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Clarke Jeffreys Insurance Broker Clarke Jeffreys Insurance has been trusted to provide insurance solutions for businesses large and small for over 20 years in Herefordshire and beyond. CJ Insurance has never rested on its laurels; the business was founded by Jeff and Denise Clarke in 1993 in the spare bedroom of their home and rapidly grew, leading to Jeff taking their first office space, and quickly taking on 2 members of staff.

The first acquisition was of Martin Weller & Co, another independent broker. The second acquisition was of AH Major and Co, a family run brokerage, led by John and Chris Major, who joined the CJ team and continued to look after the insurances of a wide range of business and personal clients, locally and beyond. Jeff's son James joined the business in 2000 as a Personal Lines Handler.

Due to the office location in Hereford, 2005 saw James receiving a significant amount of enquiries from ex-Special forces who were moving into the private security sector and struggling to find anyone who understood the type of specialised insurance that they needed.

read more › James has worked in Insurance for nearly 20 years, and is Managing Director of Clarke Jeffreys Insurance. He loves what he does and always tries to do the very best for each client he deals with, placing emphasis on a service that is personalised to each client. He looks after the Insurances for many Businesses and Property Owners in Herefordshire and also much further afield, from sole traders to large businesses with complex insurance requirements, and is always happy to personally answer any questions clients or non clients may have about insurance by using the contact details below.

read more › If you are a mechanic, used car sales garage, valeting service, or indeed you work in any trade which means you have multiple vehicles temporarily in your possession, then motor trade insurance is an essential. With the help of our experts at CJ Insurance, it can also be fuss free. Motor trade insurance is the best way for you to make sure you are meeting all of your insurance responsibilities as a motor trader at once, while protecting yourself from claims. These can arise from a customer injury, faulty product or damage to third party property.

read more › Pressure systems, lifting equipment and complex plant can speed along your working process brilliantly when fully functioning, but can cause untold problems when not. Protecting this machinery alone, with their complex components, can seem like a challenging prospect in its own right before considering your engineering business as a whole, complete with office premises, materials, turnover and workforce. The team at CJ Insurance can give you guidance at every step, with an engineering insurance policy which can cover your engineering business as a whole, the machines that aid operations and the staff which make it all happen.

read more › Fully comprehensive for your delivery van or third party fire and theft for a tractor - motor fleet insurance arranged by CJ Insurance is designed to cover multiple vehicles of different types under one policy. Your fleet can include business cars, goods carrying vehicles, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles, and special type vehicles, and each can have cover basics and optional extras which make the protection individual to every vehicle. You will have your own account executive at CJ Insurance who will understand your business and be there by the phone and on email as and when you need us, such as when you need to add or delete a vehicle from your policy.

read more › Consultants, security guards, plumbers, and kitchen fitters may be a little preoccupied with the matter in hand to give any risks they are vulnerable to their full attention. But risk assessment and insurance is our trade at CJ Insurance, and contractors and tradesman insurance is the tool we use to help you protect yours. Keep your risks at a safe distance, with contractors & tradesman insurance arranged by CJ Insurance. It offers protection from the day to day risks you are exposed to in your trade specifically, which might be the risk of injury to members of the public or damage to property.

read more › Commercial Combined Insurance is an umbrella term used to cover commercial insurance for the day to day risks associated with running a business. Core staples might include building and contents insurance, which in a business capacity is designed to cover both the premises and contents including machinery, stock, computer and office equipment, in addition to the insurance essentials of employers and public liability. Any serious loss or damage to your premises could result in a noticeable reduction in income, which is why we would always urge our commercial clients to consider business interruption, a feature specifically designed to cover any financial losses your business suffers while in a period of recovery.

read more › Properties are many things to many people - an investment rental property, a nest-egg for your retirement, or a home for your future family. Whichever applies, the value of such an asset is still notable, and any damage caused to your property could cost a great deal more than any savings you have made on a cheaper and possibly inadequate insurance policy. This process may otherwise be overwhelming if you are new to owning a property, and can be even more so if you have a string of properties you need to protect.

read more › A client claim may come as a bit of a shock, but you can be prepared for it nonetheless. They might feel that they have suffered a financial loss because of an error or omission in your advice or consultancy, or you might have made a mistake in your work in design, installation or testing, for example. If you do make a mistake and you have a professional indemnity policy in place, your insurers will review the position and either meet your claim if they conclude that you are responsible, or cover the costs in defending the claim if they feel you were not.

