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If you are looking to buy your first home, remortgage an existing property, want a new mortgage, family protection or just want to review what you already have to try make it cheaper, as an experienced mortgage advisor in Norwich offering national coverage, we will be more than happy to help you. If you need help finding life insurance, critical illness insurance or income protection insurance, or if your premiums were increased after underwriting or worse turned down altogether, then you've come to the right place.

If you are an experienced buyer or purchasing for the first time, just looking to re-mortgage your property, we can help find a solution. People do not want to be sold a mortgage, they want to talk about a mortgage; it's all about relationships! One of the biggest goals in life is a happy, comfortable retirement. At whatever age you plan to stop working, you will want to ensure you have enough money to go with your newfound freedom.

Lifetime Wealth Management offer you the experience, quality and flexibility you need to look forward with confidence to building a long-term investment strategy.

read more › JF Financial Associates is a business partner of Lifetime Wealth Management, with our Head Office located in St Albans. Together we have Advisers located throughout most of the UK, who collectively have decades of experience in Financial Services. Justin Fordham - South African born, but English by heritage. He moved back to the UK in 1998 and migrated into financial services shortly after. Starting as a bank adviser, he soon moved onto one of the country's largest and most respected independent mortgage and insurance brokerages where he learned and mastered his trade before setting up "JF Financial Associates" in 2007.

read more › When you deal with a bank or building society directly, the majority of them are not allowed to offer you advice, they are only permitted to offer you information on the products they offer. Unlike the banks that are single tied, JF Financial Associates are Whole of Market authorised, so depending on your specific client profile like income into the home, current debts, your credit history, the loan to value required, product flexibility and the other individual requirements, we offer you ADVICE and RECOMMENDATIONS based on the most suitable mortgages and products that best suits you as an individual.

read more › The financial consequences of having a critical illness or dying prematurely can be catastrophic! A huge proportion of adults do not have any form of life or critical illness protection in place! However dealing with such issues provides a little peace of mind knowing that in the event of misfortune, your loved ones can be financially protected and avoid financial hardship. Most people may already have some form of financial protection in the shape of mortgage protection. However it is important to consider the wider financial implications, especially if you have a family and are the main earner.

read more › Your Buildings Cover provides protection for damage caused to the structure of your home, while your Contents Cover provides protection for the items inside your home. You can also get Personal Possessions Cover, Legal Expenses Cover and Home Emergency Cover all within the same policy. Not all of this cover is needed by everyone, so our experienced advisors at JF Financial Associates are here to help get you cover to suit your individual circumstances. When finances are tight, this type of insurance is the most common type to be stopped in hopes of saving a few pennies.

read more › There are two types of Life Assurance plans, namely Level Term Assurance and Decreasing Term Assurance. Level Term Assurance are the policies where the amount you are covered for, remains the same for the duration of your plan. Decreasing Term Assurance are the policies where the amount you are covered for, reduces month on month and is directly related to the remaining term of the plan. Each plan can then have additional extras which our experienced advisors at JF Financial Associates can talk you through, but they include benefits to you like Mortgage Repayment Guarantee, Guaranteed Premiums, Total and Permanent Disability or Waiver of Premium.

read more › This is a type of insurance that is designed to pay your monthly mortgage amount in the event that you are unable to work due to one of three reasons, namely Accident, Sickness or Unemployment. It can also be used as a stand-alone policy that does not necessarily require you to have a mortgage, as it can also be used to cover things like rent payments, household bills, loans or credit cards. Nobody wants the unthinkable to happen; however having this protection in place will allow you to get back on track without the additional worry of life's on-going demands to pay monthly bills.

read more › We all know that Income Protection is hugely undersold or advised on in the UK, despite it being widely accepted as one of the most important personal protection products. The phrase 'Plug The Gap' is well known. In the UK Critical Illness Insurance out sells Income Protection by around 5 to 1, whilst providing essential cover in certain circumstances it doesn't necessarily cover the impact of not having an income. If you self-employed, well how do you pay yourself if you not out there working and earning?.

read more › Business Protection can help protect your company if the unexpected happens. What would happen if you were to lose a key member of staff? Imagine if it were your Sales Director who has relationships with your customers, your IT Director or your Financial Director? Whatever the size and stage of your business, many rely on the core skills and knowledge of individuals. Losing them suddenly could cause real problems. If funds aren't available, shares could end up going to outside investors or to the family of the deceased.

