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Ciaran Colm Coyle At Ciaran Colm Coyle, we offer tailored insurance packages, personalised to your way of life. Our specialist advisors work with you to ensure your insurance policy suits your individual needs and will go out of their way to find the package that suits you. We are passionate about providing you with all the information you need, to grasp a real understanding of how your life insurance cover works, including the endless benefits and rewards available.

We offer a comprehensive range of mortgages from across the market which helps us to find the most suitable deal for your circumstances. We can help provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protected if something should happen. Although we may not be able to meet in person at the moment, we are still working hard to ensure that we can deal with any new or existing queries relating to mortgages and protection - including life insurance, critical illness cover, home insurance and more!

read more › Our family run office was established in 1986 by Colm Coyle, who provided Insurance and Financial Services to Strabane and beyond. From the outset, our mission was to provide financial advice in the most simple and straightforward way possible explaining the complicated procedure of house purchase in the simplest of terms. With Ciaran Colm Coyle, our full time role is to provide you with specialist advice in both mortgage and personal insurance matters. Never before has there been such a bewildering range of mortgage and insurance products available so we are dedicated to helping you make the right choice.

read more › Here at Ciaran Colm Coyle we have been providing Mortgage and Insurance Services to our clients since the 1980's and we are very honored and proud to have since serviced generations of the same families for all their Mortgage and Insurance needs. Treating our customers fairly is central to everything we do and this simple approach has proven successful for us. We appreciate that you're looking for a company you can trust when making important decisions regarding your mortgage and protection needs and we take this to heart.

read more › Buying your first home can be as daunting a prospect as it is exciting. As with anything new, investigating the market and mortgage options available to you is key, prior to looking for your ideal property. Here at Ciaran Colm Coyle we can help you with every aspect of the home-buying process, from negotiating the best price on your property to arranging your mortgage. Mortgage valuations, homebuyers reports and structural surveys, we can help you avoid any nasty surprises. In addition to thousands of mainstream mortgage products, we have access to many exclusive products that aren't available elsewhere.

read more › Changing mortgage company can be a daunting process, especially with so many different products and providers. Let us take the hassle out of the process and make sure that you get the best deal. In addition to finding you the best deal on your remortgage we can help you to raise money for home improvements, extend your mortgage term or put a plan in place to help you pay off your mortgage early. We search the major high street lenders like HSBC, Nationwide and Santander, as well as smaller specialist lenders, all to get you the best deal.

read more › This way, you can get a better idea of what lenders and creditors can see when checking your eligibility to borrow money, also known as creditworthiness. Checkmyfile was the first credit-checking site to give borrowers easy access to their credit score and report online. Since launching 20 years ago in 2000, they have provided 35 million credit scores and 8 million credit reports to consumers across the UK. You are able to sign up to Check My File by completing a simple form, which asks for your basic personal information and your credit or debit card details.

read more › You're the breadwinner, whether it's just for you or for your family. You put food on the table and a roof over your head, so if you can't work because of illness or injury, or if you are no longer around, who's going to bring home the bacon? Life Insurance will protect your family from the financial worries they could face if you were no longer around. If you pass away, some policies will pay out a cash lump sum, others offer monthly payments for the remainder of the plan term from the claim. To cover you and your family against the financial impact of a critical illness and loss of income through sickness.

read more › Life Insurance will protect your family from the financial worries they could face if you were no longer around. If you pass away, some policies will pay out a cash lump sum, others offer monthly payments for the remainder of the plan term from the claim. Here at Ciaran Colm Coyle, we specialise in finding our customers the most suitable life insurance policies to suit their needs. We will search for not only the best value for money cover but also the most comprehensive policy to help ensure peace of mind.

read more › Critical Illness Cover is designed to pay out a cash lump sum if you find yourself diagnosed with a critical illness or injury. It is important to make sure you're covered against the financial impact this could have on your family. Speak to us today for the financial peace of mind throughout what canbe a very stressful time. Critical illness insurance is one of those long-term insurance policies that people put off and put off until they suddenly find themselves in need of one - and by that point it is too late.

read more › Income protection insurance is a policy that will pay out if you are unable to work due to critical illness or injury. Most of us won't ever imagine a time when we are incapable of working, let alone give much thought to yet another insurance policy on top of car insurance, home insurance and all the others. Out of all the insurance policies, income protection insurance is the most important and one we strongly recommend to all our clients at Ciaran Colm Coyle. If you are puzzled by the term "income protection insurance" then don't panic.

read more › Enter just a few personal details to see the Risk Reality Calculator results for you. Using only the details you enter here, the results on the next screen give you a rough idea of the chances of one of the above events happening before your chosen retirement age. The calculator uses population and industry statistics and your personal results are shown as a percentage. Please remember, these results are only a guide and are not certain to happen. Everyone is different, as are their financial needs.

read more › I could tell you about how 'we go the extra mile' or ramble on about 'our fantastic customer service' but why not simply get in touch and find out for yourself how truly exceptional the team here at Ciaran Colm Coyle truly is. He explained all our options very well and we will continue rely on him for advice when needed. He knew I was in a rush to get my property over the line as soon as possible and he made it happen. The advice I received was perfect and he made sure I understood every step of the process.

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