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Insurance is a necessary evil. You have it because you feel vulnerable without it, and with luck you'll never feel the need to put the policy you pay every month or year to the test. Sadly, for most of us, that luck will run out at some time in our lives. When that moment comes you want to pick up the phone and find someone trustworthy, who takes an interest in your situation and offers immediate, practical advice.

You also want that moment of truth to confirm you were sold the correct insurance in the first place, and that, as well as a competitive price, you were also offered practical cover that will kick in during times of crisis. We all know that online insurance for virtually anything is instantly available at the click of a computer or smartphone.

But if peace of mind is your key concern, the best option is a local, family-run business that has stood the test of time and does not leave you to deal with call centres and 'faceless people' during what is probably a stressful situation.

read more › As an Appointed Representative for Clegg Gifford, who are one of the leading motor trade insurance brokers in the country and work directly with a number of the UK's leading motor trade insurance companies. Our policies provide cover for all aspects of the motor trade business; from part-time car dealers based at home, through to mechanics, accessory fitters and dealers of all shapes and sizes. We have been placing motor trade risks for years, so there isn't much we haven't seen in our time. That means, whatever risks you face, we can tailor the protection you need.

read more › Public Liability insurance is one of the main types of business insurance. It can cover compensation payments and legal costs if a member of the public (maybe a customer, a supplier, or a passer-by) sues your business because they've been injured or their property has been damaged. Public liability insurance can cover legal costs and compensation payments if your business is held responsible for injury or property damage to a client, contractor or another member of the public. Imagine you're a consultant visiting a client's office and you spill a cup of coffee and damage their computer equipment.

read more › Having been arranging taxi insurance for some 50 years in Sheffield, we know a thing or two about your trade. Our group insures some 15,000 taxis throughout the UK under the 'Westminster' brand name. Having been arranging taxi insurance for some 70 years, we know a thing or two about your trade! Fleets of all sizes. We can tailor the different indemnity levels and quote on drivers of all ages. Whether you're a black cab driver, minicab driver, private or public hire - you will find we're extremely flexible and our experienced we really understand your needs.

read more › Many businesses large and small rely on fleets of vehicles that include everything from cars and vans to HGVs, tractors, diggers and other specialist vehicles for their survival. Managing so many commercial vehicles can be expensive, particularly when it comes to putting the necessary insurance cover in place. Understandably, you want a policy that protects your business in the event of an accident, but you also don't want to spend a penny more than you need to. As an appointed representative of Clegg Gifford, we can put a single commercial fleet insurance policy in place that provides cover for all your vehicles.

read more › If you earn your living by delivering goods in a van or lorry, whether as a one-man band or running a multi-vehicle operation, then you need courier insurance to make sure you're properly covered against the unique risks you face. Courier insurance is designed for those who make multiple drop-offs as opposed to the delivery of a single load, which is more likely to be covered by a hauliers' policy. But whether you're a van courier, a delivery driver or even a fast food delivery professional, we can tailor the specific cover you require.

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