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Get Indemnity At get indemnity we offer a wide range of insurance solutions to companies with a turnover up to 100m. Operating as an insurance broker, we can access the wholesale market and identify the most appropriate cover for your business at the lowest cost. With more than one hundred and fifty providers of business insurance, we can offer improved access to specialist insurers.

As a digital insurance broker, we can make applying for and managing your commercial insurance simpler than ever. With an integrated online application we can make cost savings on products, such as professional indemnity insurance. 60% of the fall from height fatalities and 30% of major injuries occurred within the construction industry. This equates to 35 fatalities and 938 major injur.

Claims brought under negligence occur when a service provider doesn't perform their responsibilities to the level required of a reasonably competent person. Many companies have been hit hard as a result of the pandemic and consequently are struggling to open for business or even remain solvent.

Complete our digital on-boarding process and we can identify a range of tailored policies. At get indemnity we work with leading insurers from Lloyds of London and the wholesale insurance market to identify competitive business insurance quotes to meet our client's needs. We work with small and medium sized businesses, as well as large corporates to

As a specialist health insurance broker we have partnered with Equipsme and AXA PPP Healthcare for business cover. Employees can upgrade their own business health insurance for their family via an online platform. Investing in a health insurance plan can help you to build a happier, healthier and more engaged workforce. Protecting your employee's health

Cargo insurance, also known as marine cargo insurance, protects against the physical loss of or damage to goods during transit. Whether that's importing or exporting from overseas and/or domestic transit, including potential storage. Freight forwarders and carriers provide very limited liability in the event of loss or damage and maybe able to avoid

Commercial combined insurance, otherwise known as business combined insurance, is a modern and comprehensive policy with a variety of covers that can be tailored to the requirements of a wide range of business activities. In a complex and modern world your business requires protection from a wide range of potential threats. Business combined insurance

Contractors all risk insurance from the wholesale market starts at 468 annually or 39 monthly. Contractors all risk insurance (otherwise known as CAR insurance) is a package policy designed to meet the needs of construction companies. Cover can be tailored to meet your individual requirements under a single 'all risk' policy. The construction insurance

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