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Caleb Roberts Insurance Services You can get in touch with us to talk through any questions, and of course we are available to contact through our website. Our team of Commercial Account Executives can always visit you for more complex assistance when required. With advisers ready to step in when the time comes to use your insurance, the claims process can be made easy and straightforward.

A review of your current insurance gives both you and your adviser at Caleb Roberts the chance for an open conversation about how you hope your insurance will work for you in the future. Caleb Roberts Insurance Services last year generated over 1.48 million pieces of paper for our customers, which in todays environment appears excessive.

Here you can find out more about the company behind the service. Caleb Roberts has seven offices across Wales & the Border Counties, a business that has grown much over 75 years. The name Caleb Roberts has been synonymous with Insurance in Powys and the border counties for more than 80 years, only changing on Caleb's retirement in 1975 to Caleb Roberts

Jeanette was appointed to the board in 2016 and is responsible for our compliance and complaints handling, needless to say one of the most crucial aspects. Her key responsibility is HR and employee matters throughout the company. Outside of work, she is a farmer's wife, who keeps busy at the weekends running two converted barns as holiday cottages and

Caleb Roberts Insurance Services has expanded beyond its epicentre in Powys, where our Head Office remains today among seven across Wales and the Border Counties. With an emphasis on personal service, Caleb Roberts embarked on the business over 75 years ago, with a specific interest in agricultural insurance following his upbringing as a farmer's son

Caleb Roberts Insurance began in the strong agricultural region of Powys in Wales, and as such, have a good understanding of the challenges faced by farmers and rural businesses both locally and nationally. We specialise in agricultural insurance and encourage an on site consultation to ensure you are protected across all aspects of the farm.

If there's all-encompassing protection to be had for your business, the team at Caleb Roberts will work hard to secure it for you. Farm Combined insurance is far from simple, which is why it's imperative to enlist the help of our team of professionals. We will visit you on site to discuss a wide range of insurance matters, making the job of sourcing

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