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SMP Healthcare Want to be looked after by a professional network of people from the moment your claim is registered? Click to learn more. SMP Healthcare Ltd is an independent health insurance broker situated in Chelmsford, Essex. We provide our clients with expert and impartial advice for all health related policies. These are just some of the products available to you.

We work with many of the leading providers such as AXA Health, BUPA and AVIVA to name but a few. Essentially we are able to offer our clients the best solutions as standard. We work closely with our clients. Trust in our ability to find the right product for your needs whether consumer or corporate, home or abroad. Let us help you to make informed decision.

If you choose us as your insurance broker we will take away the hassle from the inception and renewal process.

read more › Our sole intention is to providing the public and business community alike with a way of obtaining Private Medical Insurance on an independent basis. We have a sound knowledge of the health insurance market. Time and again we have proved to our clients that the health insurance market does not have to be costly and confusing. We hope this webpage will help you to discover all you need to know About Us. There is no such thing as a standard health insurance policy. We therefore work closely with our clients, to make sure we get it right for them every time.

read more › We offer our clients easy access to a specialist and independent health insurance broker. Lianne launched the business with the vision of providing clients whether individual, small business or corporate with a means to obtaining Healthcare Insurance from an ethical broker. Growing from strength to strength, Lianne has been an integral part of ensuring the clients of SMP Healthcare Ltd continually receive the optimum level of service in a complex and ever changing market place. We want to work with our clients for the long term, looking at their requirements in the now but also for the future.

read more › The UK's National Health Service (NHS) is designed to provide medical treatment and support to everyone. This is regardless of your ability to pay. Private Medical Insurance can also offer access to high cost specialist drugs and treatment. These may not be available on the NHS or affordable to pay for directly. It's direct aim is therefore to provide you with the comforts and reassurance you want from your initial consultation through to your aftercare. Private Medical Insurance offers members the peace of mind that they have fast access to high quality healthcare.

read more › Private medical insurance can be a complex product to decipher. By using a specialised Private Medical Insurance broker you know that you are working with a company who can help you. Once appointed, your broker will work with you to ensure that you get the best rates appropriate to your policy and that the policy you have is appropriate for your needs. When you appoint your Private Medical Insurance broker to deal with your insurance policy you should receive expert advice as standard. It should be provided in a clear and transparent format.

read more › Once you appoint SMP Healthcare Ltd as your health insurance broker we will look after your policy. From the set up, administration throughout the year and at renewal. We will always provide a full market review in accordance with your requirements. This applies for both consumer and business health insurance policies. We are not affiliated to any insurer and work as an independent insurance broker. Our clients can be confident that our recommendations do not hold any bias. We will listen to you and establish what you want to achieve from your healthcare budget.

read more › The purpose of PMI is to pay for the treatment of acute conditions outside of the NHS. It does not cover the treatment of accidents or emergencies or for the treatment of any conditions deemed as chronic. PMI will cover the costs of treatment up to the point of diagnosis of a chronic condition. It will also fund acute flare ups of a chronic condition. A disease, illness or injury that is likely to respond quickly to treatment which aims to return you to the state of health you were in immediately before suffering the disease, injury or illness, or which leads to your full recovery.

read more › Depending on your budget there are different levels of cover available. Offering core cover for routine dental treatment then varying levels of cover for X-rays, fillings, extractions, crowns, bridgework and dentures. Dental Implants are normally excluded from cover. There are policies available that offer full cover for oral cancer. Check your policy wording as some policies have a maximum oral cancer limit of 10,000 or 15,000 per policy lifetime. The other advantage of taking a company dental insurance policy is that generally you are not required to have a pre-joining dental check-up.

read more › If you employ 3 or more staff, you should consider the positive effects of implementing a cash plan for your business. This is a really simple way to give your staff help towards everyday healthcare costs. Cash plans start from as little as 1 per person per week. They provide cash back for treatments such as dental, optical, physiotherapy, chiropody, specialist consultations and health & wellbeing solutions. Cash plans are easy to use. Once your members are enrolled they can claim their cash back online sending a copy of the original receipt.

