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WH & R McCartney Insurance Brokers Based in Lanarkshire, WH & R McCartney is Scotland's oldest independent insurance broker. The business was set up in 1932 by two brothers who chose financial services as a career over coal mining. The two current Directors - Kenneth McCartney and Graeme Robb - are the third generation of the family to run this well-known and growing insurance business.

As an independent broker we place business with a panel of major insurers as well as more specialist providers for complex and harder to place risks, our only concern when placing business is to serve our client's best needs. We are a member of Compass Network, the UK's largest insurance broker network, which allows us to offer much more than many other brokers.

Our membership allows us to benefit from their enhanced collective strength, enhanced bargaining power and competitive premiums, all of these benefits are passed on to our clients in the way of exclusive products and premium savings.

read more › As specialist business insurance brokers, we advise on and manage the insurance arrangements and professional risks for a range of professions and industry sectors, from manufacturers, contractors and accountants to surveyors, tree surgeons and management consultants. So whether you need public and product liability insurance, employers' liability insurance or directors' and officers' liability insurance, we ensure you get the right policy at the right price. What's more, we cater for self-employed, SME and large businesses too and can provide specific cover including: property insurance, goods in transit insurance, motor cover, contractors' plant insurance and employment protection.

read more › If you are looking for a great deal on your shop or office insurance, let us help you. We can build you an insurance programme using a simple package policy that is specially designed to cover your business effectively for all eventualities. We will review your current arrangements and give you advice on the covers you need, and additional covers available. Our team of friendly professionals will use their extensive experience to find you the most competitive premiums. Our strong trading relationships with the country's leading insurer's means that we offer good quality, flexible cover and should the worst happen and you need to make a claim we will help you every step of the way.

read more › Here at W H McCartney we are able to provide quotations for all aspects of the motor trade industry, whether you are a small trader or a large franchise dealer network, we will have a product to suit your needs. In order to provide a competitive quote we will review your current arrangements and create a priced based on exactly the right blend of covers for you, this ensures that you have adequate cover for all your business activities, whilst only paying for the insurance you need. Our knowledge of this sector enables us to cover you at your premises and on the road, whatever the vehicle.

read more › Motor Fleet Insurance can represent one of your largest business expenses and sourcing and managing the right policy for you can be challenging and time consuming. Our bespoke policies are able to cover small and large fleets for all trades and drivers. By working closely with you we will help you assess your risk and effectively manage your claims experience. You can trust that our 85 years of experience will provide you with the best service and cover possible. In the event of a claim our experienced team will help you every step of the way to minimise the disruption to your fleet and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

read more › You're good at what you do and you always act professionally and with integrity, so why would you need professional indemnity insurance? Mistakes can happen and any professional or company that provides expertise or advice is vunerable to a claim of negligence when they fail to meet a clients expectations. It is therefore vital that you have adequate cover in place to protect you against the consequences of this, both financial and reputational. We work with some of the UK's leading indemnity insurers to offer flexible wide ranging professional indemnity cover at a competitive premium.

read more › Whether you are a freeholder, leaseholder, mortgagee or owner your property is likely to be your largest asset and investment, therefore it is vital to ensure that you have it properly protected. We have a wealth of experience at arranging property owners insurance and can help you find the right policy for you. Our experienced team will take the time to get to know you and really understand your insurance needs. Whether you have one small flat or an extensive portfolio of properties, you'll be covered for everything from the loss of rental income to the property asset and liabilities.

read more › Working in an industrial environment leaves you facing risk every day, everything from mechanical and electrical breakdown of machinery and plant equipment to self-damage and damage to surrounding property. When buying insurance you need to feel confident that your insurance broker understands your business and the risks you face when they are placing cover, so that you are adequately protected for all the processes you carry out. At WH&R McCartney we work hard to get to know our clients and to help them control and manage their risk at the outset and for the lifetime of the policy.

read more › We believe that the key to creating a successful insurance programme is understanding. Your insurance provider needs to fully understand exactly what your business does and how it does it, only then can they provide exactly the right blend of covers for you. At WH&R McCartney our committed team of experienced professionals will work with you to get to know you and your business, and provide protection against your very particular set of risks. We will help you to assess your risk and work with you throughout the life of the policy to manage and control those risks.

read more › Directors and officers of businesses have specific duties, responsibilities and powers which are usually defined in their job description or terms of reference. In the event that a director or officer is found to have acted outside of their terms of reference, civil, criminal or regulatory proceedings can be brought against them. Directors may have personal liability for any actions or decisions that they make on behalf of the company. Poor decisions, mismanagement, and breaches of the Companies Act, even if your actions were carried out with the best intentions.

read more › Getting the right commercial insurance cover is important for any business. For those operating in the Third Sector, having adequate insurance protection takes on added significance if your work involves providing care and support for the disadvantaged and vulnerable. Organisations working in these sectors need to make the right insurance choice. With the help and support of social welfare insurance specialists, WH & R McCartney, you can ensure just that. Our detailed understanding of the risks involved in Third Sector insurance means we're ideally placed to help you make the right choice.

read more › Why not put your personal insurance requirements in the hands of the professional insurance brokers at WH & R McCartney? We have the knowledge, experience, contacts and access to exclusive deals that will ensure you get the right level of personal insurance cover at a very competitive price. We apply the same level of expertise and service to personal and private client insurance as we do to the business insurance we offer. Our brokers will guide you through the maze of insurance options and compare personal insurance on your behalf.

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