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Pure Protection Get 5* evaluation in the best hospitals, with prompt access to diagnosis and treatment in a hospital of your choosing. In the event of your death, your family is protected financially and a lump payment is made to your next of kin. Income Protection policies are designed to replace a proportion of your income if you become ill. We provide expert insurance advice.

With over 100 years of combined Private Medical Insurance, Life cover, Critical Illness Cover experience, we will ensure you get the best advice at the best rates. We work with all major insurers for the most competitive quotations. Pure Protection is a firm of Independent Protection and Employee Benefits Specialists. The firm is made up of three Directors and a large team of highly experienced advisers across the UK.

We represent all major insurers and this means we can find you a product to suit both your needs and budget at the best possible price. We don't believe in throwing the same old solution at everyone as one size does not fit all, rather we put together tailor made plans to suit your individual circumstances.

read more › We represent all major insurers and this means we can find you a product to suit both your needs and budget at the best possible price. The firm is made up of three Directors and a team of experienced advisers. The team bring a wealth of Industry knowledge to the company so you can feel safe in our hands. If you have little experience of dealing with finances or you're confused about making a decision, it may be helpful to get professional financial advice. We pride ourself on ascertaining your individual circumstances, and tailoring your financial planning experience directly around your needs.

read more › Does your company have plans in place to protect against the death or illness of a key person or shareholder? If not you really need to talk to us. We can provide professional advice on tailor made solutions for your company to provide the peace of mind that if the worst should happen you are protected. We know our stuff when it comes to protecting your company and its directors, key people shareholders and employees so get in touch for a no obligation Business Health check and we can show you some of our innovative solutions for your Company.

read more › Life can take unexpected turns. With families, mortgages and lifestyles to protect Life Insurance is a must have insurance product. We can guide an assist you to choose the most suitable amount, level & type of cover to suit your needs. This provides peace of mind that in the event of your death your family is protected financially and a lump sum payment would be made to your next of kin. We can arrange these policies to be written in trust if appropriate to ensure any monies go to the people you wish to protect.

read more › Private Medical Insurance ensures that should you or your family require medical treatment you will receive the best care and attention with prompt access to diagnosis and treatment in a hospital of your choosing. Pure Protection is truly an expert in this area of cover. We work with all the major providers of Health Insurance so we can offer you the best cover options at the most competitive rates. We will search the whole market for you to find the most suitable policy for you and your family or indeed for your company and employees.

read more › We pride ourselves in knowing the "in's and out's "of all available Critical Illness policies allowing us to give you the best advice on levels of cover and comparisons on the various plans available. We also have an in depth understanding of underwriting within the various Insurance companies and which will suit your personal circumstances best. Falling ill is stressful enough without the added worry of financial pressures. Critical Illness Cover can alleviate some of this worry by providing a tax free lump sum to pay off your mortgage or replace lost income following diagnosis of a critical Illness.

read more › For most of us state sickness benefits would not be enough to cover our outgoings. Income Protection policies are designed to replace a proportion of your income if you become ill. Policies are bespoke to individual circumstances. Through fully understanding your circumstances we can advise on the most suitable product and provider to suit your circumstances. Income Protection can pay out until your planned retirement date if you are unable to return to work.

read more › Accident Sickness/ Unemployment cover is another shorter term form of income protection which covers you in the event of accident sickness or if selected unemployment for a specified period of time. In the current economic climate this can be an invaluable cover to have in place providing peace of mind that you can cover your bills. We can look at your individual circumstances to ascertain if this is a suitable product for you and get you the best possible cover to suit your budget.

read more › Buildings and contents insurance covers the building that you live in plus your possessions inside it. There are two types of home insurance. Buildings insurance covers the structure of your home as well as any permanent fixtures and fittings, such as your kitchen and bathroom. Contents insurance protects your belongings within your home. Contents insurance covers anything within your home that you can remove and take with you to another property, so possessions such as your clothes, furniture, fridge and television.

read more › A health cash plan allows you to spread the cost of some of you and your family's everyday health expenses for a regular, monthly premium. Our cover provides a number of routine health benefits, such as money back towards dental treatments and check-ups alongside optical tests and prescription eyewear. Depending on the plan you choose, a health cash plan also covers some less routine expenses that you or your family may incur, such as those for laser eye treatment, in-chair teeth whitening and physiotherapy sessions.

read more › Health Insurance for you and your staff is surprisingly affordable and perceived by staff as a valuable benefit to have through their employment. The benefits to the Company are clear. If a staff member is sick they can use their medical insurance to see a specialist of their choice very quickly. No waiting around for NHS appointments and speedy treatment means back to work quickly. Our In-House team also help with the claims process making the process as easy as possible.

read more › Relevant Life is a life insurance policy available to employers to provide an individual death-in-service benefit for an employee. It can help smaller businesses attract and retain high-calibre staff by offering them attractive benefits packages that are also tax efficient. It can also be a tax-efficient way for shareholder directors to take out life insurance. The following information is based on our understanding of current legislation, taxation law and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) practice, which may change.

read more › The question of the day is all about using online investment services. In other words; Should You or Shouldn't You? Naturally, as you might well expect with this sort of question, there is no one size fits all answer here. Heads up, you know darned well that you have to do something with your money. Something besides enjoying your weekends and getting your hands on the latest electronic gadget. That something, as you have probably already figured out is about getting up close and personal with the world of investments.

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