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Burgess Insurance is an independent Insurance Broker in Horsham that provides a highly personalised service to private and commercial customers across Sussex and beyond. We specialise in all aspects of insurance and pride ourselves on our reputation for offering a professional and competitive service. As an independent broker, we're not tied to any one insurer and can therefore offer a broad range of products that suit individual requirements.

read more › Burgess Insurance was established in 1989 and has been serving clients across Sussex and beyond for over 3 decades. During that time we've built a strong reputation as a company that offers a professional and competitive service to customers new and old. The insurance market today is extremely complex and it is essential that you have access to professional knowledge to guide you and make certain that your insurance needs are fully and correctly met. Our highly trained and motivated staff have a thorough knowledge and excellence in their own field and deliver an outstanding level of service to all our clients.

read more › At Burgess Insurance we understand that homeowners with high net value properties don't want to make do with a standard insurance policy to protect their home and contents. Bespoke policies that are tailored around their specific requirements is often beyond the remit of many insurers who prefer a more 'one size fits all' approach. Our team of insurance specialists can work with you to provide a policy that's designed to meet your exact needs. We can offer a wide range of policies from across the market place rather than being tied to one provider.

read more › Whether you are a sole trader or large company employing staff, the need for comprehensive insurance cover is paramount. At Burgess Insurance we work with businesses of all sizes to help them choose an insurance policy that's right for their needs. As an independent company we can offer a wide range of insurance policies from numerous underwriters rather than being tied in to one provider. This flexible approach means we can offer information to help you choose what policy or plan is right for you.

read more › If you run a company, organisation or club and provide services and events where members of the public are present, you'll need a comprehensive insurance policy to protect you, your staff and volunteers. At Burgess Insurance we work with a wide range of customers offering a rich diversity of policies and plans from various underwriters. Unlike some insurance companies, we're not tied in to any one provider so can therefore offer more choice.

read more › Does your business own or lease its own vehicles? If it does then you'll understand the need for a comprehensive insurance plan to protect you, your staff and other road users. At Burgess Insurance we specialise in providing bespoke motor insurance for fleets of all sizes. This means if you have just one or two vehicles or operate an extensive fleet, we can arrange a policy that's tailored around your specific requirements. We can choose from a multitude of policies from market leading underwriters and with businesses of all sizes including.

read more › Does your household have its own mini fleet of vehicles? At Burgess Insurance we provide specialist car insurance for 'home fleets' where an above average number of cars are owned or operated. This can range from family cars and SUVs to prestige Marques and supercars. As an independent company we can draw on years of experience and create plans from a underwriters across the market place rather than being tied to one provider. This means our clients benefit from bespoke plans and policies that suit their individual needs and provide peace of mind and value for money.

read more › Gap Insurance provides insurance that will pay the difference between today's Retail Market Value of your vehicle and whatever value the Motor Insurer places on the vehicle should it be declared a write-off in the future. If your car is written off or stolen and you want to go out and buy a car that is similar to the one you bought a few years ago, you will have no choice but to make up the difference yourself. This is where GAP insurance can prove invaluable: it bridges the gap between the price you paid at the outset and the amount you receive from your insurer.

read more › As technology becomes increasingly important for successful business operations, the value of a strong Cyber Liability Insurance policy will only continue to grow. The continued rise in the amount of information stored and transferred electronically has resulted in a remarkable increase in the potential exposures facing businesses. Regulations, such as the Data Protection Act must also be considered, because a loss of sensitive personal information may subject you to fines and sanctions from the Information Commissioner.

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