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i-Partners We work in cooperation with insurance industry specialists to create real value to policyholders with insurance protection relevant to today's developing risk exposures. Our products are available online direct to customers and to resellers of specialist insurance solutions. If any of our customers are having difficulty making payments, wish to review their gadget cover or have missed payments during the crisis period, please contact us so we can try to help you.

Options could include a reduction in your cover and premium, payment deferral or temporary suspension of your cover (to avoid irrevocable cancellation of your policy). Our contact details (postal & email addresses and telephone numbers) can be found in the Contact tab above. From as little as 10p per day, our range of stand-alone, low cost, excess cover policies gives you back what insurers take away when you make a claim.

The insurance policy provides three different Plans which offer different levels of cover. You can insure single item, up to three, or up to five gadgets under the policy. Devices can be up to 24 months old at the time of your insurance purchase with i-Digital, rather than the typical 12 months restriction imposed by many other suppliers.

We have a wide selection of Excess Protection products available. They each come with as many as 5 level settings providing flexible options for each customer. Here's how it works: you choose the Excess Protection product and level of cover you want. You can they can claim back the excess from us as often as you need during the period of insurance

As a member of i-Digital's Insurance Reseller Programme, you can start selling our Mobile Phone and Gadget insurance to your customers provided you have the necessary permissions from the Financial Conduct Authority. If you do not have these permissions, why not join our Affiliates Programme as detailed below. The partner or distributor can integrate

Our leading brand i-Digital Insurance is positioned at the forefront of delivering next generation insurance products and has launched market leading covers for Mobile Phone & Gadget, Pet, and Excess Protection Insurance. BrandStretch provides insurance and financial service offerings in partnership with major UK companies. In association with other

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