read more › It is not unusual for properties to be left empty for a significant period of time, whether it is a holiday getaway in a remote part of the country or a house or office building that is in between tenants or owners. But this scenario does present risks that are not so prominent when a house, flat or commercial premises is under the watchful eye of an occupant. Our knowledge of protecting unoccupied properties means that the common risks, such as a flood caused by plumbing in disrepair, or vandalism, are well known to us.

read more › Most businesses have a legal obligation to have liability cover in place. Our team at CJ Insurance can discuss which type of liability insurance is right for you and your business. Employers have a significant responsibility to provide a safe system of work, and employers' liability is arranged to cover your legal liability to your employees including sub-contractors, apprentices and even volunteers. It is a legal requirement to hold 5 million of cover but most insurers offer 10 million providing clients can demonstrate a high level of risk management.

read more › Business interruption can cover your business when it is hit by an unavoidable peril, but productivity is also noticeably affected if your employees are struck down by illness or injury, even if it is only for a short while. By taking health and wellbeing matters into your own hands, you can choose a private healthcare package that could assess the overall health of your employees, ensure they receive a timely diagnosis when unwell, and expert treatment when needed at a time and place that is convenient for them.

read more › Any director or officer can be sued by shareholders, employees or other third parties who believe they have failed to exercise due care in the running of their business. This is a daunting prospect but a reality when making decisions in a company. Directors & officers insurance provides financial protection for the directors and officers of a company if they are sued in relation to the performance of their duties in the company. Claims against directors and officers can be made for all manner of breaches of duty including corporate manslaughter, pollution, data protection, discrimination and insolvency.

read more › In uncertain times, an agricultural insurance policy that serves to safeguard not only your land, stock and machinery, but your livelihood as a whole, can be invaluable. Farming plays an important role in both the community and economy nationwide, but is not without its challenges. The pressure to modernise for greater output and more efficient processes can mean a substantial leap in the sums insured of your agricultural property, whether this is a new quad bike to mind your herds, or a hired-in combine for the harvest season.

read more › If you are a Jeweller or in a related industry, such as Antiques or Pawn Broking, and whether you are a new business or an established chain of jewellers operating over many sites, we will be able to help you arrange the insurance you need with a specialist Insurance package that can insure your business in one go. In your case, a standard shop or retail policy will not suffice, as you might need insurance for stock that moves between sites or to trade fairs and enhanced cover for theft. We are an independent family owned Insurance Broker, established for over 20 years.

read more › Cyber liability has cemented itself as a crucial level of cover for any business owner who uses computers. It has had a lot of help, with instances of cyber attacks sweeping the globe, targeting companies of all kinds large and small. Insurers have met this threat with protection, which has become readily available on the insurance market, however, these policies are not all the same. To save yourself from overspending on your premium, or opting for cover that has exclusions you will only be aware of when claiming, the friendly team at CJ Insurance are here to guide you.

read more › With every kick, bat, tackle and step, you take a risk, but that is part of what being a professional or semi-professional sports person is all about. You do not go into a match, or race, or competition thinking that you are going to suffer a career-ending injury or worse, that it is going to be your final day, but at CJ Insurance, it is our responsibility to you as our client, to consider these possibilities. By doing so we give reassurance to you or your family, that your financial affairs can be accounted for, with professional sport insurance which can include covers such as sickness insurance or a lump sum on your death.

read more › Many clients feel a more straightforward shop or office insurance policy can be arranged online, feeling an insurance broker can add less value. In our professional opinion this is not always the case. Without discussion and careful consideration it is possible for an element in your unique business to be overlooked - and this often only comes to light in the event of a claim. We have access to a number of insurers at CJ Insurance, and once we have your risk information, can quickly and efficiently offer a number of alternatives for your consideration.

read more › With so many vying for the chance to launch, maintain, or further their modelling career, you need to give yourself the very best possible advantage to securing work and meeting your existing commitments. This starts with your own health and wellbeing, but when that cannot be controlled, that is when model insurance makes a difference. We recognise that as a model you are under pressure to fulfil a busy work schedule, and we understand the predicaments you may be faced with if you are unable to work.

read more › Protection for construction companies, from local general contractors to large entities, requires a deep understanding of the industry and its dangers, both to the business and those operating in it. We can offer you the benefit of over 20 years' experience, as we address important areas of risk and the solutions to keep your workplace safe, no matter what size. Our expert advisers will listen to your requirements, gaining an inside view for themselves with a visit to your premises, and will offer you a suitable recommendation.

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