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Evans Insurance Evans Insurance are Independent Insurance Brokers in Essex and Suffolk, specialising in Business and Property Insurance. We also have an excellent range of products for Private clients such as Home Insurance policies. Imagine being able to speak to the same person every time you need to talk about your insurance, or make a claim - and without having to go through a call centre - it sounds simple but it doesn't happen much anymore.

As a customer of Evans Insurance Brokers, you can benefit from a consistent, long term professional relationship with your insurance broker, with the highest possible level of customer service and value for money. Not only that, but you can also be sure your insurance policies provide the cover you need and are priced competitively - not just this year, but every year.

You can be assured you are using a broker with great buying power too, as we are also an Appointed Representative of Movo Insurance Brokers Ltd - a Bluefin Partner, and this gives us access to some fantastic insurance products with highly competitive premiums.

read more › We are Award Winning, Trading Standards-approved Insurance Brokers based in Romford, Essex, taking care of client's all over the UK. To protect as many people as we can against the unexpected, through effective, bespoke and fairly priced Insurance programmes. We review our client's case annually based on their current circumstances and not just offer them the programme they had last year, without full consideration of alternatives; so they can be assured they are still getting the right cover and value for money.

read more › We take the time to get to know you and your business, in order to tailor make an insurance programme that best protects you. Price is always one of our focus points, but value for money and your protection is paramount. Evans Insurance Brokers are Independent Insurance Brokers in Essex, specialising in bespoke Business and Landlords Insurance for businesses and property owners all over the UK. Taking the time to get to know you, we then review your policies, looking not only at what you already have in place but also to identify areas that might need attention.

read more › With this type of cover, as an employer you will be offering a peace of mind for both yourself and your employee - it can ensure your employee returns to work quickly by helping them to overcome any issues that may be limiting their ability to perform. Statistics indicate employees cost their employer an average of 522 each year due to absence. Your employees are your most important asset, so regardless of the size of your business, a health insurance scheme is a key business tool to help look after your employees.

read more › At Evans Insurance Brokers, we specialise in helping business owners get the right cover for the right price. We understand that as a Tradesman running your own business, you need to keep costs down as well as have Insurance that's worth having. That's why we shop around in the Tradesman Liability Insurance market to get you the best possible quote we can each year. If you contact us during business hours, in most cases we can give you a quote over the phone, and you can be insured straight away.

read more › Tip: if you only have Employers Liability Insurance, you are exposed to potential claims which could reach thousands of pounds in defence costs and awards. Following his resignation, an employee at a clothing retailer claimed that he had suffered abuse and derogatory remarks over his sexuality for an 18-month period. He alleged that he had raised a grievance against his former manager but this had been ignored, forcing him to leave. A tribunal heard that a former employee of a car parts retailer had been the subject of bullying and harassment by managers after becoming pregnant.

read more › If you're a Locksmith, you are likely to have a range of Insurance needs, which can be covered by a specialist Locksmith Insurance policy. For example, some insurers will only offer you Public Liability Insurance, covering you against injury to third parties or damage to their property. However, there's a lot more to Locksmith Insurance than that, and Locksmiths need to make sure they have the right cover to meet their individual needs. When arranging cover, be sure to check what cover you're getting, to make sure you cover yourself properly.

read more › Fleet Insurance Broker - If you own or lease two vehicles or more, or are thinking about doing so, then contact us to see how we can help you get the most comprehensive and flexible Fleet Insurance cover on the market for the best price. Many businesses operating two vehicles or more are spending more than they need to on their insurances, either because they have a policy for each vehicle or haven't been getting the best price for their existing fleet policy. We are Fleet Insurance Brokers in Essex, specialising in Motor Fleet and all classes of Business Insurance.

read more › Manufacturing Insurance - If you make products in the manufacturing industry, you'll need a comprehensive Manufacturing Insurance programme. Manufacturing Insurance can include a variety of useful insurance covers, but it's not always easy to tell what's included and what isn't. As Manufacturers are exposed to a number of risks, from stock getting damaged to getting sued by third parties, it's important to fully understand what your Manufacturing Insurance can protect you against. Manufacturing is a very wide subject, and so its important that your Manufacturing Insurance is tailored specifically for your business.

read more › Do you have Cleaning Insurance in place, covering all the things that a cleaning company needs? Get a no-obligation insurance quotation and gain access to comprehensive cover for your cleaning company. There are hundreds of business insurance companies out there, and whilst many of them will accept cleaning companies, very few are able to offer customers all of the above covers at such competitive prices. Many insurance policies that cleaning companies buy exclude damage to property being worked on and/or treatment risks to carpets and upholstery.

