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Champion Insurance Brokers Independent Chartered Insurance Brokers offering expert advice to businesses, property owners and private clients throughout the UK. Our membership of Willis Towers Watson Networks gives our clients access to leading insurers, niche providers, enhanced policy wordings and competitive premiums. Our network place over 500m of premiums in the UK, giving us significant influence and leverage.

Property owners insurance can be complex, calling for a broker with specialist knowledge of the market. We routinely arrange cover for blocks of flats, commercial premises, unoccupied properties and buy to let houses with a wide panel of insurers. Unlike many of our competitors we employ our own in house claims team who offer support and guidance throughout the process, from submitting the claim, right through to settlement, ensuring our clients claims are paid as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

We enjoy "Chartered Status", an exclusive accreditation awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute to fewer than 5% of regulated brokers.

read more › Based in Manchester, Champion Insurance Group provide bespoke insurance solutions for businesses of all sizes and private clients, located throughout the North West and across the UK. We pride ourselves on thinking strategically and gaining a real understanding of our clients' needs, enabling us to arrange tailored cover to meet requirements today and in the future. Our team has a wealth of experience on which to draw and offer particular specialism in the areas of corporate insurance, business insurance and property owners insurance.

read more › Champion Insurance Group is founded on the wealth of knowledge and industry experience of the management team who have held senior positions at insurance companies and national insurance brokers spanning a period of over 40 years. Our handpicked team of qualified brokers and claims personnel have exceptional business insight and proven expertise within the field of business, property owners and private client insurance. Our commitment to professional learning and core competencies and our total independence means that our clients enjoy quality impartial advice tailored to their needs.

read more › When arranging liability insurance, along with other financial estimates, you will need to provide your insurer with an estimate of annual payments to "Bona fide" sub-contractors. Bona fide sub-contractors are generally deemed to be contractors who work without your direction. They hold their own insurances and will usually provide their own materials and tools. An example might be a specialist Demolition Contractor brought in to demolish a building as part of a larger contract. Although bona fide sub-contractors might carry their own insurances, their activities could lead to a claim being lodged against you and you will need to insure against this "contingent liability".

read more › When arranging liability insurance, along with other financial estimates, you will need to provide your insurer with an estimate of annual payments to "labour only" sub-contractors so that they can calculate the correct premium and issue appropriate cover. Although technically self-employed, "labour only" sub-contractors work under your direction and generally do not provide their own material or tools (with the exception of small hand tools). They may have their own insurances in place however they should be treated as Employees for the purposes of Employers Liability insurance.

read more › Material facts are those which are likely to influence the insurer in the acceptance of or assessment of the terms or pricing of your Policy. A typical material fact might be a CCJ, a previous claim, motoring convictions on a driving licence etc. This is not an exhaustive list so if you are unsure whether some information is material or not, we recommend that you disclose it to your insurer immediately.

read more › When arranging insurance for items such as contents, plant, machinery, stock and other items of value, the sums insured you give to your insurer must be sufficient to cover the total "replacement as new value". Some insurers will agree to cover items on an indemnity (market value) basis but this would have to be specifically agreed at the outset of the policy. For buildings insurance the sum insured must be sufficient to cover the total cost of rebuilding including debris removal, shoring up and any professional fees e.g.

read more › Unlike many other types of insurance policy Professional Indemnity and Directors and Officers insurance policies are "claims made", as opposed to "claims occurring" like many other types of insurance. These types of policies are mostly concerned past work or occurrences, as that's where the majority of claims come from. You can't be sued for an act not yet committed, and it can take months or even years for latent problems to become apparent. Which brings us to a crucial point: your cover exists only for as long as your policy does.

read more › Under the Insurance Act 2015 you have a duty to make a fair presentation of the risk to your insurers at inception, renewal and variation of your Policy. This means that you must tell them about all facts and circumstances known by you, your senior management team and/or those responsible for your insurances, which may be material to the risks covered by your Policy in a clear and accessible manner or give them sufficient information to alert them of the need to make enquiries about such facts or circumstances.

read more › Champion Insurance Group specialise in providing bespoke, tailored solutions for a diverse range of businesses, from SME's to large corporates, across all sectors. We listen and advise rather than only sell off-the-peg products and take the time to understand our clients' businesses and the specific types of risk they face. This ensures that we can build up a complete picture before recommending particular insurers and products. Our membership of Willis Commercial Network and our direct relationships with insurers ensures that our clients can access many of the best products, niche providers, and "best of breed" policy wordings that offer broad coverage at extremely competitive premiums.

