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BNF Insurance Services BNF Insurance Services have a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of insurance and risk-based situations, which we use to ensure that you have the protection which is necessary for your business. As a broker, we have access to insurance companies that do not sell directly to the public. This increases your available options on important policies, such as Commercial Combined Insurance, Intellectual Property Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance and for sectors like Retail & Shop.

We will take the time to explain exactly what we are offering, so that you are sufficiently well informed and can make your decision. We work for you, not the insurance company and we will deal with your claim in the way that suits you best, be that in person, on the phone or by email. When you need to buy or review your insurances, We are here for you.

Since 1983 we have been providing insurance to businesses and people around the country and are proud of what we do. We are still a fully independent insurance broker that likes to treat every customer we have with the same level of care and integrity.

read more › Insurance is an expense you can't avoid if you have your own business and it should be there for you when you need it the most; in the event of a claim. We only use Insurance Companies that have strong financial reserves and a philosophy of paying claims when needed. So we can help you get your business and your life back to normal as quickly as possible. We look at the exact type of cover you need and offer the right solution for you. These days there are many different ways to buy insurance, but also many excellent reasons to consider using an Insurance Broker and their expertise.

read more › The business insurance we offer includes a range of covers. Each different cover is there to counter the different risks to your business, including legal liability, damage to property & stock and even employee related problems. We aim to protect businesses against losses suffered during the course of regular trading or activity, particularly claims by third parties. As brokers we take the time to get to know, not just your business, but you as well thus providing you with a policy that is tailored to your individual business needs and that will ultimately safeguard your financial future.

read more › As brokers, our business is making sure that your insurance is tailored to you. We take the time to understand the needs of your business and the different risks you may face. Our creative sector covers many different types of businesses in categories such as fashion, media, arts, antiquities, etc. Spanning anything from independent professionals right through to large companies of any size. With the emphasis on Professional Indemnity Insurance being so important, we can also add this cover into your full package policy covering your equipment, materials, office contents and goods entrusted to you.

read more › The property insurance we offer includes a range of covers, protecting businesses against losses suffered during the course of regular trading or activity, particularly claims by third parties. Our property owners' insurance incorporates a wide variety of cover, specifically designed. Your home is the most important place in your life, so it is extremely important to have the.

read more › The vehicle insurance we offer includes a range of covers, if your vehicle is lost, stolen or damaged if you injure someone or damage their vehicle or property in an accident. If you happen to be in an accident with an uninsured driver. We'll make your vehicle roadworthy with roadside repairs, or cover up to 150 for accommodation or public transport. Cover for driving someone else's car and for legal costs if you're involved in an accident. You'll benefit from invaluable extras such as; courtesy cars and vans when needed, full cover.

read more › Each different cover is there to counter the different risks to your business, including legal liability, damage to property & stock and even employee related problems. At BNF Insurance we provide an insurance policy that is tailored to your individual business needs, rather than a 'one size fits all' policy. As brokers we take the time to get to know not just your business but you as well, providing you with the assistance that will ultimately safeguard your financial future with it. As a business owner, making sure that you have the right insurance in place can often be a challenge.

read more › Data and the protection of it are so important nowadays that every precaution should be taken to make sure that it is as safe as possible. But Data Breaches do happen and that is where one would benefit from having a Cyber policy in place. Whilst all the attention is on high profile companies that suffer a breach like British Airways, Marriot International, Yahoo and eBay to name but a few, small businesses are increasingly becoming targets for this criminal activity. If you suffer an attack, your insurer will cover your loss of income up to the policy limit during the period of downtime and possible even beyond.

read more › At BNF Insurance we will make sure that you are covered for any claims made against your directors or officers for alleged wrongful acts. Such as, breach of trust or duty, neglect, wrongful trading, etc. This insurance will cover the cost of defending any proceedings, as well as the compensation costs that may arise from claims made by shareholders, investors, employees, regulators or third parties. There is a greater risk that if there is no insurance in place, you will not be able to defend yourselves against disqualification, civil proceedings and even possible criminal prosecution.

read more › Continuing to be one of the most dynamic sectors of industry, Life Science is constantly developing throughout the world. Companies within this sector consistently innovate and test new treatments and devices, in order to keep up with changing needs. In turn each of these companies will have their own specific needs, which can depend on many factors, including the size and maturity of the company. At BNF Insurance we can help you if you are a small start-up business with an exciting new idea, or if you are already an established forerunner in the technology with several products on the market.

