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Crowthorne Insurance As a broker we deal with a wide range of insurers which means we act on your behalf, providing you with real choice and a policy that best suits your needs. Our Motor Trade specialists can help tailor a bespoke Motor Trade package that's right for you, using our knowledge of the market and our solid partnerships with leading insurers.

read more › The motor trade is any and all types of businesses that make an income in connection with motorized vehicles, this can be from 44 Tonne Trucks to 3 Wheeled reliant robins. The motor trade combined all sorts of occupation such as mechanical repairs, car dealers, vehicle locksmith, windscreen replacement under one umbrella. If you think your occupation falls under the motor trade, motor trade insurance may be something to consider. Motor trade insurance is a policy that allows the flexibility needed for you guys to jump in and out of cars knowing you are fully insured.

read more › Whether you are full time or part time doing car sales, from 10 vehicles in a year to 1000 vehicles our car sales insurance policy is perfect for you. The product has been designed to cover all vehicles in stock and also any vehicle in your custody or control for motor trade purposes - perfect for test drives. The policy covers all vehicles that you own including for stock for both motor trade and social purposes. You will have direct access to the MID via the internet for quick and convenient updates.

read more › As a full time mechanic the majority of your business is involved with either driving, or being in control of customer vehicles. With this is mind our mechanic motor trade product is exactly the cover you are after. This policy cover all vehicles owned by you plus customer vehicles in your custody and control, the policy is perfect to cover you pick up and delivering your customer vehicles - covering their vehicles in your custody from your home address with optional covers for premises address.

read more › Crowthorne motor trade is based in Devon and as such had more experience than most of what Devon and the South West is about, using this experience and knowledge we are confident we can offer the most competitive premiums without sacrificing cover. We all know the feeling that you would prefer to buy local - that can be the same with insurance. We will have no problem in offering you competitive premiums and having a chat at the same time. Customer service is something we excel in. We are starting to visit business in the North Devon area so if you are established and are more comfortable dealing face to face please give us a call and we will pop round and take any details needed to offer you a quotation or you can visit us at our offices.

read more › Road risk insurance is the minimum requirement for motor traders moving vehicles be it from home to the garage, garage to another garage, test driving a customer vehicle the list is endless - this cover is available to people either full or part time in the motor trade. As with all insurance there are different varieties of cover these are Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft, Third party Only. Third party only is minimum legal requirement to drive in the UK and covers only the third party damage in the result of fault or partial fault incident.

read more › More and more people nowadays are trying to find a second income - vehicle sales is something that has never been easier to get involved in. Our part time car sales policies are designed with you in mind. This policy will insure any vehicle you own for social use and motor trade use and any vehicle you don't own for motor trade purposes - what does this all mean? Social use is included as standard with the usual motor trade use and this can be extended to additional drivers. The policy covers vehicles stored at the home address so whilst you are out for the day you know the vehicles are covered.

read more › Mechanics and panel beaters will inevitably do some work on the side of their main occupation or if they have previously worked in a garage and are looking to getting back into the motor trade this product has you in mind. This policy covers any vehicle owned by you for motor trade and social use and any vehicle not owned by you but in your custody or control for motor trade purposes. When you do that repair at the weekend and your customer asks you to pick the vehicle up - this policy covers that.

read more › Our mobile smart repairs product is designed with you in mind, the policy can cover everything from your driving (motor trade and social use) to your tools in the van. With all these policies additional drivers are not a problem, sometimes it's better to put everything on one policy. The benefits of this policy allows the insured to have the peace of mind they are covered when doing a job, moving a customer vehicle or just generally driving around.

read more › Vehicles valeters may require a motor trade policy just as much as a mechanic, moving customer vehicles when working mobile or picking up customer vehicles for specialist work this policy can be something tailored to you this is again open to full time or part time valeters. Cover for all vehicles owned by you for social and domestic purposes and motor trade use with the flexibility of driving customers vehicles for motor trade purposes - cover for high value vehicles which do come a long when valeting is involved.

