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Iris Insurance Brokers Iris Insurance Brokers is a Lloyd's registered broker that specialises in providing binders, facilities and reinsurance solutions to brokers, insurers, MGA's and Lloyd's Coverholders from all parts of the world. We help brokers, MGAs and other intermediaries to develop and manage delegated authority agreements that give them a competitive advantage.

Access our proprietary lineslips covering property, general liability and professional liability risks to gain cost and cover benefits for your clients. Are among the brightest and most experienced practitioners in the London insurance market. Through the breadth and depth of their collective knowledge and relationships, we offer solutions that make a real difference to your business.

read more › We are a Lloyd's registered international wholesale broker that specialises in providing programmes and facilities, reinsurance solutions and developing and managing Lloyd's coverholders. An independent London based broker 100% owned by our directors, allowing us to provide unfettered commitment to help our clients be more successful. A team trusted to bring a high level of knowledge, expertise and creativity to deliver effective solutions and efficient broking and claims services. A deep understanding of the Lloyd's, London and European markets, we use our strong underwriter relationships to deliver superb results.

read more › An independent Lloyd's Broker, we listen, innovate and use our knowledge and market relationships to provide you with competitive advantage. Iris Insurance Brokers is a Lloyd's registered broker that specialises in providing binders, facilities and reinsurance solutions to brokers, insurers, MGA's and Lloyd's Coverholders from all parts of the world. We understand that the only way we can develop solutions that help our clients to be more successful is to properly understand their unique opportunities and challenges; focus on specialty insurance product lines where we know we can make the greatest difference; and through the depth of our insurer relationships and market knowledge.

read more › We are proud of the proactive and personal service offered by our claims team, which is highly valued by our clients. Our dedicated claims team have wide ranging international experience in many different sectors and in the UK, Europe, Middle East, USA, Canada, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Your Iris Account Management Team will include nominated claims executives relevant to your specific requirements. The claims executives understand how insurers operate, know the right questions to ask, what information is needed and how best to present it.

read more › Some of the world's best known insurance brands trust Iris, relying on our expertise, solutions and services. Iris provide treaty, facultative and retrocession reinsurance broking, risk management and claims services on an excess of loss or quota share basis for risks in many parts of the world including Africa, Asia, Australia the Middle East, New Zealand, USA and London Market. With a deep understanding of the insurance policy wordings, market options and trends in sectors such as accident and health, aviation, casualty, life and terrorism, we are able to interpret your requirements and tailor our services and the solutions to provide you with a better result.

read more › We provide independent brokers with a range of insurance products and supporting services that enhance their competitive proposition. Products - a broad suite of personal and commercial insurance products and associated services which you can use alongside your own placement strategy to grow your business, preserve your independence and enrich your bottom line. Partnerships - genuine partnerships, built on personal relationships nurtured over many decades to help support your long-term growth. We build a real relationship with you so that we understand where your business is now and where you want to be in the future.

read more › With 75 Coverholder clients, we specialise in helping existing, new and potential Lloyd's Coverholders realise their ambitions. We are experts in designing, delivering and managing delegated authority schemes for independent brokers, MGAs and Lloyd's Coverholders domiciled in Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle East, United Kingdom and USA. Creating specialist products where you manage underwriting, policy issuance, and claims provides a unique solution that gives you a competitive advantage. This helps maximise the value of your existing business or expertise in a specific sector.

read more › We bring together teams of specialists that our clients find easy to access, highly responsive and effective. Programmes and facilities provide an effective solution for risks that do not fall within delegated authority schemes, are too small for the open market, or where extra risk capacity is required. With experience and knowledge across a broad range of insurance and industry sectors in all parts of the world, we specialise in the placement of binding authorities, programmes and lineslips. These provide emerging market insurers with specialist products to supplement their treaty arrangements and help MGA's, independent brokers and intermediaries to win new business and retain clients.

