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Enjoy your adventures to the full with travel insurance for all ages, activities and destinations. Trust us to be flexible to suit your lifestyle, covering your vehicles, home, travel, pets, holiday homes and young drivers - all with a priority claims service. As part of our Driving School Referral Scheme, you can refer your pupils to us for a quote.

For every policy taken out as a result, you will receive 45 commission. All you need to do is register.

read more › Here at Policywise we want to change the way insurance relationships work, so we have looked for ways to enable us to offer the fairest deal without compromising on cover. We want to find the best solution to your needs by pushing the boundaries of insurance. We believe that there's more to life than algorithms and numbers. We create our insurance policies specifically for the individual, to suit your lifestyle and your specific needs. Drawing on experience from many years in the industry, our expert team are always looking to design new and innovative insurance policies that can adapt to the demands of the modern world.

read more › As a member of the Policywise Driving School Referral Scheme, you refer your pupils to us for a quote, and for every policy taken out as a result of your referral you will receive 45 commission. It is as simple as that. All you need to do is register. Piece of mind knowing that you are referring your pupils to an insurer that will offer competitive prices and provide excellent customer service. Our telematics boxes encourage and promote safer driving. We will even give policy holders a call if their driving is a cause for concern to help them understand where they are driving dangerously and to prevent the formation of bad habits and unsafe driving.

read more › Most motor insurance policies offer a one-size-fits-all criteria pre-determined by rigid algorithms driven by price alone. It's too late when a claim occurs to find out your cheap motor policy won't pay up, leaving you open to financial hardship and even a criminal record. Whether you're an experienced driver, are new to the road or need a specialist motor insurance for a customised vehicle, Policywise offers a personalised service that will ensure you have the right level of cover at the right price.

read more › At Policywise we don't believe that just because you're a young driver you should be paying more. We're also mindful of protecting your interests, not just for one or two years, but for the years to come as well. Where many policies entice young drivers with low initial costs while they learn, small print Ts&Cs can result in rapidly rising fees once gaining a full licence. Central to our team's approach is empathy and understanding when it comes to finding the right deal. We work closely with telematics technology in the form of a black box which can be fitted to your car to help reduce the cost of cover without impinging on your freedom with curfews.

read more › When your business relies on keeping you and your colleagues on the road, insurance takes on a whole new level of significance. However, insuring a fleet of vehicles can be costly and complicated, so at Policywise we have created commercial fleet insurance policies to keep your business running smoothly. Whatever industry you work in, we work quickly and efficiently to seek out the right cover at the right price for any combination of vehicles. Not only that, we ensure you benefit from the all the financial discounts on offer when you insure all your vehicles in one place.

read more › Normal car insurance policies dictated by algorithms don't allow for the nuances of classic cars. They might be of a particular age, niche or value that simply isn't catered for by a quick search on a price comparison site. That means you will either struggle to find a policy or run the risk of your cherished vehicle not being properly covered. At Policywise we understand the individual needs of classic and cherished car owners; from sports cars to luxury vehicles, high performance cars or classics.

read more › From cars built outside the EU to specialist imported Japanese or American sports cars, the team at Policywise understands that an imported car doesn't fit normal algorithms of standard motor insurance policies. Therefore, these simply don't cut it when it comes to suiting the needs of imported vehicles, which can be frustrating. The Policywise team has extensive experience in insuring imported vehicles and as such has specialist schemes that provide cover for these at sensible cost. Why waste time going round in circles on comparison sites when you can benefit from a fast, efficient personal solution by simply calling us?

read more › Excellent insurance policy rates for those withdriving convictions and points on their licence. You don't have to be a tearaway to get a conviction - it can happen to anybody. Here at Policywise we completely understand that everyone makes mistakes at some stage in their life. If you know what it feels like to have made a mistake and then have to live with the consequences for what seems like an eternity, you'll be pleased you found us. The first stage in rebooting your record starts here and we'll help to get everything back on track.

read more › If your vehicle is impounded for whatever reason, you need a specialist type of impound insurance for the police to allow you to drive it out. This is because your standard insurance will not cover an impounded vehicle. Policywise specialise in this very specific type of insurance and can act quickly to allow you to retrieve your vehicle with the minimum of fuss and help take a little of the stress out of an unpleasant situation. To take out a policy for an impounded vehicle you need to be the owner and registered keeper of that vehicle.

