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We notice you're on a mobile. To save you some time just add your email address and postcode below, we will then send a quote and information on all our policies to your email address to read at your leisure. We promise you won't be added to any database or receive any other marketing material from us. Learn to drive in the family or a friend's car without putting their No Claims Bonus at risk.

Covered delivers insurance solutions for learner drivers. Our insurance policies are entirely separate from the car owner's motor policy. They provide fully comprehensive insurance cover for the learner should they have an accident while they are learning to drive. Our insurance policy is designed for learner drivers who drive daily, or almost every day.

You're insured to drive at any time the insured car and a supervisor are available. A Covered Learner Driver policy clearly benefits the car owner by protecting the main policy. It also helps the learner; Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency research shows that learners who have a combination of professional instruction and private practice obtain better results on the driving test.

read more › Under the Road Traffic Act it's a legal requirement that any person driving a car on a public highway including learners, must be insured to drive the vehicle they are in charge of. Being able to gain valuable practice time to hone your driving skills may be difficult, the main problem being getting access to a car other than a driving schools'. Unfortunately most people associate allowing a learner to drive their car with additional premium costs and exposing any hard earned No Claims Bonus. These issues have been addressed with the development of learner driver insurance - an insurance policy that protects the car owners No Claims Bonus and allows the learner to have access to cars other than a driving schools'.

read more › Your Covered Learner Driver kit contains everything you need to help you get on the road safely. It combines a proven and flexible insurance solution together with practical advice PC CD-ROM that together give an unbeatable combination. Covered Learner Driver Insurance means that a learner driver can have many hours driving practice at a low cost per day. Practice with someone you know and feel relaxed with and they are safe in the knowledge that should they have an accident the owner's insurance will not be affected and the owner's No Claim Bonus will remain intact.

read more › Please remember your Covered Learner Driver Insurance policy does not permit you to drive the named car after the policy time and date has expired. Please enter the requested details below and we will offer you a selection of renewal periods and premiums for you to choose from. You will then be able to indicate the period for which you wish to renew and fits your needs. Information you supply to us. You must take reasonable care to provide complete and accurate answers to the questions we ask when you take out, make changes to, or renew your insurance policy.

read more › What happens next? When you call our Motor Claims Helpline we will provide you with all the information you may need to help us deal with any claim. If your vehicle requires recovery it will be stored at a safe location. If your vehicle can still be driven we will instruct one of our nationwide approved repair specialists to contact you during working hours to arrange collection of your vehicle. ALL correspondence received from any party involved in the accident, any police summons or hospital communication should be forwarded, unanswered to us immediately.

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