read more › If you need help finding Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance or Income Protection Insurance, or if your premiums were increased after underwriting or worse turned down altogether, then you've come to the right place. Pre-existing medical conditions like: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, anxiety, stress, depression, family history. We help all types of client find Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance or Income Protection Insurance. We have a wealth of knowledge within our group and network, and years of experience in this field.

read more › Some websites run full credit checks on a person even if they have only requested a price quote. There are concerns that aggregator websites are providing quotes for the most basic cover to ensure that a company appears at the very top of the results page. Price comparison websites focus on mass market appeal whereas brokers work individually with you to discuss your home insurance needs in more detail, offering you expert advice along the way. When purchasing home insurance through a broker, you're not just another number.

read more › If you are purchasing for the first time, an experienced buyer or just looking to re-mortgage your property we can help find a solution. We can be creative and think outside of the box. We also have many years of experience on our side. JF Financial Associates is a leading mortgage broker in Norwich in Norfolk, with a loyal client base locally, nationally and internationally. Our team is highly experienced and specialise in mortgages for first time buyers, those who are self-employed and complex cases.

read more › These are mortgages designed to help people that have a poor credit history to either buy a new home or re-mortgage their current home. These Credit Repair mortgages, sometimes called almost prime, near prime or bad credit mortgages, are the same as standard mortgages, but they have been designed for people that would fail the usual lenders credit checks. They have been specifically designed for people who have either previously defaulted on credit or missed monthly bill payments or mortgage payments.

read more › These are mortgages designed for people who wish to purchase a property with the sole intention of renting it out. These types of mortgages are ideal if you wish to become a landlord and invest your money in property, alternatively if you are already a home owner and wish to travel but don't want to sell your home, then you might want to consider a buy to let re-mortgage. With more people investing their money in bricks and mortar, the current lenders are constantly developing new products and deals to suit individual client's needs, whether you are a first time landlord or seasoned portfolio owner.

read more › First Time Buyer mortgages are for people that have never bought a property and are looking to purchase their first home. Despite what the media keeps telling you, these mortgages aren't that difficult to find and it is something we are keen to assist you with. Book a Stage 1 interview with JF Financial Associates and you will have a clear picture right from the start?. Most importantly we will stress test the mortgage to make sure you can still afford it if rate moved. At the end of the consultation, you will be sent a blue print of exactly what is possible.

read more › These types of mortgages also allow you to have stability in your monthly budget, as your payment will never change in the fixed rate period, regardless of what is happening to the interest rates. If the interest rates drop, you could be paying over the odds, but you are protected in the event that they increase. Fixed rates are normally offered for 2, 3, 5 or 10 years. There are also the occasional longer term fixed rates that come onto the market. These type of deals are ideal if you are not looking to move from the property within the 'fixed' period.

read more › This type of mortgage allows the borrower to pay back any interest on the amount they have borrowed, however the capital (actual amount borrowed) remains outstanding. This means that although the interest only monthly payments are lower than their counterpart repayment mortgages, you will need to ensure you source another way of paying off the capital at the end of the agreed mortgage term. These mortgages are ideal for buy to let investors, or residential property owners who like to take risks and would prefer to invest their money in Stocks and Shares, ISAs, Endowment Policies, Investment Bonds or the like.

read more › This is a mortgage that is completely flexible and allows the borrower to reduce interest charged on their outstanding mortgage balance, by offsetting it against any credit balance they have in their savings or current account. An offset mortgage is a very simple concept in reality. It works on the basis that for the calculation and charging of interest, any savings you hold with that bank, you will not be charged interest on the equivalent amount on your mortgage. Imagine you have an offset mortgage of a 100,000, and you had an offset savings account linked to the mortgage with 30,000 saved in it.

read more › When your current mortgage term expires, many borrows forget to re-mortgage and go onto the lenders' standard variable rate, which can be higher than the deal they were on. This is a risk if you like to know how much you'll be paying each month, and if interest rates increase, you could end up paying more in the long run. Sometimes people opt to stay with their current lender, thinking loyalty will get them a better deal than what is available elsewhere. With UK lenders fighting for market share all the time, there are always good re-mortgage deals about, you just need to know where to look!

read more › A tracker mortgage is a type of variable rate mortgage. The interest rate will normally track the Bank of England base rate, or the lender's own base rate, at a set margin (for example, 1%) above or below it. Tracker mortgage deals can last for as little as one year, or as long as the total life of the loan, commonly known as lifetime trackers. Once your tracker deal comes to an end, you're likely to be automatically transferred onto your lender's standard variable rate (SVR) and this is typically a higher rate of interest.

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