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CETA Insurance Scrap the forms and paper mountains and switch to the modern, versatile way of doing insurance via our Infinity platform. Smart, sophisticated and supported, it manages a range of risks and insurers and pairs advanced tech with a personable service. It's the quote and bind service you can count on time and time again. Non-standard insurance with non-stop support?

That's what we're talking about. I need a digital solution that enables me to compare non-standard risk quotes quickly with stability and support. I want to offer homeowners competitive rates from a panel of specialist insurers while earning good commission. I want to find out more about the only B2B solution on the market that combines multiple non-standard insurers with an intuitive digital platform.

We're a straightforward company with a transparent vision. We're always upfront, open and straight down the line about everything from registration to compliance and support. When we say Infinity is all-encompassing, we mean it.

read more › Floppy discs are the future. Well, they were back in 1993 when we were busy developing one of the first-ever insurance comparison tools. It's fair to say we've evolved since then, and so have our solutions. Fast-forward to today and we're proud to offer a finely tuned online specialist insurance Portal, delivering rapid quotes and reassuring specialist insurance for brokers all over the country. We're leading the insurance revolution. Go digital and discover our Infinity platform for rapid quotes, attractive rates and expert support.

read more › Discover the only B2B solution on the market to combine multiple insurers, cover non-standard risks and deliver a rapid quote & bind service. Forget everything you typically associate with obtaining insurance quotes. The slow, laborious process. The endless forms. The waiting game. CETA is here to make your job as a broker easier, more efficient and with greater returns. We know non-standard risks. We've been providing specialist cover since 1993, protecting people's properties and assets from everything life can throw at them.

read more › From first-time buyers to investors adding to their property portfolio, every homeowner wants attractive insurance rates. As a mortgage broker, you know how it is - any kind of hold-up can delay the process and cause problems in the chain or, at worst, mean your client's sale falls through. We know how it is too. We've been providing specialist property insurance since 1993, helping mortgage brokers secure competitive rates from insurers and now thanks to our digital platform Infinity, our service is even more dynamic.

read more › Been dismissed by standard property insurers? Time to discover Infinity, a bespoke platform designed to transact specialised property risks. Hats off to all the brokers tolerating traditional ways of doing insurance. The endless forms, paper mountains and slow, dragging process can really stunt your progress. But it doesn't have to be this way. Discover Infinity and retrieve non-standard risk quotes quickly from a quality panel of unique insurers. Infinity gives you the choice, speed, ease and assurance to do more with more.

read more › With the addition of Infinity, our pioneering digital insurance platform, we needed a simplified, modern look that matched the way we do business today. We've got a new strapline and a new visual identity, which you'll see on the new website. It all syncs with the evolution of the business and how we've grown over the years, to become the digital powerhouse of insurance innovation we are today. Leading the market and keeping up with new tech is something CETA have always been synonymous with and now thanks to Infinity and our new rebrand, we're even more confident of delivering specialist insurance, fusing innovation and insight.

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