read more › This cover protects your business against loss of income if you are forced to temporarily stop trading due to an unexpected event causing damage to your premises or equipment. Every year, many businesses fail because they are unable to recover from loss or damage due to such events as fire, flood or storm, or are unable to trade due to breakdown of essential equipment. Business Interruption aims to put your business back into the same trading position it was in before the event occurred and typically protects your business against losses caused to your premises or equipment by such standard perils as fire, theft and storm, or equipment breaking down.

read more › When sending employees on business trips in the UK and overseas, you want to ensure that they are protected against all the risks that business travel presents, and that they have the backing of a reputable insurer who can offer comprehensive support when they need it most. Champion Insurance Group have extensive experience in arranging travel insurance for businesses and we can tailor the cover to your exact needs. From a leading panel of insurers we can arrange a variety of covers such as medical and other emergency travel expenses, repatriation expenses, kidnap, ransom, hijack and extortion, legal expenses, personal liability, money, personal property, business equipment, cancellation and curtailment and political and natural disaster evacuation.

read more › Protection for your buildings, stock, contents, liabilities and business interruption is vital to maintain a stable business environment and provide peace of mind, enabling you to operate safe in the knowledge that you are protected against risks. Commercial Combined insurance provides comprehensive cover in a single policy, which may be appropriate if your business is exposed to a wider range of risks than normal. This tends to apply to businesses such as wholesale, manufacturing, engineering or warehousing, which may be exposed to additional risks, and businesses with more complex requirements, depending on the manufacturing processes involved and type of goods produced or stored.

read more › We have extensive experience arranging insurance for the construction industry and allied trades and understand the specific risks that are inherent in this sector, enabling us to create tailored cover for contractors, subcontractors builders and tradesmen, protecting against risks. We understand that each contractor is different, facing unique risks, and that you need to ensure you are fully protected, whatever the nature of the project. Whether you are a Home Builder, Ground Worker, Civil Engineer, Utility Contractor, Demolition Contractor, Scaffolding Contractor, Roofing Contractor, Piling Contractor, Heating Engineer, Electrical Contractor, Telecommunication Engineer or Stone Mason, we can arrange all risks insurance, tailored to your specific requirements, on an annual or project specific basis.

read more › The risk from bad debts and insolvency is a concern for most businesses. Since the advent of the economic downturn, risk levels have increased, producing a need for bespoke credit insurance to protect your business from this exposure. With access to specialist insurers through the Willis Commercial Network, we can provide you with the expertise necessary to reduce your overall risk and arrange tailored credit insurance, at highly competitive rates, protecting your business against those customers that could leave you in a bad debt situation.

read more › Most businesses now rely heavily on computer software or systems to operate, handling everything from customer databases to fully automated manufacturing processes. This dependence on technology as a fundamental cornerstone of operations leaves businesses more exposed to cyber risks than ever before. Additionally legislation such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) introduced in 2018 brings with it onerous obligations in relation to data breaches and hefty fines for non-compliance. For these reasons, as part of a wider cyber risk management strategy, a specialist Cyber Insurance Policy is highly recommended.

read more › The Directors, Officers and Senior Employees of a company can be personally liable for the decisions they make. Furthermore, this liability is unlimited, which means individuals cannot 'hide behind' the corporate body that employs them. Directors' and Officers' liability insurance offers protection in respect of claims brought against you for actual or alleged breach of duty, neglect, errors or omissions and mis-statements. If you are accused of breaching your duties, actions can be brought against you personally, with potentially devastating consequences, which is why this insurance is so important.

read more › Employers' Liability is a legal requirement for any business that has one or more employees, protecting your legal liability as an employer against injury, disease or death sustained by your staff in the course of their employment. If you have employees, there is a chance that they could be injured at work or become ill as a result of working for you. If this happens they may be entitled to claim compensation from you, which is why and you need employers' liability to cover the cost. For example, if an employee is injured while working on machinery without the proper safety precautions, you will need to claim on your employers' liability cover.

read more › If your business is involved in the import or export of goods, marine cargo cover can provide insurance against a wide range of perils whilst goods are in transit by land, sea or air. We have many years' experience arranging tailored insurance for general haulage, marine cargo and other distribution companies, ensuring goods or commodities traded either domestically or internationally are protected. With links to specialist insurers, we can arrange a bespoke solution that matches the trading conditions of your contract and the liabilities imposed on your business.

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