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Harrison Beaumont Insurance Services Extreme Sport, Action Sport or Adventure Sport, whatever your activity is, ensure you and your equipment are insured! Sports travel insurance and insurance for sports equipment is essential for any activity enthusiast. Harrison Beaumont Insurance specialise in providing competitive activity travel insurance and activity equipment insurance for adventure bound activities and sports.

With years of experience offering sport cover and personal accident insurance, Harrison Beaumont is well placed to provide a dedicated and comprehensive service. We arrange insurance for all ages and existing medical conditions. Harrison Beaumont arranges insurance with a number of these firms.

Harrison Beaumont Insurance services is well known for their specialist activity travel insurance. We can offer you competitive cover for a Single Trip or an Annual Multi trip insurance policy. Our Activity Travel insurance means you can benefit from a policy that gives you peace of mind to wholly enjoy your sport or activity.

Sports performed in the air are often very dangerous and most definitely extreme. The thrill of feeling the wind rush past you, be it free falling on a skydive before deploying your parachute, flying at speeds of up to 150mph or gliding over breath taking scenery, air sports offer an adrenaline rush like no other. There are a great number of air sports

The sport of lightweight flying offers incredible thrills and breathtaking views, but of course has obvious risks. Expensive flying equipment is put under a great deal of stress and strain both when in the air and taking off, and any damage sustained can end up being very costly and time consuming for you. If you own your own flying equipment or even

The sport of gliding offers an unrivalled free flying experience and is constantly becoming more popular with a strong base of professionals and amateurs. Gliding at up to speeds of 170mph makes for an exhilarating adventure, but carries with it obvious risks. To fully enjoy the action sport it is recommended that you take out gliding insurance. Equipment

The rush of gliding through the air at speeds of up to 100mph while suspended from a lightweight craft, makes hang gliding one of the most exhilarating extreme flying sports around. However, the need for hang gliding insurance is something that has become increasingly important when considering the current economic climate. Hang gliding equipment is

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