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Medical Insurance Advisory Bureau Through innovation and development, we've grown quickly and expanded the range of products we offer and the sectors in which we operate. We now provide bespoke commercial and personal insurance policies for GP, dental and vet practices; pharmacies; opticians; Federations; NHS provider organisations, and more. We believe in providing the highest level of service possible, and constantly strive to provide the best products, advice and experience to our customers.

Going beyond being seen as a service provider, we try to add value through knowledge and expertise. Our policies are underwritten by leading insurers and Lloyd's of London syndicates who share our passion and commitment to customer service. We're proud to be an approved supplier of insurance services and work with a number of strong, reputable member benefit organisations, and the list is constantly growing.

We also work with specialist Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs), who ask us to quote policies for their clients because of our product knowledge and access to market leading insurers.

read more › The aim of Beds and Herts LMC is to support GPs and practices to aspire to excellence in patient care by advising on and promoting the development of all aspects of general practice. MIAB is the approved supplier of insurance services, providing nearly 40% of Beds and Herts LMC member practices with Locum Insurance and/or Surgery Insurance. We're pleased to offer members preferential rates on certain policies, including personal protection products and provide a free review of current cover with an objective assessment of needs.

read more › I have found the scheme offered to be entirely suitable for my needs and competitive when considering the ever rising costs with the traditional defence organisations. As a dentist and having been with a regular dental defence provider for 30 years I have now considered a dental insurance indemnity provider. I came across MIAB (Medical Malpractice Team - advised by Montrose Bill and Tracey Deville ) by chance on google search. It was very stressful and time consuming dealing with the latter to obtain quotes in a straightforward way, having been kept waiting on the phone for many hours.

read more › As experts in Insurance, MIAB can offer a wealth of knowledge, regardless of whether you are an existing customer looking for guidance surrounding claims, or thinking of joining us and want to understand our policies better. We've created this library of resources to help with any questions you may have in regards to claims and policies, with all of the relevant information in one place. All of our resources are created by the relevant Specialist Insurance Adviser, or Claims Support, so you can trust that the information is accurate and genuinely helpful.

read more › GPs and their practices face unique, unprecedented pressures in the face of rising demand and decreasing resources. We know insurance probably isn't high on your list of priorities but we're here to make your life easier. We realise that all our customers have made it their goal to care for, help and nurture others. So, we want to care for those that care the most, and take care of you and your insurance needs. We're really proud that we can support you by delivering the best possible products and advice for your needs in a personal, impartial and expert way.

read more › With so much pressure on staff, any absence can have a major effect. A clinician, partner or senior member of staff away for a few days or a week or two may be covered internally. However, if they were absent for several months, how would the business cover their sessions? Aimed at GP practices, Locum Insurance is designed to quickly and easily cover the cost of hiring a Locum to fill GP absences. Our innovative 'Top Up' policy blends the benefits of the NHS Sickness Reimbursement and Locum Insurance.

read more › Protection for buildings, contents and more, designed specifically for GP practices, surgeries and medical centres. Running a GP practice is unlike most other businesses, with a unique set of challenges. We've designed a Practice Insurance policy, sometimes called a Surgery Insurance policy, covering commercial, staff and equipment-related risks. GP practices don't fit a generic policy template so our policy is adapted and shaped to meet your needs. We let you select your own cover limits so you don't pay extra for cover your practice may not need.

read more › With the launch of the Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice, many of those working in primary care are looking to the government scheme as a cover-all replacement to their existing cover. Whilst the scheme is designed to provide cover for clinical negligence claims arising from NHS work for both clinical and non-clinical staff, it has its limitations. For example - and perhaps most importantly - private work, including; medicals and report writing, travel vaccinations and inoculations, medico-legal support, coroner's court costs, GMC investigations and Good Samaritans acts will not be covered.

read more › Employee Benefits provide economic security for staff members, and improves worker retention across the organization. Many business owners will understand the impact of stress, anxiety and depression in the workplace. Moreover, these same businesses may also be aware of staff that have recently suffered from some form of financial pressure in their personal life; you may have even been called upon to provide some form of assistance. Reasonable sized businesses will usually have access to someone in a dedicated HR function.

read more › Has your MDO subscription been raised dramatically or have you been declined cover completely? If so MIAB may be able to help. MIAB's expert advisers specialise in providing medical malpractice insurance for those refused cover by their MDO because of previous claims, disciplinary proceedings or sometimes for no clear reason. Being refused cover is potentially career threatening and at the very least causes distress. For this reason, we work hard with specialist insurers to secure appropriate and affordable malpractice cover to enable you to carry on practicing.

