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AJ Insurance Service AJ Insurance Service Ltd is a family run Insurance Brokers originally established as a partnership in 1979. We are an independent intermediary authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Offering good service, good cover and competitive premiums has always been the cornerstone of our business. We are dedicated to ensuring that this is embedded in every aspect of our dealings with our customers.

We are also committed to ongoing training for all our staff to ensure they can offer a professional and skilled service at all times. Our experienced UK based team listen to our customers to try to understand their needs and requirements, to ensure that the policy we offer is the most suitable.

This approach sets us apart from the impersonal insurance experience provided by so many of the online and call centre insurance providers, and gives our clients the peace of mind that we understand their needs and have provided them with the right level of insurance cover.We are members of the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) with whom we continually work with to help provide options for insurance cover for those who are finding it difficult to obtain insurance cover.

read more › Having just returned to the UK after living abroad we approached the Insurance Association for a recommendation. They put me through to AJ Insurance. Had excellent service from Nigel he answered all my questions no matter how trivial and spent ages finding me the right policy. Would not hesitate to recommend. 2020, returned for renewal, same first class service.

read more › Do you have a foreign registered vehicle which you are bringing permanently to the UK, or are you returning to the UK from abroad with a vehicle which has been re-registered in the EU? At AJ Insurance we have an experienced and knowledgeable team of insurance professionals who are specialists in the field of insuring unregistered vehicles. Insuring a vehicle that currently only has a chassis number, or foreign registration number can be very difficult, as can be the whole registration process. Our expertise in this field will not only simplify the process of arranging insurance on the chassis number for your vehicle but may also assist you in your understanding of what you are required to do to register the vehicle with DVLA.

read more › You may need to use your vehicle outside the UK for more than the standard 90 days which is offered by most UK insurers. Are you going to be taking a long holiday or have a Holiday home where you spend the summer or maybe a ski season in the Alps? With the formation of the European Union it has become more commonplace for people to move around Europe on a more regular basis. By listening to our customers, we have recognised the need for greater flexibility from insurers where European cover for your vehicle is concerned.

read more › For many people now, travelling around Europe has become a way of life. Whether it be because of work commitments or the lifestyle that they have, for many individuals driving in various EU countries can be as commonplace as many people's commute to work. Moving house can be stressful enough, but if you are moving to another country the last thing you want to do is to consider selling your car and look for a new one. This is just one of the reasons why many people who are coming to live in the UK want to bring their European car with them.

read more › The world is getting smaller and increasingly more people are moving to the UK to live, or are Ex Pats returning to the UK after having exchanged their UK licence whilst living abroad. The move may have been straightforward enough, but what do you do if you have a foreign licence and wish to drive in the UK, either a vehicle you have imported from the EU or maybe from elsewhere, or a UK vehicle you have purchased on arrival? We have many years of experience of insuring new residents to the UK with overseas licences, which can be problematic to many online insurers.

read more › It was estimated several years ago that there were over one million drivers who were over the age of 80 still driving in the UK, and with people generally living longer this was probably set to rise even further. For most elderly people, who have driven all of their life, the car is a lifeline. Not only does it provide them with more mobility, but it also allows them to socialise more, maintain an active lifestyle, and gives them potentially more access to local services and activities. Whilst a car is centrally quite important to many people, it is possibly most important to senior citizens who could possibly become rather isolated without it.

read more › Have you ever had a vehicle stolen and not recovered, or wondered what you would get paid if this event occurred? Has your vehicle ever been involved in an accident where the vehicle was declared a total loss (or write off?) If you have then you will be aware that an insurer will only ever pay you the market value for your car to settle any claim. This can often mean that you are left with a lesser amount with which to replace the vehicle, or if the vehicle has been purchased on finance, with a shortfall outstanding to the finance provider.

read more › After your home, your vehicle is probably the most expensive item you may own, and we understand that your insurance cover should reflect this. If you own a prestige vehicle, then you would expect to receive a level of cover for the vehicle beyond which many policy wordings will provide. That is why, from our extensive range of insurer products, we are able to offer some of the following key features as a standard part of your policy. New car replacement for your vehicle if you were the first owner, it is damaged beyond repair, and is less than 3 years old.

read more › Often described as one of the most valuable things you will ever own in your life, your home, and the contents within it are to most people very precious, and often include many memories along the way. Yet many people do not insure their most valuable assets, or if they do, they have no idea of what cover they are getting for their money. A home insurance policy may seem quite straight forward but has anyone explained to you what "inner limits" apply to your policy, or what a single article limit is, or the amount of contents cover you have for outbuildings, if any!

read more › Unoccupied properties are becoming increasingly more common these days. You may have inherited a house from a loved one who has passed away, or you may have a home abroad and have found that you are spending more time away from your main home. Either way, in many cases, most household insurers will not provide any cover at all for an unoccupied property, or a property which is left empty for more than 30 consecutive days. This could be a major problem if you are left with a valuable asset being uninsured.

read more › The standard providers would generally refuse you cover if you have had any of the above mentioned issues. Whatever the reason we have a panel of providers who have tailor made policies for you and your home. We understand that there are a limited number of insurers that will offer full cover on your property if it has previously suffered from subsidence. We will try to get you policy you need with subsidence cover included. Regardless of the reason for the subsidence as long as the repairs have been done and there is a Structural Engineers Report we will try to get you insurance for your property including subsidence cover.

read more › Heavy rain!, Bitter storms!, Coastal surges! These are just some of the headlines that have appeared in newspapers in the past 5 years in relation to the UK's ever changing weather patterns. What the headlines don't tell you though is the amount of damage and sometimes heartache this can cause to a home owner who has been affected by flooding. It is not just the inconvenience of the initial damage and possibly having to move out of the house, but the possessions which can be destroyed as a result, and the clearing up after the water has finally subsided.

read more › Mention the word subsidence to most insurance underwriters and it will send a shiver down their spine. Here at AJ insurance we like to take a slightly different approach. With many years of experience in this rather specialist field of insurance we have a panel of underwriters available to us who will listen to the particular circumstances of each client, and will asses each case on its own merits. In most instances, if the property has a full structural engineers report, which was carried out after the repairs were completed to the building, the insurers will normally provide terms for cover including subsidence, and sometimes at surprisingly favourable premiums.

read more › AJ Insurance Service can provide a full review of your insurance requirements free of charge. In today's ever increasing litigious society it is essential that any Business or Sole Trader has cover in place to protect themselves against the everyday claim, some cover being a legal requirement. Public Liability Insurance provides protection against your legal liability for bodily injury to third parties and damage to their property. Product Liability Insurance provides protection against your legal liability for bodily injury to third parties or damage to property caused by defects in the product provided.

read more › AJ Insurance Service has over 30 years experience in providing Contractors All Risk Insurance from a large panel of insurers including access to Lloyds of London and specialist facilities not available in the open market. AJ Insurance Service can provide a full review of your insurance requirements free of charge. This cover is also referred to as Contract Works Insurance and is designed to protect you for claims in respect of temporary and permanent works you are undertaking on site including the materials and labour.

read more › AJ Insurance Service has many years experience in providing Directors and Officers Insurance from a large panel of insurers. As insurance experts we can provide you with a full review of your insurance requirements free of charge. The Companies Act 2006 has identified more easily the duties, responsibilities all Directors and Officers now have which has resulted in more claims being made against them from the likes of Shareholders, Other Directors, Customers, Regulators such as the HSE to name just a few.

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