read more › Loss Recovey Insurance - Whilst our service includes hands-on help with negotiating claims, commercial insurance losses have become extremely complex in recent years and often require expert assistance. We therefore recommend Loss Recovery Insurance from Lorega, which may be of interest to you. This product is intended to meet the demands and needs of a property owner or business with insured contents and/or stock, requiring the services of a fully qualified claims expert, who will prepare and negotiate all material damage and business interruption claims exceeding 5,000, on your behalf.

read more › If you're involved with Wholesaling products, you'll need and most likely have Wholesalers Insurance. However, it's important to make sure your Wholesalers Insurance is comprehensive and covers the things you want it to (where possible). Not only that, but businesses can quickly outgrow their Wholesalers Insurance, or make a seemingly minor change that affects the whole policy. For these reasons, its important to make sure your Wholesalers Insurance continues to reflect the needs of your business.

read more › If you are, then you could be held liable personally for a range of issues that could cost tens of thousands - and your current Insurance arrangements may not cover this because. We're an award winning firm of Insurance Brokers, helping company Directors from all over the UK protect themselves and their personal Assets with Directors and Officers Insurance. We believe every Company Director or Officer should know about and have this cover - so many don't even know about it because their provider just doesn't talk about it!

read more › However careful you are with your risk assessments and in-house practices, it's important to get the right welders insurance for your welding and fabrication work, so that if something does go wrong, you are fully protected. You'd be surprised at the sort of exclusions and conditions a welders insurance policy might have, which is why we are careful to check the small print for our clients, to make sure they are fully insured. Why not have us review your policy for free, or give you some alternative quotes when your renewal is due?

read more › Being left with a bad debt can have a major effect on your business - it could put pressure on your cash flow and in the worst cases lead to the financial failure of your company. A trade credit insurance policy, often referred to as 'bad debt insurance' can protect your business against non payment or insolvency and can include your entire sales ledger or just your key customers, as well as customers overseas. Bad Debt insurance can help you manage the risk associated with new customers as well as any changes to your existing customers circumstances, which could result in them not being able to pay you.

read more › Do you want to make sure your Accountants Insurance is as comprehensive as the work you do for your clients? Accountants have a wide range of exposures, such as claims for compensation following errors or omissions in their professional duties, injury or property damage sustained by employees or damage to equipment or company vehicles. We understand how important it is to ensure your Accountants Insurance is prepared as meticulously as the work you do for your customers. As a valued customer, you will have access to specialist Accountants Insurance policies that have been written especially for Accountants and are recognised by your Governing Body.

read more › It sounds absurd, but many window cleaning insurance policies have an exclusion for damage to property being worked on, so if you break a customer's glass whilst working on it, this wouldn't be insured! We have access to a number of window cleaning insurance products that have been built by insurance companies (some of which backed by the British Insurance Brokers Association) to meet the needs of window cleaning companies. Whether you use ladders, rope access, water-fed poles or any other method for cleaning windows, you can get insurance that will cover you properly with the window cleaning insurance policies we have access to.

read more › Insurance for Domestic Cleaners is an important issue, whether you're one cleaner or a business owner employing many cleaners. Even the most careful cleaners can have accidents or things go wrong for them, be it damaging something at the customer's premises, staining fabric with a cleaning product or losing a customer's keys. As a Domestic Cleaner, it's important you have the right Insurance for Domestic Cleaners, so that you're fully protected if something should go wrong. In fact, some policies exclude some really important cover, yet often cost the same or more!

read more › They were experiencing some difficulty in getting Insurance for the building, partly because it was going to be let to students and in part because it was currently unoccupied. I'm pleased to say we managed to organise cover for them at a competitive price, which isn't always easy with Student and/or empty properties! There are lots of things to be considered when buying Student Let Insurance, and ideally you should work with a specialist who can guide you. What (if any) cover do you have for Malicious Damage by tenants? - this cover is not always provided, and when it is, it is often limited.

read more › If you are an owner of a Property which a business operates in, even if it's your own business or one that you let out to tenants, it is usually described as a Commercial premise. Most Commercial Property owners are exposed to a number of different risks, this could be because they rent the Property to tenants and face issues of loss of rent, or they are running the premises themselves. Your Commercial Property will most likely cover the buildings Insurance, which should cover the rebuild or repair of a Property.

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