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A M P Uk As a singer, DJ or band, you rely on getting bookings to perform. But it can be almost impossible to get bookings if you or your band don't have public liability insurance (PLI). That's because many live venues won't book singers, DJs or bands who don't have PLI. To them, it's just not worth the financial risk, no matter how talented the singer, DJ or band.

And no matter how big their following. So, if you want to get more bookings, you or your band need to get PLI. Here's How. And here's the easy way to get it. Join the Alliance of Musicians and Performers (AMP UK), the membership organisation for singers, DJs and bands, and you'll get instant 10 million Public Liability Insurance. And that's all for just 49 a year for soloists, duos and DJs and from 69 for bands.

Or to find out more, call us now on 0333 577 2247, contact us here or email us at info (at) ampband.co.uk. It's easy to join - benefits include free 10 million Public Liability Insurance plus much, much more. AMPuk is a trading name of AMPuk Members Ltd (Company Number NI611966) Registered in the UK.

For DJs and Bands as soon as your payment has cleared (usually within seconds when using a Credit/Debit card) your PLI documents are ready to download and you can access all the other benefits too. It's easy to join - benefits include 10 million Public Liability Insurance plus much much more. Retailers and Agents can register with AMPuk for free and

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