read more › At SMP Healthcare we know that every Business Health Insurance policy must deliver on many levels. Healthcare benefits are offered to valued staff and key team members. This helps you as an employer to retain your employees. Customer service, benefit levels and cost are all factors in making a decision about which business health insurance policy you buy. Group private medical insurance is available for companies with only one member. It is more common for business health insurance to be a two or three main member policy.

read more › By having a health assessment it provides you with a better understanding of your own health. It helps you to identify possible future health risks. Having a health assessment could show the early warning signs of illness. This enables you to take the necessary steps for prevention. There are many health screening centres across the UK. Wherever you live you should have access to the assessment centres without travelling too far. Health assessments usually begin with a medical history and lifestyle questionnaire.

read more › At SMP Healthcare Ltd we are pleased to provide our clients with a comprehensive market review every year. We help you to compare your health insurance policy to other providers in the market. If you choose us as your health insurance broker we do all the research for you. Please note that many providers cover the high cost scans MRI/CT and PET scans and out-patients cancer treatment in full regardless of your out-patient limit. Having cover for the higher charging London hospitals can increase the premium you pay if you have hospital list options.

read more › When you reach the age of 65 there is no reason for your healthcare insurance to cease. Even if you have never had a policy before, the market is still open for clients who are over 65. Your premium will increase as you get older because age is a risk factor. They will also consider where you live, your medical history and the rate of medical inflation. It is also true that there are private medical insurance companies who reward their members for living healthy lifestyles. Even though you are getting older, you can still benefit from all of these offers.

read more › Private medical insurance is there for the treatment of acute medical conditions which in effect are "curable". By definition, chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma would not fall into this bracket. If you are looking for insurance for diabetics then please be careful. Even if you have a policy in place with no "exclusions", once a condition is deemed as chronic, there would be no cover for continued monitoring of this condition. Routine medication and monitoring is dealt with by the NHS.

read more › When you receive private medical insurance as a company paid benefit you have access to the speed and choice of treatment by a network of private hospitals and consultants. When you are leaving a company policy through retirement or redundancy, what are your choices then? When you are leaving your current employment you could choose to take out individual cover with your current provider. This can be done on continuation terms. It is important to those people who may have had treatment or have pending / planned treatment due.

read more › Are you traveling abroad frequently for business or pleasure? If the answer to this question is yes but you still live in the UK for 180 days of the year. Look at your cover options before you travel. Most UK health insurance providers offer their customers a comprehensive worldwide travel policy as an add-on. If you have a private medical insurance policy you may be eligible to add travel cover for minimal cost. As with any travel insurance, no two policies are the same. Where some will offer maximum trips of 30 days, others offer a wider scope of 120 days at any one time.

read more › When you are going to work abroad or you are arranging for your employees to work abroad, make sure they have health insurance cover. It is essential to ensure that there will be adequate cover in place prior to travelling. In the UK we are lucky to have the NHS. There are many countries around the world that do not have any state subsidised solution. All treatment, consultations, medicines and hospital care must be paid for. Pre-planned or emergency medical treatment has to be funded by the patient.

read more › Occupational Health Services help to keep employees healthy whilst at work. It helps you to manage the risks in the workplace that could give rise to work related ill health. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provide extensive information relating to Occupational Health in the UK. By having procedures in place, employers can help their staff to reduce sickness absence. What can you do as a Business Owner to ensure you are providing the best protection for your staff?. EAP's are a cost effective way to provide support for employees and reduce absence from work.

read more › Private Health insurance in the UK has many elements to consider. We recommend that everyone looking to Compare Private Health Insurance should have expert advice on how to do it. If you have never considered private medical insurance before, work with an expert! This has to be the best advice for everyone. There are a number of insurance providers in the UK market. Each one offers something different. The Core benefits are essentially the same, from there on in you have a number of options. We have many years in the health insurance market and know that the best place to start is a conversation.

read more › There are different benefits on a UK Health Insurance policy. Depending on what you want to claim for you may need to have a GP referral. Some policies will let you self-refer in certain circumstances such as for musculoskeletal claims. Insurers such as Bupa will even let you self-refer if you think you have symptoms of cancer. Speak to your health insurance broker if you want to know the best way to make a claim on your policy. For most claims you will need a GP referral. This can be from your NHS GP or from a private GP.

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