their activities, for example contractors visiting third party premises to undertake work. Blythin & Brown have qualified staff who can assist you to take control of your Health & Safety management plans.

read more › While insuring your assets against damage and insuring your profits from subsequent losses will indemnify your business in the short term, we believe that it is essential for all businesses to have a long term plan to recover their trading position. For further information on Business Continuity Planning please contact our office on 01509 622 220 or contact us online.

read more › Blythin & Brown offer a traditional insurance broking service that is governed by our commitment to quality of advice and our professionalism. We provide advice and insurance to customers from the whole business spectrum including SME's, Mid-Sector companies and Corporates. Our advisors will discuss with you your requirements and tailor our service level to meet your needs. Where required we will offer personal visits to discuss the arrangement of new and renewal policies, changes to your requirements, making claims or any other matters.

read more › Being independent we will look after your personal interests. With access to the entire financial market, we can search thousands of options to find the most suitable products and services for you. If you are thinking about creating and putting your financial plan into action, we may consider things you've not. Why not talk it through with us today? Take control of your financial future, contact us on 01509 622 220 or contact us online today.

read more › Only you know the life you want to lead. People value different things and these may change throughout your life. So, your investment choices are as individual as you are. We understand that wherever you are in life, your financial position and how you feel about risk is crucial to making a sound investment decision. To discover an investment solution that fits perfectly with your needs, aspirations, and lifestyle, contact us today.

read more › Life is surprising. Unfortunately, some revelations are more welcome than others. During emotional and tough times, financial worries can simply escalate the challenges facing you and your family. With a bit of forward planning and the right protection products on your side, some peace of mind can be restored, leaving you to focus on what's really important. Understanding the products that are around and the sort of financial assistance they can deliver can be reassuringly comforting. Information featured on our website can educate you on the different products and options available.

read more › Just like you need petrol to run a car, money provides you with the means to live your life. Big purchases, holidays, a wedding, emergency reserves to dip into if out of work. Picture this, you've just landed a cash bonus or been left a sum of money in a will, what saving vehicle will you choose? There's quite a selection, each offering different terms and incentives. The first question you should ask yourself is; how quickly do you need access to the money? Would you be prepared to forgo instant access for a higher rate of interest?

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