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Isis Insurance Services Truck Insurance, Lorry and HGV Insurance quotes. We are specialists in providing insurance for HGV businesses, here to take the stress out of arranging the insurance your business needs. Competitive HGV Insurance quotes. Flexible policy options for truck owners and operators. Let us help you get a range of quotes and choose the right truck insurance for your business needs.

Buying cover for all your trucks on a single policy can be cost effective and saves on admin! Find out why buying fleet truck insurance could benefit your business. ISIS insurance can offer all the components of business insurance that your business might need. We can tailor a policy to match your requirements. Isis Insurance have a specialist Prestige & Supercar division, in partnership with Equity Red Star underwriting.

Competitive rates with all the cover you need for vehicles 75,000 - 250,000, including Fleets. Keeping a classic lorry on the road is a real labour of love and its vital you have the right insurance in place to protect your valuable investment.

read more › Every client is different, and we refuse to treat them as if they weren't there is no 'one size fits all' in the haulage insurance industry. As professional commercial vehicle insurance brokers, we believe it is our duty to help you find exactly the right cover for you, and nothing else. We aren't a subsidiary, a branch, a spin-off or in any other way a part of any insurance cover provider. We can give you the benefit of our honest opinions, and steer you towards cover that truly favours your business, not one particular provider.

read more › Truck insurance is specifically designed for individuals or businesses who use trucks and HGVs. We are a specialist insurance broker within the HGV truck market. Our staff have years of experience helping our clients find the protection they need. We work with a number of leading UK Insurers and have access to truck insurance schemes you won't find on the high street. ISIS can provide you with a competitive truck insurance quote, give us a call today. No matter whether you are an owner driver or run a large company with a number of trucks, it's a legal requirement to have a policy in place.

read more › This is where you really see the benefit of using an expert insurance broker for commercial trucks. We'll take the time to understand you, your business, and what you actually need from your cover. We'll explain your various options to you, and then we'll make it extremely easy for you to choose between them with confidence. The bulk of the lorries on the UK's roads today fall into the 7.5-tonne class. There are a great many options, from the bare minimum to comprehensive cover. Cover can then be tailored to suit your precise requirements, reflecting things like whether you're driving in the UK or in Europe as well.

read more › We believe that buying a tipper truck insurance policy for your vehicle should be straightforward. For Feefo 5 star service, as rated by our clients, pick up the phone now. You could be on cover within 20 minutes. More than you might think. Beyond the large scale construction industry, plenty of businesses use tipper trucks, and have to insure them. A common problem is that many insurance companies consider tipper trucks to be 'high risk'. At ISIS, our knowledgeable team will take time to understand your business.

read more › Haulage insurance is designed to protect your vehicle and your business when you carry customers goods. It must be arranged to reflect your particular needs. Depending on the cover you arrange, it should protect you when you are carrying goods "for hire and reward" on behalf of your customers. The size of the vehicle which you operate is also important as vehicles under 3.5 tonnes may need LGV haulage cover, whilst those over that limit may require HGV haulage cover. Haulage insurance is a legal requirement for the HGV itself - as it vehicle insurance for any motor vehicle on the UK roads - and you must ensure the tonnage if your vehicle is accurate on your Haulage insurance policy.

read more › Of course, there is a minimum level of HGV insurance required just to take an HGV onto the road, but that is nowhere near enough to meet the needs of most businesses! Whether you are a single owner-operator or need HGV insurance for a whole fleet, you'll need a more comprehensive policy to protect the vehicle, the people in it, and the goods it carries. Some businesses will have fairly straightforward HGV insurance requirements. Others will have unusual business structures or other complications that will make many 'standard' policy options inappropriate.

read more › Most HGV's travel many thousands of miles each year up and down the UK's motorway network. Due to the number of miles travelled, the chances of a vehicle suffering a mechanical breakdown are high and the inconvenience and cost to move a stranded vehicle to a repairer can be astronomical. HGV breakdown insurance gives you the peace of mind knowing that in the event of a breakdown, you can arrange either a repair at the side of the road or recovery to a repairer for more complicated problems. The aim of HGV breakdown cover is to get your vehicle moving again following a breakdown either on the road network or at your business premises.

read more › For insurers, LGV insurance is usually defined as cover appropriate for individuals or businesses who carry goods either for customers or delivering their own goods. Typically using vehicles in excess of 3.5 tonne, large goods vehicles can come in many shapes and sizes and LGV owners operate vehicles right across the weight range upto 44 tonne. Flexible cover is available and typically it extends beyond basic third party insurance for the vehicle itself. Comprehensive LGV insurance ensures that your van or truck is also protected for any accidental damage caused by an incident.

