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Clegg Gifford Our flexible policy allows you to cover any vehicle, including cars, bikes and vans - all on one policy. If the United Kingdom(UK) exits the European Union(EU) without a deal driving in Europe will require the issue of a Green Card. Motor trade insurance policies are designed to cover those who make their living by buying, selling, repairing, valeting or MOT-ing cars, vans or motorbikes.

read more › We cater for all forms of boat insurance; for those enjoying weekends cruising or racing their boats in UK coastal waters, right through to those undertaking the latest ARC to sunnier climes. Discounts are available for no previous claims and RYA qualifications. We can also extend the cover to include the towing of fun toys, employers' liability for permanent crew and even extensions to incorporate hijack, piracy and war.

read more › Home Insurance cover is provided by Source Insurance Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Source Insurance provide a platform offering a choice of policies from the UK's top insurers. We can offer you tailored cover to meet your specific needs and budgets. Whether it's Household or Let Property, Source's platform provides true choice and value.

read more › We are not a price comparison site, and proud not to be so. Rather, we are a broker that provides options on lowering your premium and caters for flexible requirements - our flexible policies can accommodate where others can't - that's what makes our car insurance policies popular. Young drivers are covered, and with a parental guarantee for a higher excess - can have substantially reduced premiums. Discounts for those who cycle to work, do not commute or are away for substantial periods. Commercial work undertaken, we are unique in providing customised certificates for your specific occupation(s).

read more › We provide the motorbike community with an array of flexible motorbike insurance policies. For those with more than just one bike - we will cover multiple bikes on the same policy as well as cars, vans and any other vehicle you wish to be included. Cover any combination of vehicles, including commercial vehicles, motorbikes, kit cars and agricultural or specialist vehicles as well as family and staff vehicles owned by your / your business. Discounts for those who cycle to work, do not commute or are away for substantial periods.

read more › Standard Household and Contents policies usually come as a combined package. However depending upon your circumstances you may only require a limited possessions policy. Such as if you were in rented or leased accommodation. We offer personal belongings insurance policies that work on a 'specified' basis - meaning you list those items which are above a certain value or items that you wish to have specifically covered within the policy. However some insurers are not willing to offer personal possessions insurance on its own.

read more › Commercial Combined Policies are designed to package together your respective commercial insurances into one neat policy. That said - we can offer commercial buildings insurance, as well as liabilities or commercial motor either on a stand-alone basis or on combined contracts. We are experienced in placing the unusual or specialist risks and can accommodate businesses both large and small, as well as new-start ups and mixed usage properties.

read more › Our commercial fleet policies are among the most flexible on the market. We can tailor a policy that starts with just two vehicles and we have a wide acceptance of occupations including unusual or mixed business use. Furthermore, we can allow you to add everyday family vehicles to the policy and can extend the usage on those vehicles to include business use plus carriage of goods for hire and reward if required. Business use of the insured including non-standard and high-risk occupations such as motor trade and scrap dealers.

read more › We have a number of flexible policies that can be tailored to cater for your requirements - however unusual. Furthermore, our policies cover a wide variety of trades and occupations and can include buildings of specific or unusual construction. Liabilities including, Public, Employers and Directors & Officers liabilities can be included.

read more › If you earn your living by delivering goods in a van or lorry, whether as a one-man band or running a multi-vehicle operation, then you need courier insurance to make sure you're properly covered against the unique risks you face. Courier insurance is designed for those who make multiple drop-offs as opposed to the delivery of a single load, which is more likely to be covered by a hauliers' policy. But whether you're a van courier, a delivery driver or even a fast food delivery professional, we can tailor the specific cover you require.

read more › Buy online now as part of a package of commercial insurances - for those who require it on a contingency or stand-along basis, this can be arranged separately. If you employ anyone on a full or part-time, casual or informal basis you are required by law to hold an Employers Liability policy. This is compulsory, rather like motor insurance, and you should display the certificate at any place of work. Severe penalties can apply if you do not arrange this insurance. Usually Employers Liability will come as part of a package, including Public Liability and cover for your shop, workshop or office - all of which can arrange through our buy online system.

read more › Goods in Transit Insurance covers your goods or those of others while they are being moved from one place to another (whether that be in the UK or around the world). It safeguards the goods against loss or damage. We can also arrange Goods In Transit insurance as part of a commercial insurance package - which can include your vehicle, place of work and will also cover for public and employers liability, as well as any other contents and equipment you have.

read more › There are few insurance schemes out there that cater for the martial arts industry. Of those that do claim to offer Martial Arts Insurance, there is always some ambiguity over what is covered and what could leave you exposed to paying a costly claim. This policy, constructed with leading London Market Insurers, we have created a policy that offers some of the most flexible and wide-ranging cover on the market. You can buy online, and we cater for organisations of all sizes, from the large associations, right through to the individual instructors.

read more › Our policies can cater both for individuals sending household contents and/or vehicles abroad as well as businesses who wish to arrange either a one-off policy or an annual cargo policy to send items worldwide. We have excellent relationships with a number of insurers and can cater for standard as well as unusual cargo, as well as high-value items and equipment. That includes transit and container insurance. Single consignments for household goods and vehicles for private individuals and families.

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