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L Wood L Wood Insurance Brokers Building a long-term, mutually beneficial business relationship, by constantly exceeding our Clients' expectations. L Wood & Co Ltd offers an innovative, professional and highly personalised approach to the insurance and risk management needs of businesses throughout the UK. We have been trading for over 60 years and our aim is to provide a complete insurance service to Industry and Commerce by arranging correct cover through leading Insurers at competitive premiums.

We do not simply sell insurance policies but, through the highest quality service, we buy Insurance on behalf of our clients based solely on their needs. Personal protection for directors, officers and management against a range of civil, criminal and regulatory proceedings. Private Medical Aid is designed to cover the costs of private medical treatment for a disease, illness or injury that are likely to respond quickly to treatment.

No matter what size your business is or whatever your activities are, effective Risk Management is crucial in order to protect from harm.

read more › Based in the centre of Bradford provided easy access to many of his early Clients, including textile mills, printers, engineering companies plus business all over the UK. His son, Kevin Wood, the Managing Director, joined the Company in 1971 and now runs the dynamic and entrepreneurial organisation committed to delivering the highest quality service to our Clients, in both the UK and overseas. Kevin's son, Tom, joined the Company in 1999 and is set to maintain and continue the Company's momentum.

read more › We know that, in the unfortunate event of a claim having to be made, you will want this to be dealt with quickly and efficiently, in order to reduce the impact a loss may have on the day to day running of your Business. With this in mind, we can offer advice to you and your staff in order to assist in reporting procedures and help make claim management run as smoothly as possible. Our experienced team ensure that all claims are dealt with promptly and fairly and we provide regular updates on the progress there.

read more › To arrange an appointment or to discuss your insurance requirments further, please complete your details and we will be in touch. At L Wood we send out a monthly eNewsletter full of hints & tips and important information about insurance in general. You can unsubscribe from these communications at any time. But if you would like to subscribe you can do so here.

read more › Being responsible for a manufacturing or industrial company, you will appreciate the risks affecting your business. From Health & Safety matters to an increase in regulations, managing the risks you face is vital, but it is also important to have a robust insurance programme that is specifically geared to meet your needs. Every manufacturing business is different depending on your sector, and as an established provider of commercial insurance we have developed an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by companies throughout the UK.

read more › With more than 50 years of experience in the insurance service industry, we work with many businesses in this sector. We recognise that the food and drink industry has very specific insurance requirements in comparison with other distribution and manufacturing businesses. That's why we offer highly personalised insurance policies for everyone from food manufacturers and restaurants to breweries and distilleries. Through our valued partnership with the Willis Towers Watson Commercial Network, we offer the following protection and services to mitigate the wealth of risks abound in the food and drink sector.

read more › From the risks associated with contract negotiation management, on-site safety, unexpected delays and delivery, through to shortfalls on funding and problems with post-completion occupancy, it is important that companies have a comprehensive insurance policy to cover every eventuality. As an experienced broker in the construction sector, we assist companies to reduce their risk at a competitive premium. The construction industry is fraught with litigation and claims, so it is important to consider all insurances required to cover your business and the projects you are working on.

read more › Whether your goods are being transported in a standard white van or a large Heavy Goods Vehicle, the situation is still the same i.e., the carriage of goods for hire or reward. We can arrange Fleet insurance for everything from a single van to a multi-vehicle operation including fleets of cars, vans, national and international lorries and other large vehicles. Even if deliveries are to a single point and not multiple destinations, not only does the vehicle need insuring but also the goods whilst in transit.

read more › We appreciate and understand that every school and educational establishment has unique needs and requirements. Being an independent broker means we have access to a wide range of insurers, and more importantly policies and cover which are tailored to meet your needs. Our team of specialists have long-standing insurer relationships, experience, and knowledge in this market, and they can work with insurers to provide you with a thorough review, with solutions and a programme to meet your individual needs.

read more › Commercial combined insurance is designed to protect you against risks to your business and can be tailored to your requirements. There are many risks to your business; some that you can insure against and some, unfortunately, that you can't. Our specialist brokers will assess your business and can explain the insurance coverage to you to ensure you know what you are protected against. The main benefit of choosing this type of insurance policy is to have a variety of covers within a single policy which is more economically beneficial than having several different policies.

