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A D F Insurance Brokers Welcome to ADF Insurance Brokers Ltd an independent insurance brokers dedicated to providing high levels of service and expertise to our clients. We make it our business to help you understand your insurance needs and guide you through potential solutions. We tailor our service to your needs, identifying the most appropriate insurance solution at the most competitive premiums.

Our clients are individuals and small to medium sized businesses that are looking for real value from their broker and appreciate our extensive expertise across all the major classes of insurance. ADF Insurance are a small insurance brokerage dedicated to providing high levels of service and expertise to small and medium sized businesses. We are an independent insurance broker regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We trade with the full range of Insurers across the UK and also have access into Lloyds of London via our dedicated broking team in London. At FirstClinTech we were planning to launch an innovative services organisation specialising in life-sustaining medical devices, and we needed to find the right product liability and professional indemnity cover at a cost that.

read more › ADF Insurance was formed by Andrew Flavell in 2007. Having spent 22 years in the insurance industry working for two of the market's leading multinational brokers he decided to form a brokerage dedicated to providing high levels of service and expertise to small and medium sized businesses. Having completed his Business Studies degree Andrew began working in the insurance industry in 1985 with Norwich Union in Birmingham. He spent the next 7 years underwriting commercial insurance before joining Willis Corroon again in Birmingham, one of the UK's leading national brokers.

read more › Healthcare covers a wide spectrum from domiciliary care through to specialist private clinics and hospitals providing specialist advice and surgery to patients. The treatment of patients can be highly emotive especially when if it involves cosmetic techniques. Patient expectations are high and any small failure in the provision of those services can lead to serious and ultimately very expensive consequences. Even if the cause of a problem is disputed the legal costs defending your position can be huge.

read more › Medical Malpractice Insurance provides indemnity for professional negligence by act or omission by a healthcare provider or clinic in which the treatment provided falls below the accepted standard of practice in the medical community and causes injury or death to the patient, with most cases involving medical error. With rapid advances in pharmaceutical efficacy, combined with increasingly sophisticated and complicated medical procedures professional healthcare providers are under increasing pressure to meet not only the minimum standards of their industry but also the expectations of their patients.

read more › Cyber liability insurance is a relatively new product to come to market. Historically policies such as Property, Liability and Crime have failed to cover the risks revolving around non-tangible assets (data), and network related risks. With growth in the reliance for technology in all areas of business, and the heightened threat of outsiders trying to access information the threat of these risks has increased significantly. Therefore the need for cyber liability insurance has increased. Who should we be buying cyber liability insurance?

read more › The UK Government in common with governments around the world is now encouraging the production of energy using fuels from sustainable sources as well as reducing the need for landfill. Renewable energy is key to our low carbon future. In the UK we have committed to reduce our carbon omissions to 15% by 2020. As a result a whole new infrastructure of business is developing to assist with the transition.

read more › Solar panels are used extensively in the UK. Whether fixed to commercial and residential properties or massed together on solar farms they provide a significant source of renewal energy in the UK. Solar energy has rapidly become a vital part of the global renewable energy mix and account for an ever-growing share of electric capacity added worldwide. The UK government's renewable targets state that by 2020 they aim to generate 12 % of heat through renewable energy sources (CEBR 2010). Whether you are an installer, investor/funder or project manager of a solar project we can offer bespoke insurance cover for both the construction/erection and operational phase of your solar project.

read more › Biomass is important because it provides humans with a highly sought after, renewable form of energy. Not only does it provide energy in its most basic form, but it can be made into other forms of energy as well. Through mechanical and chemical processes, biomass can be created into chemical energy, thermal energy, and biochemical energy. And, because it is sustainable and actually utilizes a great deal of waste, it is a green method of energy that does not negatively impact the environment, as other energy forms do.

read more › Directors & Officers Liability Insurance covers the cost of compensation claims made against individual directors &/or key managers for alleged wrongful acts. Do we need it? If your company has directors or key managers, directors' and officers' liability insurance can cover the cost of compensation claims made against them by shareholders, investors, employees, regulators or third parties. Directors and officers have specific duties, responsibilities and powers relating to their positions. These are usually set out in their job description or terms of reference.

read more › These directives are designed to benefit patients and users by setting out essential requirements that medical devices must meet. Medical devices must not compromise the health or safety of the patient, user or any other person. Any risks associated with the device are compatible with patient health and protection. This means that any deviation from compliance and safety procedures could expose a business to unsustainable levels of risk. Therefore insurance is vital to offer protection to medical device companies against perils that may ultimately impact patient health and safety.

read more › In the UK a medical device manufacturer may need to carry out a clinical investigation (clinical trial) as part of the process of obtaining a CE marking for a medical device, i.e. to demonstrate that the device complies with the essential requirements of the relevant directive. For medicinal/ pharmaceutical products a manufacturer must have marketing authorisation before they can be sold. Trials are crucial to the wider medical community. Where results are absorbed by researchers, pharmacists, doctors and regulators to aid further product development and treatments.

read more › Medical equipment insurance, covers medical equipment that is either in your possession or you are legal owner of. We have the capacity to cover a wide range of equipment for all sorts of purposes. We also have the ability to insure multiple device in a range of locations. Policies can be arranged to insure medical equipment at any site in the UK and overseas including whilst the medical equipment is in transit.

read more › With the ever advancing landscape which is medicine it is important that you not only take the right precautions but have the right covers in place to help rectify and remedy any situation should an incident occur. Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals insurance is designed to defend and aid pharmacies and other businesses creating and pushing the boundaries of medical science. The risks this industry is facing are diverse and complex: product recalls, counterfeiting and intellectual property are major challenges.

read more › Our experience covers all of the major classes of insurance. Regardless of trade or size we are able to arrange insurance either on a standalone or packaged basis. We access insurers directly across the country and also are able to obtain quotations from Lloyds of London via our dedicated City based broking team. We offer a wide range of insurance products which can be tailored to your needs including:. Nearly all businesses will have some form of intellectual property, though they may not be aware that this is the case, nor be aware that they need to protect it.

read more › Defining social welfare can be tricky, we define social welfare as the provision of services to members of the community in order to aid or improve wellbeing and health. Social welfare can be anything from a Rehabilitation centre to a Children's Home, from a Specific Needs School to a Charity. It is a fundamental industry in the UK. The need for businesses supplying social welfare has never been greater. More people than ever before are looking to get help. This is due to more people being aware of the signs, more people being willing to admit an issue and get help to fix it.

read more › Over the past decade British manufacturing has become increasingly high tech to survive in the global marketplace. It has done this by building on its strengths of design, technology, creativity, innovation and service. Manufacturers therefore present a unique challenge to the insurance industry because of the diverse nature of the industry sectors they operate in. The methods of production, types of product, the markets in which products are sold all require careful consideration when assessing your insurance needs.

read more › Life Science insurance is quite a broad term, as you can imagine there are many aspects that are considered life sciences. This in turn makes insurance a tricky thing to find for a lot of life science businesses. We are geared up to help as a specialist broker we work closely with insurers to cover all risks. We go over clients and proposals with a fine-tooth comb to ensure you have all the options and fully understand your risks. We find it is as important for the you, the client, to understand your risks as it is the insurer.

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