read more › Cover for you, your business and your employees in respect of medical professional, practice and corporate liabilities. You've worked hard to get to where you are and, in an age of easy-access litigation (or threat of litigation), you want to take steps to avoid the immense costs involved in defending a legal action. We offer professional liability cover for GPs (all partners, salaried partners, locums and employees), nurses, technicians, therapists, paramedics, emergency care practitioners and first aiders.

read more › Cover for you, your practice and its employees in respect of Clinical Negligence protection. This plan presents a significant opportunity for pharmacists to add value to patients and practices, both releasing GP time and improving the management of long term medication and repeat prescriptions. It may be a move individual Pharmacists have already made or are considering. GP practices and owners of Community Pharmacies may also be considering how to take advantage of the opportunity. With any aspect of healthcare delivery, the issue of clinical negligence protection needs to be addressed.

read more › Cover for you, your business and your employees in respect of medical professional, practice and corporate liabilities. The Management Liability Policy is designed to help protect healthcare practices from the risks they commonly face, such as NHS claw backs, CQC inspections and problems arising, employment disputes, partnership disputes, official investigations (such as, NHS England and the Health & Safety Executive) and shareholder disputes within provider companies. It is particularly suitable for GP Federations or organisations with large numbers of shareholders, partners, employees and sites.

read more › IT systems and the internet are an integral part of running a business but could you cope with the effects of a cyber crime or systems failure? From websites and social media accounts to payment systems and email newsletters, modern practices and businesses are taking advantage of the ease, speed and availability of online tools. But conducting any activity online is a risk, especially when relying on so many providers to ensure their service is operational at all times and security features are one step ahead of cyber criminals.

read more › MIAB works with market-leading insurers to provide bespoke insurance and expert advice. And even though we specialise in the healthcare sector, we can review anyone's Personal Protection policies, regardless of job role. Income Protection insurance pays up to 60% of your gross salary as a monthly tax-free amount if you are unable to work through sickness or accident. It ensures you continue to receive a regular income until you go back to work in your own occupation, or retire. Easing the financial burden at difficult times, Life Insurance pays a tax-free lump sum upon death of the insured, offering financial security to loved ones to clear any outstanding debt, e.g. a mortgage.

read more › Federations come in all shapes and sizes but they share a common purpose: to facilitate the expanding scope of service provided in primary care, cost-efficiently. The issue of working at scale within general practice is rarely out of the news. From federations and clusters to super-practices and alliances, GP practices will undoubtedly continue to work collaboratively at scale in a bid to secure contracts for the delivery of enhanced services. Consideration needs to be given not only to the structure of these organisations, but also the insurance requirements generated by the risks they are exposed to.

read more › Depending on the size and type of practice (private or NHS with a UDA commitment) a dental practice's insurance requirements will vary. But all benefit from our commitment to providing the highest level of service possible. Just as many dental practices offer added value through additional services, such as cosmetic treatments, we try to add value to our customers through our knowledge and expertise. We realise that all our customers have made it their goal to care for, help and nurture others.

read more › Business Overheads Insurance ensures your business is protected during an unplanned period of absence. With today's added pressures on clinical and practice staff, any absence can have a major effect. A principal or key clinician away for a few days or a week or two may be covered internally. However, if they had to be absent for several months, how would the business cope having to cover the overheads and additional workload needed to continue running smoothly? Business Overheads Insurance is aimed at Dentists and designed to cover the cost of the overheads associated with absence, whether this means covering fixed business overheads such as rent and utilities, or hiring Locums, temporary staff, or even covering extra hours worked by existing team members.

read more › With any aspect of healthcare delivery, the issue of clinical negligence protection needs to be addressed. In an age of easy-access litigation (or threat of litigation), practitioners take steps to avoid the immense costs involved in defending a legal action but malpractice cover costs are soaring, with dental defence organisation membership rates becoming prohibitively expensive for some. Getting value for money is crucial. The onus is now on the individual to ensure they are appropriately protected against the cost of compensation owed to a patient in the event of a successful claim.

read more › Holding malpractice cover is now a contractual obligation for dental professionals. MIAB offers a Dental Nurse Malpractice Insurance policy designed to fulfil GDC Indemnity requirements. Dental Care Professionals have to make this declaration during their annual renewal period in June/July. MIAB offers a malpractice insurance solution designed specifically for dental nurses and technicians, in-line with the GDC requirements. With a limit of indemnity between 1million and 5million, the policy covers all your duties - and can even extend to add additional duties such as processing radiographs, taking impressions and fluoride varnish (depending on scheme).

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