read more › Retail insurance with BNF Insurance will protect you and cover you with public liability insurance in the event of someone claiming compensation against you. Whatever your retail business, small independent gift shop online or perhaps large high street chain, you will need an insurance policy to cover you for the risks you face. Your shop building even if the one you occupy is not owned by you, may need specific added insurances to cover any improvements or new installations made by you. Another important factor is the value of stock you hold, which would almost certainly be your largest concern if you retail outlet is online only.

read more › As a broker we always make sure that your policy is as unique and suited to you, as the exhibits you display or collect. We cover galleries, antique centres & dealers, home workers and museums of all types, to name but a few. At BNF Insurance we arrange a wide variety of both art and antiques policies, so if you simply collect art or antiques for pleasure, or if you buy them to sell on for a profit, we'll make sure that your collection is protected. When it comes to stock and premises, it is important to make sure that you are covered against any eventuality, such as accidental damage or theft, which may result in business interruption and a loss in revenue.

read more › We continue to provide competitive fashion insurance for related businesses throughout the UK, always supplying bespoke policies which are as unique as our clients themselves. As a fashion designer or someone with a business in the fashion and clothing sector, it is important that you have employer's liability insurance. If you employ anyone, even just on a part time or casual basis, it is a legal requirement. We are happy to arrange a visit to you or your premises so that we can discuss each of your requirements, for example; public, product & employer liability, stock & contents cover, event cancellation, loss of profits & goods in transit, terrorism & legal expenses and cover for fashion shows & shoots.

read more › As a broker we are able to arrange bespoke cover for both museums and restorers, always providing you with the correct cover at the lowest cost. From the smallest museum or restorer working from home, right through to large museums or studios we will tailor a solution specifically for you. Your policy cover may need to include, public & products liability, employers liability, buildings, stock & contents, loss of profits, money and glass. If required it can also be increased to include cover for items in transit to, from or whilst on exhibition - being flexible enough to accommodate all types of items or exhibits.

read more › At BNF Insurance we tailor the full policy around exactly what you need as an artist, crafter or tradesman and are happy to visit you or your premises in order to discuss your requirements in full. Both artists and sculptors would be in need of at least the minimum public liability cover, so that they are protected against claims by third parties. Often when showing at an exhibition, the organisers will insist on this being in place before you are able to exhibit and it is a legal requirement if you employ anyone, including subcontractors.

read more › If you are a stylist involved in any clothing, make up or hair business within a fashion & creative environment, we will be able to provide the right cover you need at the right competitive price. As a broker we look at all the individual aspects of both you and your business, to ensure that you get the insurance that you need, rather than a 'one size fits all' cover. Ideally all businesses should have public liability insurance, although it is not a legal requirement for most unless you have employees, it is an important tool to protect you against claims and an interruption in trading leading to loss of revenue.

read more › Commercial property insurance protects your building and contents, which in turn also safeguards not just the money you've already invested, but any future earnings. There are many different types of commercial property that you would need a commercial property insurance policy for, e.g. BNF Insurance can help with all and any of these. Our bespoke cover can include any required combination of the following: buildings, stock, equipment, loss of income, business interruption, commercial property owner liability and employer liability.

read more › Our unique mid and high net worth home insurance policies are underwritten by Lloyds of London and designed especially with the higher end home owner in mind. We always provide our customers with the correct home and contents insurance to meet their needs. With high limits and exceptionally wide cover, we are confident the cost and cover cannot be rivalled elsewhere. With an up to 20% no claims bonus and immediate cover, we can also arrange interest free payments over 12 months on some policies.

read more › Non standard home insurance is for any property that doesn't fit into the standard category, for example any non standard construction, or any history of subsidence or flooding. We offer specialist insurance within this sector and will provide cover even for those properties that have been difficult to insure elsewhere, BNF Insurance look at all and any types of risk. As well as non standard properties we are also able to help clients whose properties are unoccupied much or all of the year, providing excellent and flexible cover at a great price.

read more › Our property owners' insurance incorporates a wide variety of cover, specifically designed for landlords and buy-to-let owners, for whom standard home insurance is just not enough. Having the correct insurance in place is essential to provide you with cover against loss of rent, property damage and liabilities to the public, not to mention the peace of mind that your investment is properly protected. The flexibility of our cover will allow you to add extra properties to an existing policy as and when you need to, giving you just one renewal date and even a multi-property discount.

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