read more › Standalone insurance and risk solutions from carefully selected insurers covering terrorism and political violence for clients in many different industry sectors. A dramatic increase in political instability, social unrest and movements against governments has increased the possibility of disruption and loss to companies. These types of situations require specialised standalone solutions to fully address the full spectrum of perils which can potentially impact either a company's assets, or those of their customers and suppliers.

read more › Unbeatable advice, solutions and service from a team with a strong reputation in this specialist insurance market. Iris offers high quality insurance and reinsurance broking services backed by decades of experience in the aviation and aerospace sector. This powerful resource delivers market intelligence, underwriter relationships and risk management insight to shape your insurance programme and achieve the best results in the market. Our clients tell us that we excel in how we deliver our service.

read more › Access an assortment of specialist insurers and policy wordings to meet your clients' coverage needs at a competitive premium. We offer Cyber Insurance solutions to address the growing challenge of cyber risk and the increased demand for insurance. The London insurance market has many specialist underwriters that have a broad appetite, competitive pricing and are able to provide substantial capacity. The insurance policy wordings typically provide a range of options, which can include areas such as Technology Errors and Omissions, Media Liability, Cyber Security and Privacy Liability, Fines and Penalties, First Party Data Breach Response Expenses, Regulatory Actions and Cyber Extortion.

read more › Offering a range of specialist insurance products designed to protect individuals, families and groups operating in high risk or remote regions of the world. The number of kidnappings and extortions around the world are increasing, particularly affecting areas where there is political or social unrest such as the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, South America and war-torn zones like Iraq, Syria and Yemen. These policies would normally include loss prevention advice, access to specialist risk and crisis response consultants and rehabilitation services following a kidnap.

read more › Access to specialist insurance markets providing tailored solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of industry sectors and risks. Directors' & Officers' Liability - protects directors and officers against claims which may arise from the decisions and actions taken within the scope of their regular duties. It pays for defence costs and financial losses, as well as providing cover investigations by the regulator or criminal prosecutors. Crime insurance: Provides protection in the event that your company is the victim of fraud or dishonesty by company employees and third parties.

read more › Market leading experts that have built a formidable reputation for their market insight, relationships and solutions. International Seed Federation (ISF) members and to Nurserymen, Crop Consultants, Vineyard Consultants/Managers and Seed Testing Facilities under an exclusive scheme that provides exclusive rates and terms for Iris' clients. In many instances, our solutions are offered alongside Directors' & Officers' Liability as a combined package. Each member of our team offers more than 20 years' Professional Liability experience dealing with risks from many different parts of the world, including North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

read more › Experience across a range of sectors, from aviation and sports through to group schemes with high accumulation risk. Our insurance and reinsurance broking services focus on life, medical expenses, accident and disability, group life catastrophe, and travel and emergency assistance insurance, including hazardous and high limit accumulation risks. We offer product expertise coupled with strong market knowledge and relationships to help meet our clients' specific, and at times, individual requirements.

read more › A unique insurance scheme for ISF members that is open to any insurance broker or agent and is used by other London brokers. Seedsmen's Liability insurance is relevant to all businesses that are involved in growing, conditioning or distributing seeds. At any stage of the seed business mistakes (or alleged mistakes) can occur in the selection, conditioning, packaging or testing of the seed which can cause or contribute to the loss in whole, or in part, of the customer's crop. Even the most professional of organisations may suffer from a lapse in standards by a distracted employee, which can seriously impact a company's balance sheet if there is no applicable insurance.

read more › Are you looking for a company that allows you to maximise the time you spend with your clients and to grow your business? Look no further. Iris Insurance Brokers are always on the lookout for talented individuals and teams that want to share in the capital value they create. We offer an environment that is free from the usual big corporate distractions and which truly values entrepreneurialism. By allowing our producers and brokers the time to use their skills and experience to build client and market relationships, they are able to fully realise their potential.

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