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Cabshield Insurance This agreement provides a unique opportunity for the two organisations to now combine their respective strengths for the mutual benefit of our customers in both Patons Insurance and Cabshield. Until further notice, the two businesses will continue to trade separately from their respective offices, however, it is likely that the Patons Dundee branch will be relocated into one combined operation at Cabshield's current home at Law House on Strathmartine Road, Dundee, in early 2020.

For the time being, it's business as usual for the teams in Cabshield and at all regional offices of Patons Insurance, and we look forward to keeping you updated on progress of this exciting development as we go.

read more › Private Hire insurance is for drivers of minicabs (saloons) and minibuses that are licenced to carry passengers for hire and reward. They must be pre-booked so cannot be hailed in the street. Private Hire vehicles constitute approximately 65% of the total taxi insurance market, and Cabshield is one of the top private hire brokers in the country? We have a large panel of underwriters, with access to exclusive rates, so our prices are often the lowest available anywhere. Plus we have a dedicated and experienced team, who understand your requirements and challenges.

read more › You might be a plumber or a plasterer, a florist or a fishmonger, but your van is no doubt vital to your business. You therefore need van insurance cover in case something goes wrong. Commercial van insurance companies cover most makes and models of van, though there is often a maximum weight limit of 3.5 tonnes. A big van with a large engine will typically command a higher premium than a smaller vehicle because insurers class vans into different groups according to accident statistics and repair costs.

read more › As a courier, you deliver by van for a living, so you don't just need cheap insurance, you also need real value for money. Your customers insist on prompt, no excuses courier service regardless of weather and road conditions. You can be just as demanding with us. They are different types of business, and so require different policies. A courier delivers to several places per journey, whereas a haulier generally delivers to one or two. Yes, up to 10,000 with certain insurers if you often carry cargo worth more you'll require additional Goods In Transit cover.

read more › Minibus insurance can cover you to drive your minibus either privately or for commercial use, whether it is for a charity, school, social club or group, personal or business purposes. Cover can be arranged in three different levels - Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire & Theft and Comprehensive, and can include Public Liability cover, EU cover and Breakdown protection, plus cover for Any Driver or Named Drivers too. Minibus can be used for a number of purposes, the specifics of which will determine what kind of cover you will need.

read more › Our Rural Business Motor Insurance is an innovative product available for a range of trades and occupations. So whether you're a florist, plumber, builder, baker or shopkeeper, you can combine all your commercial vehicles, private cars, in fact almost anything on wheels. We know that urban areas are full of risk, from the increased number of accidents that result in injuries to higher crime rates. We don't believe rural drivers should be penalised as a result, so let us find the policy that accurately suits your demands & needs.

read more › Cabshield have been providing Executive Hire insurance in excess of 28 years, the insurance cover ranges from comprehensive cover to a special limited mileage cover. Based on experience of the Executive Hire insurance market for over 28 years we are able to cover a wide range of insurance needs from single vehicle for Executive Hire to fleets & limited mileage insurance for older vehicles. Established in 1990, we are proud of our specialist knowledge in Public & Private Hire Insurance. We are recognised as one of the UK's leading providers.

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