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Insurance can be a nightmare! A simple home insurance estimate can start you thinking - maybe you need a whole raft of policies? That means we're independent. So whether you're looking for business cover or a home insurance estimate, we act for you - not the insurers. For a free quotation, just select a policy. Or if you prefer the personal touch, we have real people on the end of the phone, to assist you in arranging your insurance.

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read more › Unless you're the kind of person who reads small print for fun, insurance is a bit of a guessing game! You could be looking for business cover, car insurance or a home content insurance quote - whatever insurance you need, it's easy to get caught in the riddles of terms & conditions. At Howell Insurance, we love all the small print! We've been reading it for years. Since 2003, in fact, when Martin Howell took over the family business in the Vale of Glamorgan. Howell Insurance are Independent General Insurance Brokers who guide clients through a wide range of General Insurance services.

read more › Not so long ago, indemnity insurance was used by a select group of professionals (accountants, architects, private physicians and so on). But in today's litigation-hungry world, anyone providing advice or services should be talking to an indemnity insurance professional. Litigation is a serious risk. With liability and employment laws becoming ever more stringent, awards against business owners are increasing every year. Professional indemnity insurance may not be compulsory for your business, but the chances are you simply can't afford to trade without it.

read more › Your home is probably the biggest investment you'll ever make, so getting a competitive home insurance policy is an absolute must. Home buildings insurance covers damage to or loss of the structure and permanent fittings in your home, such as kitchen units, bathroom suites and central heating. Things like fire and floods are usually covered as standard. But it might surprise you that accidental damage, like hammering a nail through a water pipe, is only covered by a select few home insurance policies.

read more › It's like the whole world is selling car insurance! And with the massive range of companies and policies out there, you could spend a lifetime wondering which car insurance line you should call. At Howell Insurance, we'll do the ringing round for you - and you can take advantage of the range of Insurance Companies we use in the car insurance market. From third party to comprehensive, from learners to mature drivers, we know what's out there and, more importantly, we'll recommend you the policy that suits your personal circumstances.

read more › For most people, Accident, Sickness and Unemployment mortgage protection is just as vital as car insurance or home insurance. This protection is designed, in effect, to replace your income so that your mortgage will still be paid if you become unable to work due to sickness, accident, or unemployment. By covering your lost income, mortgage protection allows you to concentrate on getting back to work rather than worrying about the mortgage. A cheaper insurance than most, mortgage protection is usually money well-spent.

read more › OK, let's rephrase that. Finding travel insurance is no problem at all. Finding competitive cost travel insurance is another thing entirely. Of course, your decision to buy travel insurance should never be based on the lowest cost alone. We've all heard the tales of woe from people who thought they were covered only to find the small print told a different story altogether. The bottom line is, you need to know your travel insurance will pay out - no "ifs" or "buts" about it. Unfortunately, travel insurance is often rife with exclusions, like medical conditions, pregnancy and participation in dangerous sports.

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