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Typically our customers are unsure how much cover they should have, what type of policy they need and how much they should be paying. Help is at hand from our team of our experienced protection advisers. We can compare life insurance quotes from the whole of the UK market and guarantee you a competitive premium. If you are happy with your quote we can apply online, on your behalf and have you on cover within 5 minutes, without the need for any paper application forms.

It's really that eazy. Below are some of the household names we arrange life cover with on behalf of our clients.

read more › By visiting our website you have taken the first step to protecting you and your family from financial hardship. It may help to know, the average life insurance policy we arrange is for a sum assured of 150,000, but you have to ask yourself what is the right cover for you. Also, most life insurance policies pay out a lump sum on death, but you can arrange for a monthly income to be paid out instead, known as Family Income Benefit. This could be to replace the income the family would lose on death in addition to, or as an alternative to, a lump sum.

read more › Many people do not consider the monthly income required to replace the income lost on death from a family member. The main wage earner's financial contribution to the family is essential if the remaining members of the family are to carry on enjoying the standard of living previously experienced. Your ambitions for your childrens education shouldn't end because of the death of a loved one. Also, based on current low interest rates have you considered how much capital would be required to generate, say a 20,000 per annum income, at an interest rate of say 2%?

read more › Critical illness cover offers extra financial protection with a range of illnesses covered by most providers. It provides valuable financial protection based on the diagnosis of a listed illness. Cover can be provided on a level or decreasing term basis as well as under Family Income Benefit policies. It is important to note the claim is paid out on the basis of diagnosis of a critical illness, NOT death. The Association of British Insurers have encouraged clear definitions of the critical illnesses covered for consumers added protection.

read more › A whole of life insurance policy pretty much "does what is says on the tin" ie it offers life insurance NOT for a set term which then ends but for the whole of the life assured's life. The premiums can be arranged to be reviewable (lower cost option) or guaranteed. The low cost reviewable plans tend to offer a level of cover guaranteed for the first 10 years and then reviewed. The review will offer a number of options including increasing the monthly premium to maintain the cover originally selected, leaving the cover and premium unchanged or reducing the cover for the same monthly premium.

read more › Trusts are a great way of ensuring the people you want to receive the benefits of the policy receive the sums you wanted them to receive. It prevents any ambiguity of who you wished to benefit from the plan, especially in the event there is no will. A trust can also prove a very valuable asset by keeping the benefits of the plan outwith your estate for inheritance tax purposes.

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