read more › When you're dependent on your vehicle to earn a living, it's vital to make sure you're properly insured to protect that livelihood. At Policywise we are expert in providing cost-effective, high quality taxi insurance policies. For more information on any of the above products please call our Advisors on 01572 494899 or email us at info@policywise.co.uk. If you're pleased with our service you can refer a friend to us for taxi insurance and receive 25 when they mention you at policy inception. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer.

read more › Sometimes you need motor insurance that's quick and easy to access, reliable, competitive, cost effective - and temporary. At Policywise, we can have quotes available in minutes, offering comparative options from the best brands. Policies range from 1 to 28 days in length and are available for a wide range of vehicles and drivers. Our team work with you to customise everything, making sure you have the optimum solution to your individual situation, instantly. Due to our location, we specialise in temporary motor insurance in the East Midlands, but we can temporary cover for any vehicle and driver across the UK.

read more › Whether you work from home, on-site or are travelling to different locations, at Policywise we know that you don't want to pay for extras that don't apply to you but you do want to be safe in the knowledge that you have the right cover. We understand that the details of your policy are personal and one size doesn't fit all. So in addition to essentials such as liability insurance, we pay attention to the specifics of your work to make sure you have the right cover in place to protect you, your business, and your clients, from the risks that the modern world presents.

read more › In a competitive industry with a myriad ways of working, beauty salons and hairdressers have unique requirements when it comes to insurance, in order to ensure that clients are properly cared for and that you as an owner, beautician, nail technician or hair stylist are suitably protected. In the overarching spirit of Policywise, we tailor our Hairdresser and Beauty Salon insurance policies to the particular needs of your business, whether you are self-employed, run a mobile salon, operate a traditional salon on the high street, or own a small spa.

read more › Although Policywise prides itself on it's bespoke service, you may be looking for a more standard home insurance solution. That's why we also offer affordable, flexible home insurance policies, crafted with the same care and attention as our specialist insurance policies. We don't believe in the 'one size fits all' style of policy you will find advertised by other well-known insurance companies. We prefer to think of our customers as individuals, so we recommend the best home insurance products from a range of approved insurers, selected to suit your needs and ensuring your policy goes that extra mile and works that bit harder to safeguard your interests.

read more › Policywise non standard specialist home insurance provides the best home insurance policy for you based on the individual qualities of your property, your possessions and your lifestyle. Whether you have an unoccupied property awaiting tenants, have a thatched roof, are an ardent collector of rare watches or have a passion for prize items of jewellery, non standard specialist home insurance, particularly when it comes to high value properties and unique specifications, requires understanding and a personal approach.

read more › When dealing with exceptional assets and complex portfolios, we understand that trust is of the utmost importance. Trust Policywise Private Client to provide only the best policy wordings to ensure our unique clients have the most comprehensive cover available. Trust us to use only top A-rated insurers. Trust us to be flexible to suit your lifestyle, covering your vehicles, home, travel, pets, holiday homes and young drivers - all with a priority claims service. Our tight-knit expert team will work with you personally and confidentially to secure cover that meets your specific and exacting needs, no matter how demanding.

read more › Whichever way you cut it, having multiple vehicles in your family can make finding insurance complicated and costly. At Policywise we have developed innovative multi car insurance which means you can insure all your vehicle types under one policy. We make it simple, secure and cost effective to insure all your household's cars and other vehicles under one roof - and when it comes to organising your motor insurance, it also makes things much more straight forward when it's time to renew. Comprehensive, third party fire and theft cover or combinations depending on your requirements.

read more › With experience and a passion for sailing at the heart of the Policywise team, we understand the nuances of marine insurance on both a personal and professional level. Ensuring passenger and crew safety, as well as taking care of your investment in the knowledge that it is of both financial and lifestyle value, we ensure yachts and power vessels of all sizes for both private and charter use, as well as insuring sailing schools. Whether your preference is coastal sailing in the UK or holidaying in the Mediterranean, BVIs or the Caribbean we offer worldwide cover*.

read more › Your pet is a cherished member of the family that you want to protect like anyone else, but as they get older it is inevitable that they will need more care, which is why we offer pet insurance cover for life with no upper age limit so you don't have to worry. Vet fees can quickly add up, whether you have an enthusiastic puppy prone to accidents, or an elderly cat in need of extra TLC in their old age. At Policywise, we help take care of everything from accidents to illnesses - and make the process as easy as possible to give you peace of mind when you need it most.

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