read more › One of our flagship products at Crowthorne Motor Trade, our combined products can be tailored to the very smallest of detail so you as the client know your covered. Combined insurance combined all facets of insurance under one contract of insurance - this may sound expensive however we at Crowthorne believe sometimes these products can be amongst the most competitive in premiums. You can insured buildings, contents, liabilities, courtesy cars, road risk insurance all under one contract. We will always endeavour to make sure regardless of what cover you may currently have all options are available so you can make an informed decision rather than the cheapest decision.

read more › Crowthornes motor trade liability products can cover an array of things such as claim arising from employees, public liability insurance for events such as trips/slips and falls and problems arising from work done on customer vehicles. Motor trade liabilities is recommended for anyone in the trade, working with the public and employing people can have many issues not least the dangers of people coming to your place of work. With this is mind the cover allows you peace of mind that if someone does make a claim against you, your cover will allow adequate fund to defend or settle a claim.

read more › As a motor trader i'm sure you will have some tools or machinery and plant that you use on a regular basis be it carrying around in the van with you or stored at a premises this is something we can cover. Portable hand tools are pretty much the lifeblood of mechanic, body repairers, panel beaters ect and over a number of years these can value in the thousands - we can offer cover that in case of any event that tools are lost you will not remain out of pocket and be able to get back trading as soon as possible.

read more › Road risk insurance does not cover vehicles at a trade premises or business premises - they only cover vehicles at the home address. With this is mind we have a product available that allows for such cover to be put into effect. Covers for vehicles as a total sums insured at a business premises either covered in a unit, secure compound or just in the open. It will give you piece of mind that in the event something happens at your premises when you are not there your business will not cease due to uninsured losses.

read more › If your business revolved around picking up broken down vehicles and transporting them back garages either private or through contracts we have the right product for you. Vehicles in transit cover - nearly every client we speak to is not aware vehicles on the back of your vehicle are not covered, if your clients vehicles falls from the back of the truck without this cover that money is coming out of your pocket. We can include the cover with all our products. We can also offer any of our additional cover i.e vehicles at premises, tools insurance or premises insurance.

read more › Our car jockey policy is designed for car park owner and car jockey business operating from a variety of locations be it airport drop offs to hotel work. The benefits of this policy is the flexibility in hoping in and out of customer vehicles, storing them for a period of time and then dropping the vehicles off - this can range from airport pickups to dropping vehicles back to insured's home.

read more › At Crowthorne, we have come across numerous cases and been contacted by a number of clients who due to not wanting to disclose their past, forgetting about a conviction or non disclosure of claims have had their insurance cancelled or void. This situtation again with the majority of the insurance market falls into the category of 'uninsurable' and again we at Crowthorne think differently. With all these cases there is a story and a background and using our experience we are confident we will be able to offer you a premium that allows you to get back on your feet and obtain a policy that you are confident will act when needed rather than run the risk of repudiated claims and direct third party claims.

read more › Scrap dealers and scrap yards will know how tough it can be to find a broker who can quote your business and quote sensibly - we can! We can offer road risk cover for collection of scrap vehicles, cover for premises and liability insurance - this is a specialist market so let the specialist's quote.

read more › If you are specialising in high performance vehicles or high value vehicles this is the policy for you - with flexible vehicle valuables and no restrictions on makes and models this is a tailor made product. This is a specialist product but would be more than happy to discuss this with you call 0844 209 8315.

read more › If you deliver vehicles using trade plates Crowthorne can offer your he insurance policy you need. With dealership/car rental companies reducing in house delivery work there is opportunity for self employed delivery agents to take on this additional work. Many contracts nowadays require a minimum indemnity of 50,000 per vehicle and our products have been aimed at you. A rated insurers are available for contracts that require this - if you are not familiar with this term please do contact us. We can also offer any of our additional cover i.e vehicles at premises, tools insurance or premises insurance.

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