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Andrew Phillips Insurance Brokers AP Insurance Brokers is a firm of highly experienced advisers with a real drive to find their clients the best cover at a competitive price. They can arrange many types of insurance including property, contents, liability, motor fleet, cyber, medical malpractice and professional indemnity insurance for businesses as well as home buildings, home contents, valuables and jewellery insurance for private clients.

Deciding on the types of insurance that you need if you are running any sort of medical setting can be confusing. Andy Phillips and his team are highly experienced advisers with a real drive to find their clients the best cover at a competitive price. We take the time to understand your requirements, visiting our clients wherever possible, to make sure they understand the insurance they must have, should have and could have.

This gives them an informed choice. We can arrange property, liability, motor fleet, medical malpractice and professional indemnity insurance for many types of business including manufacturing, wholesale, fertility clinics, ultrasound services and many other types of medical service provision.

read more › AP Insurance Brokers was established by Andy Phillips in response to a demand for a truly personal insurance service. We will give you impartial advice based on your individual circumstances. We will strive to build up a long standing relationship with you and a good knowledge of your requirements. We will find you the best policy, from the insurers we work with, to match your needs, both on price and cover. You will have a single point of contact who will handle all enquiries, whether that is a quotation, renewal, claim or policy alteration.

read more › AP Insurance Brokers are specialist private client insurance brokers based in Redditch, and we pride ourselves on provide high quality, independent, expert advice and service for our clients. We understand that your insurance is there to protect your lifestyle and family. We also know that your lifestyle is as unique as you are, so we take the time to understand your personal circumstances to ensure that we find an insurance solution that fits your needs. We also make sure that you have the right cover for your home, assets and family.

read more › How would you feel if you discovered that your existing policy insured your 50,000 painting for only 20,000!? Shocked? Disappointed? Anxious? That's exactly how many misinformed policy holders feel when they come to us. You may not be aware of this, but many 'standard' insurance policies actually have a limit on the amount they will pay out for valuables. In some instances, this capped amount can be as little as 5000! We are here to ensure that you do not suffer such a consequential misunderstanding!

read more › Your high value contents are precious; after all, you've worked extremely hard to purchase such superior quality items and you deserve the peace of mind to know that they are completely protected. Whether it's expensive furniture, fine art or jewellery, your contents insurance should guarantee that you are nothing less than entirely covered in the event that they get damaged or stolen. Worryingly, many people assume that all insurance policies are exactly the same; yet this could not be further from the truth.

read more › Let's be honest, travel insurance is the last thing you want to be stressing about when you're planning your well-deserved holiday. With so much to organise and everybody in good spirits, most people find the prospect of arranging cover somewhat daunting. Of course, no one wants to think that they may actually need to use their travel insurance, and so quite often it is purchased in the most inexpensive and basic form with most people not knowing what (or what it doesn't) actually cover. Whereas this may be all well and good for the majority of you, what happens if you are the one that needs to make a claim?

read more › If you own several vehicles, you will know all too well just how much of a hassle it can be to arrange multiple insurance covers. Has anyone really got the time to compare masses of policies and prices? Can you honestly say you have always found the best policies possible? If you are like most of our clients, you will probably find the prospect of arranging multiple car insurances quite daunting. But did you know there is a better and less time-consuming way to go about this? Have you considered combining your insurances together on a "family fleet policy"?

read more › Whether it's a quaint and quirky cottage in the UK or an extravagant Villa on an idyllic island, your holiday home is undoubtedly cherished by you and your family. You are likely to have placed a lot of your hard earned cash into creating your dream holiday home, so why should you be left at serious risk by your insurance policy? Should you be left to settle for a secondary class cover just because you don't permanently occupy the premises? We don't think so! With our extensive experience in dealing with holiday home insurance, we know just how crucial it is to get the right kind of insurance cover.

read more › In today's climate, property investment is becoming increasingly popular. With interest rates the way they are, more and more people are choosing to enter the "buy to let" market, with some even investing in commercial properties. If you are amongst this growing population, then you should be aware of what you need covered in your insurance policies. As the owner of a building, you are liable for any injuries that occur to tenants as a result of a defect in the building. It's also important to remember there is always the risk of a potential loss of rental income should the property be damaged.

read more › AP Insurance Brokers aims to provide a reassuringly personal level of service to all of our business insurance clients. Each client has a single point of contact who will handle all enquiries, whether that is a quotation, renewal, claim or policy alteration. We do not have a call centre or different staff handling different requirements. We aim to visit each client to make sure we understand what you do and how you do it, so that we can assess your insurance requirements in detail. This enables us to give a more detailed picture of your business to potential insurers.

read more › To cover legal defence costs and awards made against you arising from your liability for physical or emotional harm caused during medical treatment. Medical Malpractice Insurance is available for sonographers, doctors, consultants, physiotherapists, complementary therapists, 3D & 4D baby scanning centres, dietitians, nutritionists, first-aiders, hypnotherapists, life coaching, massage, nurses, dental nurses, psychologists, psychotherapists, paramedics and more. We can also assist with more complex medical malpractice insurance requirements for nursing homes, GP Federations, fertility clinics, and much more.

read more › Public liability insurance covers legal defence costs and awards made against you arising from liability at law for injury to others or damage to their property arising out of your business activities (but not products supplied). For example a visitor to your premises might trip over some packing materials or be injured by a moving forklift truck. Employers' liability insurance covers legal defence costs and awards made against you arising from your liability at law for injury to your employees.

read more › Any person or business who provides advice, designs or offers their skills, knowledge or service in a professional capacity is regarded as an expert by their client, and as such, should consider professional indemnity insurance. Clients have high expectations from their professional advisers. Whether you are at fault or not, your clients may have an issue with the advice you have provided or the work you have carried out and seek compensation. Even if you are not at fault and can successfully defend a claim, there may still be significant legal costs involved which can significantly damage your business.

read more › If you have employees, contractors, casual workers or temporary staff, you are required by law to take out employers' liability cover, to deal with any claims from employees who've been injured or become seriously ill or has died as a result of working for you. We also have access to a range of other employee insurance cover to meet all your business needs. Permanent or temporary injury to an employee can be traumatic to the individual and disruptive to the business. Personal Accident insurance can provide a lump sum payment to the employee (or dependants) following accidental death or permanent injuries such as a loss of limb, loss of an eye, or permanent total disablement.

read more › Andy Phillips is a highly experienced adviser with a real drive to find his clients the best cover at a competitive price. As a busy professional, you don't always have time to look into exactly which insurance products you need. Whether you're setting up a new business or involved in running an established organisation, Andy can take the stress and hassle out of ensuring you have the right cover. Andy is a highly personable, trustworthy and professional advisor - everything you want from an insurance agent.

read more › AP Insurance Brokers were able to provide a professional and efficient service for a particular type of insurance cover for me. Andy was very helpful and understood my requirements and concerns regarding adequate cover. Everything was delivered in a timely manner with efficiency and courtesy. I would recommend his services. Of all the insurance comanies we approached for quotes/advice, Andrew Phillips was the only one who put our job importance at the centre of everything he does, and not money.

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