read more › Lorry insurance is cover that is specialised for the needs of businesses and individuals who operate lorries commercially. This could involve carrying your own goods, any kind of haulage, delivery, or even courier work, depending on your specific requirements. Depending on the nature of your business, you might have very simple commercial lorry insurance needs, or very complicated ones. This isn't an industry that is suited to 'one size fits all' cover, and automated lorry insurance quotes rarely take your actual business needs into account.

read more › The 7.5 tonne lorry is amongst the most common commercial HGV's on the UK's roads. They are used to carry almost everything that moves along Britain's (and Europe's) roads - goods, equipment and materials. There are a great many insurers offering commercial cover for them. If you own or run a business that operates one or more 7.5 tonne lorries to carry either your own or customers goods its likely that you need more cover in place than just a standard commercial vehicle insurance policy. At ISIS, we're specialists in the 7.5t Lorry Insurance market.

read more › Whether you own and operate a single skip lorry or operate a number of skip lorries, you know the degree of responsibility you bear for the safe operation of your vehicles. Some insurance companies consider skip lorries to be relatively 'high risk' vehicles, which makes getting skip lorry insurance for them an expensive proposition. Others may specialise in offering 'cheap' skip lorry insurance, but this may leave you unprotected in the event of an accident. At ISIS, we're here to make getting the right cover for you easier.

read more › Whether you describe them as 'classic', 'vintage' or 'veteran lorry, keeping an older commercial vehicle on the road is a labour of love. However because of their unique nature, making sure that you have the right insurance is essential to protect your investment. Classic van, classic lorry and classic truck insurance are all very similar products, but there are a number of key differences to the cover that each insurer provides, which will depend on the type of vehicle you own. A key thing to remember is that insurance for a classic lorry does not just cover your vehicle while it is on the road, it also provides protection whilst any renovation work is being carried out.

read more › The number of commercial vans operating on the UK's roads in recent years has grown faster than car traffic. As with other motor vehicles, anyone who owns or operates a van on the UK's road network needs to have insurance in place. There are a range of options available to you depending on the level of cover that you require and what you are intending to use the vehicle for. If you use your van to carry your own stock, goods, materials, tools or equipment for business purposes, you'll need commercial or business van insurance.

read more › No matter whether you're an owner operated business, driving your own van, or have responsibility for a fleet of vans, any time a van breaks down it costs the business money. Van breakdown insurance can be bought as a standalone cover, or as an added extra on top of your existing commercial van insurance, or even sometimes as part of a van insurance policy. There are a number of options available to you when taking out van breakdown insurance cover. These include roadside assistance, van recovery (either to the nearest approved garage, or back to your premises) as well as cover for things like loss of keys, misfuelling and even overnight accommodation in the event that you're stranded miles from home.

read more › Our dedicated Truck Fleet Insurance Team can help you find the right cover for all of your organisation's HGVs, trucks, vans and other vehicles in a single, easy to manage policy. That depends on the insurer. A few are specialists, insuring only vans or other specific vehicle types. Most insurance providers are more flexible, and allow many commercially used vehicle types to be included under a policy. This flexibility usually extends to mixed fleets. If you have, say, a handful of HGVs as well as a dozen delivery vans, they can usually be insured as a single fleet.

read more › Arranging a lorry fleet insurance policy for your business shouldn't be time consuming or stressful. For Feefo 5 star service, as rated by our clients, pick up the phone now. You could be on cover within 20 minutes. If you operate a fleet of lorries in the UK or across Europe, then you already know how much of a hassle it can be making sure that each of your vehicles is properly insured and that each of your drivers are covered when using any of your lorries. Most businesses find that the best way to manage the insurance for their fleet of vehicles is to find a policy that covers their entire fleet and team of drivers under one roof.

read more › HGV fleet insurance is an insurance policy that is designed especially to appeal to the needs of those businesses or other organisations which operate small or large fleets of heavy goods vehicles. It's a single policy designed to protect your fleet of vehicles and drivers, which gives you business flexibility and less administration to worry about. No two HGV fleet insurance policies are the same but they typically offer comprehensive insurance for all the HGV's you own or operate on a single policy.

read more › If you own or manage a haulage, warehousing or logistics firm you will know how complicated managing a fleet can be. We can help, taking the insurance headache away with a flexible haulage fleet policy. Haulage fleet insurance cover is designed to be flexible and to help make life that little bit easier for you when it comes to managing your insurance. You can choose from varying levels of cover from Third Party Only to Comprehensive. A fleet policy will also give you the flexibility of ensuring all relevant drivers have access to the vehicles that you need them to use.

read more › If you own or manage a business operating a number of vans, you will already appreciate just how much of a hassle it can be to ensure that all vehicles are insured with the right levels of cover and for the various drivers that use them. For most businesses in this situation, buying a fleet van insurance policy can be a cost effective and convenient way to protect all of your vehicles under one convenient policy. Protecting all of your vans under one policy can often work out less expensive than insuring them individually.

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