read more › Whether you own a commercial building, block of flats, private house or a portfolio of properties, insurers offer a range of policies to suit the type of property and your requirements. It is important to choose a sum insured that is sufficient to cover the costs of rebuilding, repairing or reinstating the property following a loss. The sum insured not only includes the rebuild from scratch but also includes professional fees and costs for removal of any debris. A Chartered Surveyor can calculate the accurate sum insured and as the cost of rebuilding the property will tend to increase over years, so it is best to review this figure periodically to make sure it remains adequate.

read more › If your business suffers a loss, other insurances will reinstate your assets but what about the loss in turnover and profit as a result of the incident? You can cover this but there are two types of policy; the best one for you depends on what cover you require. We would always recommend insuring on a Gross Revenue / Gross Profit basis, together with additional costs, as from experience following a loss, the policyholder would have to spend more money than necessary in order to keep the business functioning in the short term.

read more › Employers' Liability insurance - All businesses must have this cover. It is a legal requirement and failure to have it can lead to you being handed significant fines. This insurance protects your business against the cost of compensation claims in the event an employee is injured or is suffering from a work-related illness. Even if you only employ a single person, or you have an employee on a short-term or temporary contract, you need to ensure you have the correct cover. Under UK law, most businesses who employ staff will have to hold valid employers' liability insurance.

read more › Having Product Liability Insurance is essential for your business if you supply a product. This type of insurance cover protects your business against the cost of compensation claims should someone be injured, become ill or their property is damaged by a product you have sold. In some circumstances, you may still be liable even if you did not make the product. Product Liability Insurance can pay legal fees and compensation costs if you are sued for injury or damage. Although Product Liability Insurance is not a legal requirement, we believe it is essential, especially for those who design, manufacture or supply physical products which are sold.

read more › Public Liability Insurance is essential cover for businesses, offering protection against compensation claims if clients, suppliers or the public suffer injury or property damage because of your business. It may not be a legal requirement to have Public Liability but the majority of businesses choose to take out a policy because of its importance, especially for those who regularly interact with members of the public. Businesses such as shop owners, tradesmen, restaurant and caf owners choose to take out cover due to daily interaction and a high probability of risk when the public is on their premises.

read more › A Shop Insurance Policy is primarily designed to provide cover for all areas of a retail business with a commercial premises. Any shop owner has several risk factors that could damage their business, from customers and employees to suppliers and manufacturers. It is therefore vital that all potential risks are covered in order to protect your business from any liability claims and potential damage to your goods or premises. As a specialist broker with years of experience in this sector, we understand the difficulties of your business and can create a tailored policy to suit the style of retail shop you have.

read more › There are thousands of different tradesmen, all with varying needs of insurance due to the level of risks associated with their work. Our experience in this sector has seen us work with a number of insurance providers who offer policies that are specific to your trade. This allows us to tailor an insurance package for your business, whether you are a sole trader or a limited company. Tradesman insurance is a type of business insurance policy for trade professionals. It can be tailored to cover the specific trade and can include cover for your equipment, compensation costs and other optional extras.

read more › Cargo comes in all shapes and sizes, and insurance plays a vital role in covering you from a variety of incidents that can occur while in transit. Too many parties play a game of risk by not securing insurance for precious cargo, resulting in huge losses. Although the insurance is known as 'marine cargo', the cover goes beyond just risks at sea. This insurance is much broader than goods in transit and applies to both domestic and overseas transport by any means including road, rail and air. Marine cargo cover can be taken out by the largest multi-national corporation to the smallest SME.

read more › Motor insurance is a legal requirement, and Motor Fleet Insurance is a more flexible approach to insuring vehicles used by a company. No matter the size of your fleet, we can recommend the most appropriate solution to suit your business. The advantage of having all of your vehicles under one fleet policy is that it's simpler to manage, with a single renewal date for all vehicles, and the policy allows for "Any Authorised Driver". It can be more competitive in comparison to having multiple single-vehicle policies.

read more › Motor trade insurance is a vital requirement for anyone buying, selling or running a car business. Whether driving a new car from auction or driving a car you have repaired, you must have insurance to take it on the road. Our knowledgeable brokers work with specialist motor trade insurers to help find you the most suitable coverage for your business. Road Risk Insurance covers the insured individual to drive any vehicle that is in their possession. These can be vehicles for the purposes of motor trade or personal use.

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