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Nviro Insurance We are independent Commercial Insurance Brokers working for YOU the client in providing bespoke and renewable energy insurance policies to UK businesses in the renewable and alternative energy sectors. We also advise on sector-specific risk management. It can be hard to find a policy that really meets your unique needs. Commercial insurance providers don't always understand the complex risks associated with renewable energy insurance.

That means you can easily pay over the odds, or risk finding that you're inadequately covered should you need to make a claim. Whatever stage your business is at, we will find you effective insurance from a leading insurer that covers both generic and specific risks. We can also give you practical advice on how to minimise risks and related costs, plus hands-on risk management and health and safety consultancy.

We've got a full understanding of project life cycles and the regulatory framework, and we work closely with businesses and/or their advisers to make sure every detail is covered.

We aspire to be recognised nationally as a market leader and first choice provider of insurances for our chosen sectors of operation. Purchase from suppliers who share our concern for the environment and whenever possible, purchase and use recyclable products or products from sustainable sources. Exercise a positive influence through our trading activities

Our Nviro frog is also known as the Red-Eyed Tree Frog or Red-Eyed Leaf Frog and is found mainly in the rain forest areas of South America and is an amphibian with a typical lifespan of 5 years. They sleep by day and are active at night and scientists believe that their vivid colours were developed to repel would be predators. Red-Eyed Tree Frogs are

Nviro works with many companies involved in a whole host of different Bio Energy activities from start up businesses to those already operating plants. We are continually adding to our knowledge of developments within this sector by carrying out many site visits where existing technology is being refined or where new processes are undergoing trials

This sector is dominated by small schemes and with an estimated number of over 3000 existing and potential sites within the UK, we are very active in providing insurance solutions for the Hydro Power sector. Not surprisingly we are talking to many individuals, community groups and businesses regarding insurance cover for proposed and existing schemes

Nviro is actively involved in providing cover for many different areas of the Solar and Photovoltaic renewable energy sectors. Specifically we are keen to look at large scale commercial projects in their embryonic stage and we are able to provide a complete wrap of covers from site acquisition through to operational risks. Please refer to our Project

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